Profile of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (Age, Height, Net Worth, Drama, and Etc)

3. Marry Him if You Dare

yonghwa drama

In 2013, Yonghwa played in a drama with Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun called drama “Marry Him if You Dare”, which has 16 episodes. Yonghwa plays as Park Sejoo.

The drama tells of Na Mi Rae, who a 32-year-old woman who goes through her days working as a call center agent. At that age, Mi Rae is too old to start something new, but also too young to give up. One day, Mi-Rae from the future and advises Mi Rae in the past about life and marriage. Mi Rae from the future wants to change her life in the past and prevent her from marrying Kim Shin, a very principled messenger. On the other side is Park Se Joo, a handsome young producer and Seo Yoo Kyung, a reporter who gets them involved in a love triangle.

4. The Package

yonghwa drama

In 2017, Yonghwa again showed his action playing with Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Woo Sik. Yonghwa served as San Ma Roo for 12 episodes.

“The Package” follows the life of tourist guides in Paris. Yoon So So played Lee Yeon Hee and works as a tour guide in France. He leads a group of tourists in a tour package.

Travelers all have their own stories. San Ma Roo (Jung Yong Hwa) follows the tour after being dumped by his girlfriend. Kim Gyung Jae (Choi Woo Sik) has been dating for the last 10 years. A mysterious man (Yoon Park) seems to be following Yoon So So. Jung Yeon-Sung (Ryu Seung Soo) joins the package tour with her partner, but she will not reveal what kind of relationship they are in.

While Han So Ran (Ha Shi Eun) is a web designer and tormented during single or marriage stay. Oh Gab Soo (Jeong Gyu Su) is very stubborn. Han Book-Ja (Lee Ji Hyeon) spent most of her life caring for her husband. Na Hyun (Park Yoo Na) is a woman whom other people can not guess her age.

They all do not want to be involved in their personal lives, but, as they travel together, they get closer and develop relationships.

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa Latest News

After focusing with his drama in 2017, Yonghwa has yet to decide whether he will play in drama again for 2018. In 2018, Yonghwa shocked fans by greeting fans at the recent episode.


2 Days 1 Night event in Cuba. Leader and vocalist of the band CN Blue is in charge as a morning angel that awakens Yoon Shi Yoon in Cuba.

Yonghwa wakes up Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Jun Ho and Defconn by spraying water onto their faces. Suddenly, the arrival of Yonghwa made the Cuban team act surprised. In addition, Yonghwa made them breakfast, but certainly accompanied by a typical trap show “2 Days 1 Night.

After that, the members of the Cuban team and Yonghwa went to meet the fans who had gathered in a room. The room was dedicated to South Koreans living in Cuba.

When the fans meet face-to-face with the Cuban team and Jung Yong Hwa, they are very enthusiastic because they can meet directly with hallyu star. Kim Jun Ho was surprised when fans showed their knowledge about Korea, even fans who are not descendants of Koreans. Apparently, they know about Korean dramas, K-Pop music and can even speak Korean.

One of the lucky fans was invited to sing alongside Jung Yong Hwa. They sang a song from the soundtrack drama “Heartstring” entitled You’ve Fallen For Me.

Not only that, to celebrate CNBLUE’s eighth year debut, Yonghwa uploaded a selfie photo to greet his fans.


Jung Yong Hwa also uploaded his selfie photos on Instagram. The CN Blue Leader thanked and message for fans.

“It’s been eight years! Wow, I write messages every year and time passes really fast,” Yong Hwa wrote in the photo caption. “Thank you and thank you, I’m thinking hard about what I want to say again, I love you.”

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa on Running Man

Yonghwa is also a Korean idol who is often invited to “Running Man” as a guest star. Even since the early episodes, Yonghwa has been a guest star of “Running Man”. For example Yonghwa has been present in episodes 7, 11, 17, 35, 36, 72, 73, 104, 127, 129, 138, and 186. The reason why Yonghwa is often invited in “Running Man” is because the parties of “Running Man” love to cooperate with Yonghwa. Even the “Running Man” members are also happy if Yonghwa participates in the games. Yonghwa is also very happy to be a guest star on “Running Man”.

According to him, “Running Man” is the best Korean event to exercise.

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