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W Tea is also known with another brand name as Body Health W which is a nutrition or diet beverages for a healthy body and mind. Launched in 2014, Body Health W chose actress Yoo In-na as one of the models for the brand to introduce a dietary fiber, indigestible dextrin plant-derived, which reduces the absorption of fat, to calm the absorption of sugar blend of food for specified health use with the two main ingredients.

The Body Health W is a recommendation for people who want an ideal healthy life without changing their menu or meals in daily life. Besides the CF itself, Yoo In-na also did an interview with Body Health W and did a QnA.

When the interviewer asked her how was the filming for Body Health W, the actress who was featured in the drama My Secret Hotel (2014) answered that it didn’t feel like she was working because she ate a lot and worked out at the same time while filming the CF. Just like a holiday, the filming was very comfortable for her.

“I feel like my body is light and fresh. I think the filming went well,” she said. The interviewer went to the section where Yoo In-na had to taste the latest product of Body Health W and she answered that the tea is really light and it also has dietary fiber. The people who consume Body Health W regularly will feel the fresh aftertaste if they drink it after having a meal.

The interviewer asked her about the charming point she has and the actress said that people like her voice a lot and also her cheerful mind. Yoo In-na revealed that the first time when she thought she has a nice voice was when listening to the radio and hearing the section where she was reading a book segment. Yoo In-na thought that her voice is nice when she speaks calmly.

The actress from the drama You Are The Best! (2013) also revealed another beauty secret to her secret silky skin as she always pays a lot of attention to water supplements and makes sure that she introduces a lot of dietary fibers in her meals and beverages. Beside her beauty secret, she also shared that her secret habit is drinking a glass of 2/3 warm water mixed with 1/3 cold water every morning.

The actress who was signed under YG Entertainment revealed another tip and method of stress relief in the middle of a busy schedule during the interview of Body Health W’s interview. “Perfect triple time is the best. I’ll do the cleaning, have a lower-body bath while listening to good music. I think it is great for relieving stress.” Then she was asked another question, which was about her thoughts about her own problems, to which she answered, “Rather than thinking it hard and getting stressed, I just think it slowly and comfortably while taking care of myself.”

The nest question was about her popularity after giving a piece of good advice about dating on a recent program and her recommendation for a meal on the first date of a blind date? Yoo In-na simply said that the first meeting and talking would be an important thing, so pasta and salad would be perfect for the first date. When the interviewer asked her about the desert that she usually has after a meal, Yoo In-na answered that she likes to drink tea after having a meal so it could remove the appetite and is good for digestion.

“I didn’t have a habit of drinking tea before. Back then I’d just eat something sweet for dessert, but since it became a habit now… I always bring Body Health W tea and drink it. I think the taste isn’t boring. I like green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, but this one is a mix of those three flavors. You can enjoy the taste of those 3 flavors when you drink it. It’s so good to the point you want to drink it all at once.” – Yoo In-na

Samsung Securities

Samsung Securities is known as a Korea-based company principally engaged in financial services including security and investment banking sectors. Besides that, this company also provides an overseas direct purchase through their mobile application and it chose actress Yoo In-na to become the model of Samsung Securities.

The overseas purchasing will help people to buy products or items from other countries such as Germany, French, American, China, Vietnam and many more. The users only have to scroll through the menu from the application named mPOP and add items into the shopping cart just like online shopping.


Kellogg is a brand of cereal products that was released from the USA and offers a variety of cereal products such as Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K, Pringles, Pop-Tarts, and Nutri-Grain. These products are also among the best-sellers in South Korea and they chose Yoo In-na to become a model of the brand.

The actress who was born on June 5th, 1982, was promoted for Kellog’s Protein Granola which is the latest addition and has a new packaging also a brand new concept of healthy food options that has become Yoo In-na’s go-to place for food. Yoo In-na also has a tagline while promoting the brand by saying, “It’s a light food but it’s also a dependable protein.”

She also said on Kellog’s Protein Granola’s CF that she always has breakfast because the energy depends on breakfast protein which is perfectly inside Kellog’s Protein Granola. The perfect breakfast menu from Kellog has black soybean which is added into the multigrain powder and it contains the same amount of protein as three eggs.

Besides Kellog’s Protein Granola, Yoo In-na also appeared on Kellog’s new product, Protein Bar, whose CF was released in September 2019 in South Korea. The new product is a source of protein that contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass which is perfect for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The ingredients in Kellog’s Protein Bar such as nuts, seeds, and almond butter, all contain high levels of protein, feeding strength and contributing as a great benefit to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.