Rumored of Being Gay: Is It True Yoo Ah-in Had a Rich Boyfriend?

Yoo Ah in gay rumor

Let’s Take a Peek at The Truth Behind the Yoo Ah-in Rumors!

As we know, Yoo Ah-in debuted in 2003 through a television drama entitled Honest Living. This actor is known for his achievements which have been awarded Best Actor many times. Now he’s listed in the ranks of high-paid actors. He’s also known as a trendsetter because of his fashion style. Despite his achievements, Yoo Ah-in who is called Casanova is frequently entangled in dating rumors and called gay.

In order to find out the truth about his relationship status and the rumor of being gay, Channel-Korea has provided detailed information for you, so, stay tuned!

Yoo Ah-in Rumored of Being Gay

Yoo Ah-in has a perfect look as an actor, it certainly makes the media often highlight his personal life, especially in terms of relationships. In 2016, Yoo Ah-in was accused of being gay. It started when he was caught in a gay bar and had his picture taken there. Then there were speculations from the public who claimed that he is gay.

However, Yoo Ah-in has denied the rumors and he thought that even though there’s his photo it can’t be used as evidence. In this case, Yoo Ah-in has also reported 9 haters to the legal.

On December 23rd, 2021, again he got caught up in the same rumors. But now, there is a strong substantiation and he’s openly showing off the love signal on his Instagram. This piece of news has certainly become a byword for the public. On his Instagram @hongsick, he posted a photo with a guy, which raises suspicions. So here are the photos!

Yoo Ah-in’s Boyfriend Is a Photographer

According to the media, the man called Yoo Ah-in’s boyfriend is a professional photographer, named Choi Ha Neul. His boyfriend is also known by his other name, Haneyl Choi; he graduated from Seoul National University.

Choi Ha Neul is a young photographer who has a lot of achievements and has already held an exhibition to show off his artistry, in the USA, Seoul, and Hong Kong. He has sold his artwork at auction for $17.525! If you wanna see his artwork, you can check out his Instagram @haneyl_choi.

Yoo Ah-in Shocked His Fans with His Gay Video

Previously, there was a video uploaded on YouTube by “Class B Issue” on December 8th, 2021. The video got a lot of attention from the public as the title of the video is “Yoo Ah-in’s Boyfriend is a talented photographer (ft. Seoul National University)”.

Then, on December 23rd, 2021, this user claimed that Yoo Ah-in and Choi Ha Neul do a Lovestagram. It can be seen when Yoo Ah-in uploaded Choi Ha Neul’s photo on his Instagram with the caption: “Why did Mr. Photographer open his eyes like that?” On the same day, the photographer also posted Yoo Ah-in’s photo with the same caption, “Why did you open your eyes like that?”

Knowing these rumors, fans started to talk excitedly about it: some are shocked and there are also those who support them.

“They are a perfect match!” wrote one of the fans who support them.

Yoo Ah-in Hasn’t Dated Another Celebrity

As we know, this actor has never spoken to the public about his ex-girlfriend or his crush since his debut. Yoo Ah-in even admitted that he hasn’t dated another celebrity since he was 20, but he had a girlfriend in the past and his ex-girlfriend’s identity is still a secret.

However, the Hellbound actor has been rumored to be dating some of the female celebrities, they are Jung Yumi and Song Hye-kyo. These two beautiful actresses are often involved in dating rumors with Yoo Ah-in, but actually, they are best friends.

Yoo Ah-in and Hye-kyo always give support to each other, starting from sending food trucks, giving a birthday surprise, until doing a photoshoot together. Meanwhile, Jung Yumi, he has already known her well since 2007.

Yoo Ah-in has always mentioned Jung Yumi’s name as his ideal type whenever asked.

Well, that’s all the information about the truth regarding Yoo Ah-in’s rumor of being gay with Choi Ha Neul. So far, there’s no justification or even a denial regarding this news. But there’s one thing for sure, through the photographer’s Instagram, he admitted that as an artist, he only gives unique art at his fans’ requests, including his photos with Yoo Ah-in.

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