Celebrities Battling Medical Conditions: Yoo Ah In is Diagnosed With a Bone Tumor


Get To Know Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah-in is a famous and talented factor in the Korean entertainment industry. If you’ve ever watched Descendant of the Sun, then you must know him. He was born on October 6, 1986 in Daegu, South Korea.

Yoo Ah-in made his debut in a TV commercial 15 years ago, in 2003. Since then, he’s been  very active in the entertainment industry. He’s starred in 14 dramas so far, starting with Honest Living in 2003, and the latest drama was Chicago Typewriter, which aired last year. Besides dramas, he’s also taken roles in several movies and CFs. Indeed a talented actor! Just this year, he is starred in two movies, Burning and Sovereign Default, which will aired on November 28. Make sure you don’t miss it!

When it comes to entertainment industry, especially in Korea, 24 hours is not enough time to both work and rest. Actors might be scheduled to work on three different projects in a day and have to travel from one city to another, or even one country to another in such a short time! Many idols fall ill from the pace, and some of them even develop serious illnesses. Yoo Ah-in is no exception, it turns out that he actually has a serious illness. Do you guys know about that?

Bone Cancer

It’s been confirmed by his agency, United Artists Agency, on February 16 last year, that Yoo Ah-in has bone cancer. His agency explained that the cancer, thankfully, is a benign bone tumor and he has undergone the appropriate treatment for it. Thankfully, his disease is not a severe one and he’s following all the treatment recommendations very well. Because of his diagnosis, however, he’ll have to be re-examined to serve in the military service and he has been examined by the Military Manpower.

Despite these issues, his overall health is fine and he works at maintaining his health. He continues to improve every day and has still been able to do all of his schedules well. Let’s hope that Yoo Ah-in will stay healthy!