Do You Wanna Know the Latest News About Yoo Ah-In? Here is His Full Profile, Drama List, His Friendship with Song Hye-kyo, etc.

List of Yoo Ah-in’s Drama, Films, and TV Shows

Contrasting to the typical actor who likes to take easy roles, Yoo Ah-in has affirmed his stance that he would never take the cliche role of a perfect conglomerate. The stance remains true as he has had roles in various genres. Moreover, Yoo Ah-in has also been dubbed as the narrator of documentary programs in the public broadcast which goes in line with his vision on social issues. Here you can check out the list of Yoo Ah-in’s dramas, films, music videos, and television shows!

2003 – SBS Honest Living (Guest Role as Man #2 episode 164)

2004-2005 – KBS2 Sharp 1 (Leading Role as Yoo Ah-in)

2004 – Music video of T.O’s Footprints

2004 – KBS2 April Kiss (Leading Role as 16-year-old Kang Jae-sup)

2005 – KBS2 Shi-eun & Soo-ha (Supporting Role as Lee Min-suk)

2007 – Skeletons in the Closet/Shim’s Family (Leading Role as Shim Yong-tae)

2007 –Boys of Tomorrow (Leading Role as Jeon Jong-dae)

2008 – Antique Bakery (Leading Role as Yang Ki-beom)

2008 – KBS2 Strongest Chil Woo (Leading Role as Heuksan or Kim Hyuk)

2009 – KBS2 He Who Can’t Marry (Leading Role as Park Hyun-kyu)

2009 – Sky and Ocean (Leading Role Jin-goo)

2010 – KBS2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Supporting Role as Moon Jae-shin)

2011 – Mnet Yoo Ah-in’s Launch My Life (Host)

2011 – Punch (Leading Role as Do Wan-deuk)

2011 – SBS Running Man (as Guest Cast on episode 164)

2012 – Music video of BoA’s Only One

2012 – SBS Fashion King (Leading Role as Kang Young-gul)

2013 – SBS Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (Leading Role as King Sukjong)

2013 – Tough as Iron (Leading Role as Gang Cheol)

2014 – The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (Dubber as Ko Kyung-chun)

2014 –Thread of Lies/Elegant Lies (Supporting Role as Choo Sang-bak)

2014 – jTBC Secret Love Affair (Leading Role as Lee Sun-jae)

2014 – KBS1 Wan-deuk Who Wants to Fly (Narrator)

2014 – KBS2 Discovery of Love (Guest Role as Woodworking class student in episode 16)

2015 – Veteran (Leading Role as Jo Tae-oh)

2015 –The Throne (Leading Role as Crown Prince Sado)

2015-2016 – SBS Six Flying Dragons (Leading Role as Yi Bang-won)

2016 – Like for Likes (Leading Role as Noh Jin-woo)

2016 – Short Movie CCRT Aerospace: Episode 1 Fragile: The Other Space (Leading Role as Man, and also producer)

2016 – KBS2 Descendants of the Sun (Guest Role as Bank teller Uhm Hong-sik in episode 13)

2016 – Music video of Peggy Gould’sㅎㅎㅎ (Heung-bu)

2017 – tvN Chicago Typewriter (Leading Role as Han Se-joo or Seo Hwi-young)

2017 – KBS1 June Story (Narrator)

2018 – SBS Eyewitnesses of Syria (Narrator)

2018 – Burning (Leading Role as Jong-soo)

2018 – Sovereign Default (Leading Role as Yun Jeong-hak)

Yoo Ah-in’s Family

Unfortunately, there is little information known about Yoo Ah-in’s family besides the fact that he is the third child of his family and that he has two older sisters. In an interview, Yoo Ah-in once stated that he felt like he did not belong to his family to the extent that he was adopted, as well as thinking that he is quite different from the rest of his family members. As a result, Yoo Ah-in had a very shy behavior in his early days. Even so, Yoo Ah-in claimed that he really loves his mother, especially as a child as he would stay and follow his mother around. When they go to the relatives’ homes, he would whisper to his mother so she would take him everywhere she goes. In his adult days, Yoo Ah-in tries really hard to speak with his mother at least once a week despite his busy schedule. What a loving son!

Yoo Ah-in Before and After Plastic Surgery

There is no exception of gender when it comes to getting plastic surgery done in South Korea, including male celebrities like Yoo Ah-in. Debuting at a young age, it can’t be easy to spot whether the actor had undergone plastic surgery or not. Let’s see Yoo Ah-in’s past and present photos!

As you can see, Yoo Ah-in naturally has wide eyes even though they were not as prominent as they are in their current state, hence the alleged double eyelid surgery to make them look sharper. Moreover, Yoo Ah-in’s nose tip has been altered to be plumper than usual, as well as the tall and slender nose bridge. As for his jaw, Yoo Ah-in already had a V-shaped jaw since he was a student, so going under the knife was not needed in the first place.