Check Out ‘Goblin’ Actress Yoo In-na’s CF Compilation!

Always Looking Flawless, Let’s Check Out Yoo In-na’s Appearances in CFs!

Have you watched the K-Drama The Lonely and Great God: Goblin starring Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun, and Yoo In-na? Yes, you must be familiar with the character Kim Sun or Sunny. Kim Sun was played by the actress named Yoo In-na who is known for her beautiful appearance and her performances in many CFs in South Korea.

In this article, we’re going to share with you more about Yoo In-na’s appearances in CFs and advertisements as she has been known as a model apart from being an actress. Well, let’s scroll down in the section below to check out Yoo In-na’s flawless visual appearance in CFs!


YG Entertainment’s Moonshot cosmetic product is now ready to release a series of new cosmetics Honey Coverlet. Mature, soft, and romantic with a combination of cream, soft pink and gold with beautiful foliage accents, this latest series designates Yoo In-na as the muse of the 2018 Yoo In-na Collection.

The series of products Moonshot 2018 Yoo In-na Collection Honey Coverlet is released in 3 types of make-up: foundation, matte lipstick, and eye shadow palette.

Face Perfection Serum Foundation products are equipped with serum, SPF 50+, and PA +++ fluids. Stick Extreme Lipstick is released in 3 beautiful matte-nude colors that are suitable for Asian women’s lip colors. While the Honey Cover Eye Shadow Palette is packaged in an elegant box containing 8 nude color choices and 2 glitter eye shadows with cream, light brown, soft pink, and charming bronze tones.

This eye shadow palette contains Everlasting Powder which enhances adhesion in the skin and keeps the eye shadow in color without sticking or turning dark or gray. Not only that, the content of Butter Coating Powder makes this Honey Coverlet eye shadow have a creamy and soft texture when applied to the eyelids. The soft color makes the Honey Coverlet eye shadow palette blend perfectly with the skin of the eyelids.

This eye shadow palette contains 10 color choices, such as:

  1. Sweet Candle (pink-beige with pearl luster)
  2. Firewood (warm red-brown with pearl luster)
  3. Soft Pillow (warm-beige like a soft pillow exposed to the sun)
  4. Warm Cashmere (yellow-coral soft as cashmere cloth)
  5. Cinnamon Milk Tea (warm ginger beige-like mixture of milk and cinnamon)
  6. Nutty Brown (soft brown-like baked beans)
  7. Cream Tan (pink-beige soft chiffon luxury)
  8. Antique Rug (MEBB Pink which represents the softness of the blanket)
  9. Dusty Rose (beautiful rose-pink like rose petals)
  10. Rustic Chair (warm deep brown like wood of the forest)

For marketing in Korea, the Moonshot Honey Coverlet eye shadow palette is packaged in a small box measuring 92 mm x 63 mm and is priced at ₩30,000.

Especially for the foundation, Moonshot’s Honey Coverlet was released with a new breakthrough formula Face Perfection Serum Foundation which is a combination of foundation, SPF cream, and serum in one package.

Moonshot’s Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation is predicted to be able to create the appearance of healthy, glowing, and natural-looking skin. With Special Micro Powder technology, the liquid foundation can cover all areas of the face perfectly including large pores and fine wrinkles.

Face Perfection Serum Foundation contains SPF 50+ which protects against UVA rays, PA +++ which protects against UVB rays, as well as a serum that is able to calm the skin and prevent it from feeling dry and stiff during use.

This foundation also contains Peach extract which is rich in vitamin C that helps moisturize and nourish the skin. Not only that, but the content of Phytosphingosine like a blanket is able to keep moisture so that it remains ‘bound’ in the skin.

Moonshot’s Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation was released in 3 shades: Ivory (201) which is bright and radiates a healthy facial glow, Beige (202) for a soft and natural look, and Honey (203) which gives the impression of healthy skin and radiates calmness. Released in a 25 ml-package, the Moonshot’s Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation in Korea is sold for ₩28,000.

Moonshot‘s Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme lipstick is released in a total of 10 colors: 7 Blur Type colors that give MLBB matte finish (My Lips But Better, lipstick with lip-like shade but with deeper and more intense tones) and 3 Shine Type colors that give a smooth, radiant but not glossy finish.

Blur Type ‘Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme’ lipstick was released in nude, coral, pink rose, and red in the 901 Take Off series, 902 Petal Petal, 903 Peach Hip, 904 Baked Burn, 905 Scarlet, 906 Rodeo Rose and 907 Deep Talk. For the Shine Type, the 3 colors were named as 908 Pretty Girl, 909 Black Currant, and 910 Actress and were released in bright red, purple, and bold maroon tones.

Especially for the lipstick ‘Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme’ Blur Type, the ingredients contain Embossing Powder and MuruMuru Seed Butter. These two compositions produce a matte lipstick that is smooth and light as a baby’s powder while still moisturizing the lips throughout the day.

As for the Shine Type ‘Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme’ lipstick, the soothing content of Shea Butter and Hibiscus Oil will make the lips not feel dry and continue to give a natural glow of moisture throughout the day. The ‘Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme’ lipstick went on sale in Korea as of September 13th, 2018, at a price of ₩20,000.

Yoo In-na was also featured in the inaugural video ad Moonshot Honey Coverlet. The beautiful smile of the tvN Goblin drama actress looks charming with Stick Extreme lipstick in hand. Moonshot‘s latest Honey Coverlet make-up product was released in Korea on September 13th, 2018.

Yoo In-na could be seen together with the production team of YG Entertainment during the release of the collaboration product with Moonshot. Yoo In-na was the model and also the make-up planner with her ideas to make a brand new collection for Moonshot. She also mentioned additional accessories that they have to prepare, beside the product itself, such as the pouch, and commented that it’s an important thing to keep your make-up products organized.

The actress who appeared in the tvN series Touch Your Heart, as Lee Dong-wook’s partner, carefully chose the material and size for the pouch before launching the Honey Coverlet. When the production team came to the next meeting, they brought the color samples for Yoo In-na to pick for the pouch and she choose the green color.

Yoo In-na also chose the right color for every detail of the pouch and it turned out to be a very stylish pouch to keep the Moonshot products.