Do You Miss Baby Yoo-geun From SHINee’s ‘Hello Baby’? Here’s His Latest Update!

About Yoogeun

‘SHINee Baby’ Yoo-geun’s Latest Update

SHINee used to take care of a baby through a reality show program on KBS World, “Hello Baby Season 2”. The show aired from January 19, 2010, until April 6, 2010, with total 10 episodes. On the program, SHINee was taking care of 4-year-old toddler named Jung Yoo-geun. Through the program, Jung Yoo-geun became famous among SHINee fans, SHINee World, and gained public attention and popularity due his cuteness and innocence. It’s been nine years since “Hello Baby”, let’s find out Yoo-geun’s activity now.


Hello Baby Appearances

Yoo-geun’s first public appearance was through KBS World “Hello Baby” in 2010. Yoo-geun’s cute and innocent personality was captivating to SHINee fans, SHINee World’s, hearts and he quickly gained a lot of love and attention from the public. His behavior and close interactions with SHINee members are really funny and lovely.

Yoo-geun was the closest with SHINee’s Minho. Their interaction could be seen on every episode of “Hello Baby”. Yoo-geun’s appearance is also said to resemble Minho, which made them look like a real father and son.

On “Hello Baby”, Yoo-geun not only had funny interactions with SHINee members, but also with other S.M. Entertainment artists like Super Junior and SNSD.

The last episode of “Hello Baby” was truly heartbreaking, however Yoo-geun and SHINee are still close to this day.

Yoo-geun’s Friendship with SHINee

Yoo-geun closest relationships are not over, even though it has been 9 years since “Hello Baby” ended. Yoo-geun, who is active as child actor, sometimes still meets up with SHINee members secretly or during filming, behind the scenes.

When Yoo-geun heard about SHINee’s Jonghyun’s death, Yoo-geun was deeply in shock and sadly cried out Jonghyun name. Jonghyun and Yoo-geun had formed as deep a relationship as a father and son since “Hello Baby”, and Jonghyun had a memorable spot in Yoo-geun’s heart.


Become a Child Actor

Right after “Hello Baby”, Yoo-geun got a lot of offers as child actor to star in a lot of dramas. He became active as child actor under T One Entertainment. On the filming set, Yoo-geun meets a lot of celebrities, like S.E.S Eugene, Sulli, Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Dong-wook and many more.


Yoogeun’s Drama List
Year TV Network Drama Title Role
2010 MBC More Charming by the Day
2011 Royal Family
SBS Plus Oh My God
2012 SBS To The Beautiful You
2013 KBS2 Samsaengi Oh Ji-sung (child)
Eun Hee
tvN Potato Star 2013QR3
KBS2 Secret Love San / Jung-Hwan
2014 JTBC Can We Love? Lee Se-jin
KBS2 Gold Land
Iron Man Chang (Hong-bin’s Son)
2018 Suits Yeon-woo (young)
OCN The Guest Choi Yoon (young)



Yoo-geun is active on Instagram, and his account is managed by his own mother. Yoogeun’s Instagram account has 8,737 followers, has made 492 posts and is still counting. He only follows eight people on Instagram, some of them are his mother, Kim Youngmin, actor Lee Dong-wook, SHINee Key, SHINee Jong-hyun, and SHINee Onew.

Yoo-geun’s first Instagram post was on December 20, 2013, when he was in “Hello Baby” with SHINee members, preparing for SHINee Jonghyun’s birthday party. It was a memorable episode and filming for both SHINee members and Yoo-geun, himself, as baby.

The process of the 4-year-old baby growing up into a charming little boy was actively shared on Instagram. He also often posted photos with his older sister.

Since Yoo-geun has worked in a lot of dramas, he’s also close to several artists. The closest actor among the many dramas he’s worked in is actor Lee Dong-wook. Their sweet interactions are noticeable in the 2014 drama “Ironman”.

Although Yoo-geun stays busy as a child actor, he still has a lot of time to play like any other kid his age, and he still has to keep up with his studies.


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