Check Out ‘Goblin’ Actress Yoo In-na’s CF Compilation!

Liiv Mate

Liiv Mate is a mobile application that was made by Kookmin Bank and LG U+ and they choose Goblin’s Grim Reaper and Chicken Restaurant Owner to be their model through this commercial. The couple from the drama that was aired on tvN in 2017 reunited while filming the CF together.

Liiv Mate has been officially released from KB Financial Group’s integrated membership platform. Through this application, they provide services such as community finance, consumer expenditure management, and partnership services. Liiv Mate has point services, such as a service that allows the accumulated points from affiliates of the KB Financial Group to be accumulated and used by integrating the points to be withdrawn from the ATM like cash, or to be used in the account of the customer’s own KB Kookmin Bank.

This point can also be converted to affiliate points or bitcoins and donated. It is also known that the function which requests remittance and the ‘send allowance’ function can be used for easy payment and are all available as points. Next, Community Gold Service is a function to create a membership or a couple public bankbook that can be transferred and deposited. It is a service that manages the deposit details of the public bankbook through the remate and pays the flower or date expenses of various gatherings.

In particular, there are community activity menus, such as the Leave Meeting menu and Join Mission menu, to help you operate the club more easily, and to help you organize your important bank accounts, such as couple anniversaries, couples missions, and collecting money for dating. The last one, the consumer manager service is a service that analyzes and manages consumption details and patterns at once based on the credit card company’s approval when using the service.

This allows users to receive customized discount coupons and customized entitlements, as well as consumption tips to meet user-set savings targets. Liiv Mate is an integrated membership platform of KB Financial Group, which actively reflects customer needs and the latest fintech trends that want to use points like long-term cash. The group will be looking forward to the convenient future of Kookmin Bank to change the lives of its customers by providing a more convenient and useful high-end environment with Liiv Mate.

MIRAE Beauty

MIRAE Beauty is a skincare product that started to release its products from Taiwan in 2016. They have chosen a brand ambassador for Asia with Clara Lee and another model while releasing different products such as masks, sheet masks, facial tools, and skincare products.

In June 2019, MIRAE Beauty released another exciting new product to celebrate their 3rd birthday by having ‘MIRAE 8 Minutes Cushion Mask’. The new product from MIRAE Beauty has chosen South Korean actress, Yoo In-na, to become a model of their brand new sheet mask that is available in Moisturizing and Whitening variants.

MIRAE Beauty’s ‘MIRAE 8 Minutes Cushion Mask’ has blended with an upgraded formula that was made inside their laboratory house and uses a unique honeycomb layering technology to provide the highest levels of efficacy in a facial sheet mask. The launching party of ‘MIRAE 8 Minutes Cushion Mask’ was held in a closed event which was only attended by the press and media who were invited.

Besides an actress and model, Yoo In-na is such a perfect figure to become an advertisement goddess, isn’t she? Well, let’s hope for the best for Yoo In-na’s career in the future in any comeback of hers in an upcoming drama or a special appearance in the entertainment industry!