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In 2017, Yoo In-na appeared in a Hyundai CF with her best friend, IU. The two were filming while Yoo In-na was driving the car, the Hyundai i30 series, and released a song titled “Dala” that became the soundtrack of the car commercial. Form the CF itself, we can see Yoo In-na and IU’s journey while going for a drive in Hyundai’s latest 3rd generation i30. The two best friends who have a career in the entertainment industry as actresses seemed to have fun in a day.

In the first line from Hyundai’s CF, there’s a tagline for the i30 series with ‘A Hideous Gem In The City.’ Yoo In-na and IU’s schedule was to first go to Donggyo-dong Minhwadang Records as the two were having a conversation inside the car. “I’m really good at driving but I’m not good with directions,” Yoo In-na started the conversation with IU to which she replied that the singer who sang “Good Day” will tell her the directions to the location.

When Yoo In-na started driving in a small alley, IU got worried because it was a big car and she wasn’t sure if it would fit in a narrow road. However, Yoo In-na’s driving abilities are really good and she passes across the street with no mistake. Then, right after Yoo In-na makes a maneuver to turn to the right at the end of the road, the two of them are surprised by the capability of the Hyundai I30 series.

The two best friends finally arrived at the album store where they chose what kind of album they want to buy and listen to some good music. After buying albums, Yoo In-na and IU go to the car trunk to put inside their belongings but IU suddenly laughs when she sees there are so many things on Yoo In-na’s car trunk. Hyundai i30 series has advantages on the second-row seats that can be folded to make space as much as you need to keep things in the trunk.

For this CF, Yoo In-na and IU also made a special featuring song titled “Dalla” (Different) that was written by Bang Si-hyuk. The two actresses look very cute and have fun together while the music video itself is made from the clip and scenes from the Hyundai i30 Series CF. The song itself, “Dalla,” has the meaning of a car that is different from any other series and is ready to discover a new journey.

In the 2nd episode, Hyundai i30 Series released another section with Pape (Fashion People’s Brooklyn Seongsu-dong Su;py). Yoo In-na and IU go to a place named Supy, a vintage shop, by driving the Hyundai i30 Series. IU was surprised when she noticed the GPS that was located at the center of the dashboard and Yoo In-na explained that the car was designed in such a way that it should be easy for the driver to reach the GPS even if you have short arms.

Soon after, when they had almost arrived at Supy, there was an uphill road and the car was able to make a way through the road with a powerful turbo engine. IU also noticed that Hyundai i30 Series is really wide when she was inside the car despite the small figure of the car.

Unlike the previous episode, the two best friends faced more alleys when they were heading towards Supy. But thanks to the Hyundai i30 Series, Yoo In-na could handle every corner of the narrow alleys steadily.

In the 3rd episode of the Hyundai i30 Series CFs, Yoo In-na and IU go to the Busan Detective Fiction Museum. Inside the car, IU says that it is the first time for her to go on a vacation with a car. They also didn’t have to worry since everything they need was also inside the car.

While they were on their way, Yoo In-na had to pick up speed although there was an uphill road and steep slopes. Using the Hyundai i30 Series made it easier and safer to pick up at a faster speed. After arriving at the location, Yoo In-na parked the car easily even though it was a little bit challenging since the parking lot was filled and narrow, but because of the unique body type of Hyundai i30 Series everything was easier.

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