Before and After Comparison: Did Yoo Ah-in Have Plastic Surgery or Not?

Yoo Ah-in, The Pretty Face Behind the Controversy

Yoo Ah-in (born as Uhm Hong-sik on October 6th, 1986) is a South Korean actor, creative director, and gallerist. He started his career in the entertainment industry in 2003 taking part in a TV commercial. Yoo Ah-in is known to have starred in some big hit action or historical movies and television series, but he has also starred in other genres, like romance and drama. His popularity increased when he starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010, which is a historical drama.

Apart from the unbeatable acting skills that have won him many awards and even more nominations, Yoo Ah-in is also known as a controversial celebrity. He used to be involved in a controversial issue with netizens, on his social media account, which even led to the public opinion that he was an anti-feminist, and ended with a public apology by Yoo Ah-in.

Regardless of his involvement in some controversial scandals, no one can resist Yoo Ah-in’s pretty face. As usual, the handsome figure of a celebrity in South Korea is always a hot conversation topic. The questionable face has made people argue whether he has done plastic surgery or not. People keep comparing Yoo Ah-in’s past and present photos in search of proof of the alleged surgery, namely, people believe that he has done a nose job and a double eyelid surgery. Well, let’s see the comparison photos too!

From child Yoo Ah-in to present Yoo Ah-in. The only difference that can be easily seen is his puberty transformation making his features more pronounced and his jawline more manly with super sexy full lips.

If we see the front view, there’s not much difference. His original eyelids are still there. The only change that he has done is just whitening his teeth to get a Hollywood smile.

Well, this is what people have said is very different. From the side view, we can see his nose has changed, from a slightly bigger to a smaller one. Many people have added something about the pointy look of his nose, but Yoo Ah-in might not have liked his big nose so he changed it into a smaller one. Actually, a big nose really makes someone’s unique character, but still, Yoo Ah-in has his Korean original features on his face.

Whether Yoo Ah-in has done plastic surgery or not is simply a matter that depends on one’s personal opinion. The only actual surgery that Yoo Ah-in has done is just bone surgery due to his shoulder injury and bone tumor. In reality, it’s a perfectly normal thing for people to undergo plastic surgery as long as they are happy and confident with themselves.