Get to Know More about ‘My Lucky Star’ Actress Yoo Ha-na: From Her Wedding to Plastic Surgery Rumors


On December 27th, 2011, the couple tied the knot in a wedding ceremony at the Hyatt hotel. The guests included the likes of baseball players Ryu Hyun-jin, Kim Tae-gyun, Yoon Seok-min, and Kim Sang-hyun, and celebrities like Park Seon-young and Im Su-hyang, and more. The total guest list reached 500 people, making it a pretty big affair by Korean standards. They also invited the singer Lyn and K-Will to sing at their ceremony in a congratulatory performance, with hits such as LOVE and My Heart Beating. Their honeymoon was on the island of Bali, in Indonesia, before the couple moved to Gwangju to follow Lee Yong-gyu’s career full-time.

Marriage and Family

Yoo Ha-na and Lee Yong-gyu were blessed with one child, Do-heon, in 2013. The baby came a year and a half after their marriage, becoming the love of their lives and the only thing they are focusing on, as Yoo Ha-na recently took a leave from the entertainment industry. In a variety show the two appeared on years later, they shared that their child is filled with energy that helps them get through the day. He is very passionate and curious about the world around him.

Their brief courtship has led to many arguments which almost caused them to divorce. The trouble revolves around chores and taking care of their child, along with fights regarding his lack of affections, according to Yoo Ha-na. The issues were bad enough that they went through a period when they were considering a divorce, but they eventually resolved their differences after talking to one another and reconciling.

Plastic Surgery

As most people know, plastic surgery is a very common procedure in South Korea. From forehead fillers to nose threading to fat grafting, all of the above are all pretty common. So it’s no surprise that actress Yoo Ha-na has also been accused of having had plastic surgery done to enhance her visuals.

yoo ha na

As seen above, the actress used to have a monolid and a fairly flat profile, with her rounded nose and undistinguished nose bridge. The look is certainly suitable for the innocent, younger-sister trope she has going for her, yet if she wanted to mature as an actress, it would only be natural for her to want to fit into the goddess trope that most senior actresses are known for.

yoo ha na

The two pictures above clearly depict the supposed surgery she is rumored have gotten, from fillers to threading. The supposed procedures seem to given a lot more definition to her features and profile, creating strong yet sloped lines that entice the masses. The fillers she allegedly has had in her forehead are aimed at defining it and making it more pronounced against the rest pf her face. Meanwhile, the threading and fillers on her nose create a smaller, sharper nose bridge, in contrast with her previously more rounded nose.

Overall, without further investigation and detailed observation of her looks, it would be almost impossible to discern the procedures she may have had done.

So what do you think about her supposed procedures? Do you think she has improved her looks? Comment your thoughts down below!


Before she took her hiatus following her marriage, Yoo Ha-na starred in various projects, both domestic and international. She might have been one of the few actresses lucky enough to have participated in a joint production between Korean and Chinese production houses, in both the drama and movie formats. Check out the porjects she’s worked on down below!


Year Title Role Network Notes With
2007 My Lucky Star Xia Zhi Xing “Ah Xing” TTV Lead Role Jimmy Lin
First Wives Club Choi Hyun-sil SBS Supporting Role Lee Joon-hyuk
2009 My Too Perfect Sons Oh Eun-ji KBS2 Main Cast N/A
2011 Paradise Ranch Park Jin-young SBS Main Cast None
Lie to Me Herself/Cameo SBS Guest None


Year Title Role Film Production Notes With
2004 Wo Ye Hui Lai Le N/A N/A N/A N/A
2006 Exit No. 6 Fion Jumpboys Films Main Cast None