Meet Korean Child Actress Yoo Eun-mi: From ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here’ to ‘A Taxi Driver’

Yoo Eun-mi

Cute and Lively Rising Star, Yoo Eun-mi

Child actresses has definitely been the rage lately in the Korean entertainment industry. With former child actresses such as Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Sae-ron and Kim So-hyun finally growing up, it’s time for new faces to emerge. Enter, Yoo Eun-mi.  She’s a child actress who has been all over Korean media outlets lately, after starring in back to back hits. Her first project might have been a mere weekend drama, but ever since then she’s worked with A-list actors and directors on big blockbuster projects. This is such an amazing achievement for someone who’s only just graduated elementary school and is currently sitting in junior high.

Yoo Eun-mi has wowed thousands with her cute cheeks and memorable haircut, so are you ready to be the next? Let’s take a deeper look at Yoo Eun-mi’s career and aspirations!


Yoo Eun-mi
Name Yoo Eun-mi
Birthdate March 9th 2004 (14 Years Old)
Height 147 cm
Blood Type B
학력 Incheon Sangok Elementary School (Graduate)
데뷔 SBS Drama ‘That Woman is Scary’ in 2007
소속사 IK Entertainment


Yoo Eun-mi truthfully is no ordinary teen, as she has been working and active in the entertainment industry for around 10 years. This has earned her the nickname ‘애늙은이’ or ‘old youngster’, due to the fact that her figure and face resemble others of her age, although she still behaves with the innocence of a child, and yet, most of the time, has to go to work and act like an adult.

She spends a lot of time with actors four or five times her age, so many of her interests are more suited to adults rather than kids her age. She says she enjoys food like grilled tripe and pig skin, something her friends don’t even think about eating, as they prefer sweet and sour foods. Other than that, as she basically grew up on a set, and has accustomed herself with the manners and values of those she works with, giving her an unusual sense of maturity.

Aside from acting, as a teenager currently in middle school, she says that she is much more cheerful than the characters she often portrays. Sometimes when filming overlaps with her school schedule she isn’t able to attend, but on days when it doesn’t, she definitely tries to go and study as hard as she can. Even if she has a schedule, she will go to school if possible. She’s commented on the current trend among kids her age having what is called ‘중2병’, or 2nd Grade Disease, where they try increasingly hard to appear ‘cool’. Yoo Eun-mi says she’s not the type to get that disease, so everything will be fine.

When asked by the adults around her if working in the industry is hard, she responds that it is, in fact, difficult. There are times when she has to act in extremely cold weather, has to cry while rain pounds her back, and go in to various auditions that end up with her not getting the role she’s trying for. Its definitely not what she thought it would be, going into the industry as someone who loves to act, yet all her worries and heavy heart disappear when she’s performing and can lose herself in the character that she’s portraying.

In terms of acting, her role model is Jung Eun-ji, an idol turned actor from the group A-Pink. They worked together in the drama Trot Lovers, as sisters, where she had the chance to get to know her a lot better after being vaguely acquainted for a while. Through working on the same drama, Yoo Eun-mi became closer with her idol, and got to know how hard she works in all the activities that she does, including acting and singing. Not only that, Jung Eun-ji is very nice and treats her very well, still keeping in contact until this very moment, even with her busy schedule.

Regarding her opinion of being in the industry for so long, she said that during the past 10 years nothing much has changed, she still enjoys acting as much as she did before. Yoo Eun-mi compared her time acting as being a little like a black hole she can’t escape, but she’s able to experience things most people can only dream about trying in their lifetimes. It might be hard to act and maintain work schedules while still keeping up with school, but it’s something she enjoys and doesn’t think of it as a burden.

She’s proud that when she goes to school, she does not have to worry about what she wants to be when she grows up, since she;s already found it. Her friends, of course, are a bit jealous of about it, because they still have to figure out their paths. Her only concern is that she’s missing the best time in her life to just enjoy her youth and have fun, but so far she’s enjoying her work and her time so she will leave that for the future.


Yoo Eun-mi has the typical features of an ideal, innocent girl, which makes people coo over her. Interestingly, she resembles GFriend’s Umji, earning her the title of being Umji’s Doppleganger!