Old Flame: Why Did Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na Break Up?


What Happened between Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na?

Throughout the world, celebrity love affairs will always be in the main spotlight for netizens. Of course, a bit of dating news or artists caught red-handed having a date is always a target for fans and paparazzi. Rumors involving idols are always considered especially juicy.

When idols have relationships, sometimes those relationships are supported by fans and sometimes fans don’t really like it. Romance between idols can lead to marriage or to a break up in the middle of the road. One example of this phenomenon is the relationship between Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na.

Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Hana continue to be in the spotlight of the netters. It’s no surprise, since after indulging in so many sweet moments together, both of them made a scene by announcing they were delaying marriage. As a result, a lot of people have wondered whether Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na are still dating or if they’ve broken up.

Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na have reportedly ended their love affair. The report was immediately confirmed by Yoo-chun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, which said that the two had separated. The news caught the public’s attention, because, it wasn’t very long ago that Hwang Ha-na and the JYJ member were reportedly preparing to get married.

Shortly after the confirmation came, a Sports World reporter who reported on the end of Yoo-chun’s relationship with Hwang Ha-na spoke up again. She also revealed the reason the relationship ended. According to the reporter, Yoo-chun couldn’t stand Hwang Hana’s activities on social media. Moreover, the activities of his former fiancee were considered to have violated his privacy.


“The level of stress and difficulties faced by Yoochun has exceeded the limit because his privacy has also been revealed through social media live broadcasts (Hwang Hana),” said the reporter. On the other hand, apparently Hwang Ha-na had opened her voice about the news of the end of her affair with Yoo-chun, as can be seen from the posts on her Instagram account.

In one of his Instagram posts, one netizen left a comment to encourage Hwang Ha-na, who had just reportedly broken up with Yoo-chun. “Be happy and I hope you can live a happy life! You two look very fit together, but this is really very unlucky event we have,” the netizen wrote. Unexpectedly, apparently Hwang Ha-na replied to the comment. “Hello, don’t read all the reports (about the end of the relationship with Yoo-chun). All of that is a lie. I hope you’re always happy,” Hwang Hana replied.

Hwang Ha-na’s comments left many people even more confused about the status of her relationship with Yoochun. In fact, more than a few were full of scorn. “What is this attention-seeking woman?” one netter wrote. “What really happened hahahaha,” commented another netter. “She (Hwang Hana) is the only one who said that they did not break up. Haha. It seems she is the only one who wants to maintain a relationship,” said another.

Known as the granddaughter of the CEO of Namyang Dairy Co., Hwang Hana often shows off her luxurious life like a princess. In a recent post, Hwang Hana uploaded a photo of a gift she’d received.


Because of this, Netters wondered if Hwang Ha-na and Yoochun were still in a relationship. When one netter then said, “Marry and live happily”, Hwang Hana then responded by asserting that she wouldn’t marry. “I told you that I don’t have a plan to get married, hehehe. I have no intention of marrying for the rest of my life,” Hwang Ha-na said. “I will only have a beautiful dating relationship and enjoy my life, live a cool life, that’s my dream hehehe.” Hwang Ha-na’s comments were also crowded into netters. Although she stressed that she would never marry in her life, many believed that Hwang Ha-na was still having an affair with Yoo-chun. “She said that he was instigated if she was still dating Yoo-chun,” said one netter. “Yoo-chun changed from being in a popular group like TVXQ and became a drama that led to this, what happened to him. If he didn’t damage himself, he could date someone who was much younger and hotter now,” continued another. “It seems they are still dating and living together,” guessed another.

As time went on, Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na’s relationship seemed to become more serious. They announced plans for a wedding to be held on September 10 last year, but their plan changed and the marriage was postponed until September 20. Finally, the plan was delayed until an undetermined time. 

After breaking up with Hwang Ha-na, Yoo-chun was seen at the airport recently. The JYJ member was apparently flying to Japan for one of his committments. His arrival immediately attracted public attention, and in the photos uploaded by the media, Yoo-chun looks relaxed, wearing a T-shirt, shirt and jeans, and sneakers.


Different from his usual look, Yoo-chun has let his hair grow longer.  Yoo-chun’s appearance reaped various comments from netters. “Wearing long sleeves in the summer,” one netter laughs at Yoochun. Not a few also discussed the tattoo on Yoo-chun’s body which he covered with his long-sleeved shirt.

“Even he can’t wear a short arm when it’s hot like this haha. Have you removed the tattoo on your arm?” sarcastically talking about the tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face on Yoochun’s arm.

“I’m sure he won’t wear short sleeves all summer,” another continued.

“What kind of actor has a large tattoo on his body?” added others.

Even though both seem to be single again, the status of their relationship still seems questionable, because there is no clear reason until now about why their relationship continues to connect and break up. We, as netizens, also need to be able to sort out the facts about this issue.

Wwe also hope that both of them will continue to live happily on their own paths.