Let’s Take A Look At Ex-B.A.P Member Yongguk’s Instagram Account!

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Get to Know Ex-B.A.P’s Yong-guk

After their departure from TS Entertainment, the members of B.A.P are now having their own individual activities, including the leader Bang Yong-guk. The idol artist, who just finished his Japan fanmeet tour, often shared sneak peeks of his upcoming projects through his personal Instagram account. So, in this article, Channel-Korea will share with you a glimpse of Yong-guk’s Instagram account as well as an update on his recent projects!

Inside B.A.P Yong-guk’s Instagram

In contrast to his past, black and white-themed Instagram posts, Yong-guk’s posts lately are significantly more colorful and lively these days, especially after his departure from TS Entertainment.

New Album Teasers

Prior to his first solo album release, Yong-guk posted several teaser posts on his Instagram account. The album, that is named after his full name, BANGYONGGUK, contains 15 songs, including instrumentals and a remix with some notable guest stars. The teasers took a vintage-casual concept with Yong-guk posing in either a t-shirt or a shirt and jeans.


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March 15th.

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In the last teaser before the album release on March 15, Yong-guk posted a teaser of himself in a sweater, sporting black-painted nails and drinking what seems to be a glass of black coffee.

Magazine Photoshoot

On several occasions, Yong-guk was featured in issues of various magazines. The first two posts show him posing for the Dazed Magazine May, 2019, Issue. It seems that the pictorial intended to show the sexy charm of Yong-guk, as he can be seen showing a lot of skin and exuding a very charismatic, but mysterious aura.

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The May 2019 Issue of @dazedkorea

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The post below shows Yong-guk posing for MXI X Kwave, Issue No. 4.


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Tour Photos

Just last March, Yong-guk went on his Europe tour. He first made the announcement about this first solo tour on January 18, 2019. His tour visited Paris, Madrid, London, Cologne and Budapest and tickets sale started on February 10, 2019.

On March 16, he uploaded a picture that showed that his concerts in Paris, London, Cologne, and Budapest have already sold out. The posts that follow are snapshots of either himself or the scenery in the city that he was visiting during the tour, in the order of the tour city.



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Spring in COLOGNE

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It seems that aside from producing, Yong-guk also has likes to doodle, and this can be proven with the posts he uploaded to his Instagram containing his random doodles.

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In the post below, Yong-guk used a doodle as a teaser for his single Hikikomori.

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Issue on His Instagram Account

In June 2013, Yong-guk uploaded a photo of Secret’s Ji-eun, and wrote “blacknight” as the caption.


Among the fans, one of the famous OTPs, or One True Pairings, is ‘Bangsong’, which means a lot of fans ship Yong-guk and Ji-eun and think they would look good together. Yong-guk was also found once liking a post on Ji-eun’s private Instagram account.

bbangssong on Instagram

But apparently, on the previous post, a lot of fans commented with things along the line of “Date me, not her,” and “Why, oppa.” Some fans also told him to take down the picture. This made Yong-guk reply back to fans’ comments, marking the first time he replied back since he created his Instagram account, even though the reply was not documented, as the post was later on deleted. It seems that with this post, despite the shipping that was widely happening within the fandom, a lot of fans still want the idol for themselves.

B.A.P’s Bang Yong-guk’s Latest News

As mentioned before, Yong-guk just came out with his first solo album, BANGYONGGUK, on March 15, containing 15 songs with the title track Ya.

One of the tracks on the album, Hikikomori, has also been released before as a separate solo track on January 20.

Prior to the full release of the album, Yong-guk also revealed “a short film about Bang Yong Guk ‘Journey’.”

Currently, Bang Yong-guk just finished his Japan fan meeting tour. On May 8, he went to his Tokyo stop at Zepp music halls. On May 10, he posted a photo on his Instagram to thank the fans who came to his Osaka stop.

That is all for the sneak peeks of his Instagram posts and updates on Yong-guk’s current projects. Let’s continue supporting Yong-guk future activities! Which of his Instagram post is your favorite? Don’t forget to give your thoughts on the comment below!