Full Profile of Korean Actor Yoo Gun: Movies, Drama List, and Dating News

List of Yoo Gun’s Dramas, Films, and TV Shows


Being recognized as a mixed Korean celebrity due to his heritage as a Korean American, Yoo Gun adapts well in South Korea’s entertainment industry from being a singer to an actor. Rather than in weekly dramas, we can see Yoo Gun more often in daily dramas, which are broadcasted in the morning, such as A Tale of Two Sisters (2013), Steel Heart (2014), and Sweet Enemy (2017). Apart from dramas and films, Yoo Gun has been the model of several music videos as well, due to his attractive appearance. Here, you can check out the list of Yoo Gun’s dramas, films, music videos, and television shows!

2004 – MBC 1% of Anything (Supporting Role)

2006 – KBS2 Hello, God! (Leading Role as Haru)

2006 – Dasepo Naughty Girls (Supporting Role as Woo-su)

2007 – SBS Bad Couple (Supporting Role as Seo Joon-soo)

2007 – Music video of JJ’s “Love Actually”

2007 – Music video of Kim Dong-wan’s “Handkerchief”

2007 – Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K (Leading Role as Jong-man)

2007 – Project Makeover (Supporting Role as the teenager version of Oh Tae-hoon)

2007-2008 – Mnet Yoo Gun’s Love Fighter (Host)

2008 – My Mighty Princess (Leading Role as Jun-mo)

2008 – KBS2 Drama City: LoveForSale.com (Leading Role as Yoon Dong-ah)

2008 – tvN Fight (Leading Role as Kang Gun)

2008 – MBC Here He Comes (Guest Role)

2009 – MBC Can’t Stop Now (Supporting Role)

2009 – MBC Every 1 Buy (Host)

2009 – Theater Show Thief’s Diary (Supporting Role)

2010 – Theater Show Crash Course in Love (Supporting Role)

2010 – KBS2 Drama Special: Texas Hit (Leading Role as Seung Hyun)

2010 – SBS Prosecutor Princess (Supporting Role as Lee Min-suk)

2013 – KBS1 A Tale of Two Sisters/Sincerity Moves Heaven (Leading Role as Han Jae-sung)

2013 – Music Video of Lee Seok-hoon’s “As a Man, Not a Friend”

2013 – Where are To Go? (Leading Role as Shin Jun-ho)

2013 – SBS That Winter, the Wind Blows (Guest Role as Jung Woo in episode 4)

2014 – OCN Dr. Frost (Supporting Role as Bae Doo-han)

2014 – MBC Hotel King (Supporting Role as John Howard)

2014 – jTBC Steal Heart/Yoo Na’s Street (Supporting Role as Tae-shik)

2016 – Insane (Supporting Role as Lee Woo-jin)

2017 – SBS Sweet Enemy (Leading Role as Choi Sun-ho)

Yoo Gun’s Military Enlistment


It was reported that Yoo Gun enlisted after renouncing his US citizenship in 2001. Accompanied by his college friend and fellow actor On Joo-wan, Yoo Gun arrived at the military training camp in March 2011. He revealed that the decision to give up his US citizenship was for his acting career in South Korea and not for the enlistment. Even so, Yoo Gun admitted that the duty to serve the country is an obligation that every man in South Korea has to do, “I have always thought of it as something definite.”


Regarding the position he applied for in the army, Yoo Gun stated that he just wanted to serve as a regular soldier, “I am planning to just listen to orders from those younger than me and adjust well since l am enlisting quite late. I want to make sure that my age does not make anyone uncomfortable.” In October 2011, Yoo Gun was transferred to the Defense Media Agency and worked as a DJ of the military radio program This is Friends FM Yoo Gun, as well as appearing on March’s Korean Forces Network (KFN) in 2012. The actor was discharged in December 2012.

Who is Yoo Gun’s Girlfriend?


Unfortunately, there is little information known about the girlfriend of Yoo Gun. Back in March 2011, when he was going to enlist, Yoo Gun was asked by the reporters whether he had a girlfriend who would visit him during the enlistment. The actor replied sadly that the room where he gathered with his friends is full of 11 men, hence the absence of the so-called-girlfriend. In the present days, Yoo Gun has also never mentioned or indicated anything about having a girlfriend.