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Yoo Ah-in’s Cancer and Military Exemption

A surprising news came from Yoo Ah-in in mid-February 2017 as the actor was diagnosed with a bone tumor. The information was revealed by the hospital insider who actually was not supposed to give such information since medical records should not be revealed without the consent of the patient and guardian. Yoo Ah-in’s tumor was caused by his collarbone injuries during his filming for Tough as Iron and Veteran consecutively in 2013 and 2014. In addition, the tumor is considered as noncancerous one as it is benign and can be treated regularly and surgically removed. Yoo Ah-in’s talent agency stated that there are no difficulties for Yoo Ah-in in performing his daily activities. However, his tumor may forbid him to do active enlistment in the military.

Yoo Ah-in was long known to have given up the offer of doing public military service in the police department, as well as his expressed desire to serve as an active warrior. Due to the tumor, Yoo Ah-in’s condition to join the military was re-examined by the Military Manpower Administration five times. In June 2017, the final verdict was released and Yoo Ah-in was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier, hence the exemption.

Many Korean netizens were enraged about the result, saying that injuries are such cliche reason for male celebrities to run away from military service. Yoo Ah-in’s agency released a statement regarding the haters, “We would like to inform you that we will take legal actions against the illegal harassment and malicious controversy, which are void of facts, and only add to the suffering of the actor, causing slander of the actor’s career and image, and insulting the personality and authenticity of the actor. We will respond firmly to all malicious acts such as the dissemination of false facts and infringement of personal information.” In addition, Korean online communities of doctors spoke and defended Yoo Ah-in’s exemption, stating that everyone with bone tumor should indeed get an exemption.

Yoo Ah-in’s Abs

Famous for being the Method actor, Yoo Ah-in hasn’t forgotten to take care of his appearance, especially in the so-called-exposed-department abs. Despite his dislike of sport, Yoo Ah-in has shown that he is able to gain abs like other male celebrities during the filming of his drama Fashion King. In one episode, the actor was seen taking off his shirt. Here you can see the teasing pictures, as well as one that has been taken in a swimming pool!

Yoo Ah-in’s Piano Skills

Despite being a non-piano prodigy, Yoo Ah-in amazed the viewers of jTBC’s drama Secret Love Affair with his outstanding piano skills. It was revealed that before filming the drama, Yoo Ah-in has been practicing the piano for two months during his leisure time with the help of the cell phone that shows the instrumental music which he has been listening to.

The piano supervisor of the drama, pianist Kim So-hyung, could not hide his praise for Yoo Ah-in, “It seems like he is a real genius. He hadn’t been studying how to play the piano before but I admire the way he is able to understand and follow along when I tell him something only once. He nailed a very difficult piece that I gave him. He is a hard worker and has superb concentration when memorizing the piece. I don’t think it would have been possible if Lee Sun-jae was not played by Yoo Ah-in.”

In the videos below, you can watch Yoo Ah-in’s piano solo, as well as his duet with the female lead of the drama Kim Hee-ae.

Long before demonstrating his piano skills in Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah-in was seen playing the piano in one of his earlier dramas with actress Go Ara, Sharp. Though it was not confirmed whether he has indeed played the instrument, we still admire his fingers who move like a pro in the piano!