YH Boys: Members Profile, Facts, Debut

YH Boys Debut Era

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On February 15, 2017, YH Boys released a digital single titled The World Ahead along with an accompanying music video. The single was released one day after they introduced Sun Jiakai as their last member. The song was about dreaming big and not giving up on reaching our goals, as the concept for YH Boys is to empower all teenagers to grow up and achieve their dreams. Two of the members, Guo Dianjia and Zhang Enshuo, didn’t appear in the music video.

On March 9, 2017, YH Boys released a music video for the song Meteor Shower. The song was originally sung by F4 as the lead single of their debut album with the same title in 2001. They only covered the first verse of the song.

 YH Boys is being mentored by Tao, a former member of EXO, and at the beginning of their debut, the group received some backlash because of an accusation of plagiarism, since their concept was similar to that of NCT Dream, a South Korean boy group with an all-teenagers concept on their debut. Yuehua Entertainment never gave any statement regarding this issue.


Top Lyrics from YH Boys Songs

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YH Boys’ concept is to empower all the teenagers to grow up and achieve their dream, so most of their songs are about keeping up the spirit to grow up and pursue their ambitions. Here are some lyrics from YH Boys’ songs:


YH Boys’ I Can Do It

Dream I O I I can do it

Open it up close and brave in the coolest way

Follow me forward and burn the summer dream

Persevere and challenge yourself


YH Boys’ The World Ahead 

Rain is big, I always have to go home

Wet shoes, drying and starting, rise with me now

There are many possibilities, rise with me now

Someday we can change the world

Dream big, dream far, don’t give up

The world in front of us changes as we imagine


YH Boys’ 魔FUN乐园

Oh! Magic land boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boomerang

Don’t stop the extreme challenge

Go! Go! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boomerang winner! Winner! Winner!

Leaving our happy smile, draw an icon

Follow up and be proud of ourselves together

Magic boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boomerang winner! Winner! Winner!

And share our fame together


YH Boys’ Little Sunshine Boys

Oh hey hey oh oh hey naughty boys

Hey hey oh oh, playing hide and seek

Wearing muddy clothes and worn out sneakers

We are silly but also brave and kind


YH Boys’ Refueling Dream

Boo! Come on! Let’s see who makes it

Victory horns around the world

Boo! Come on! Did you hear that?

This bond we have is a good friend


YH Boys’ Dance Covers

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YH Boys were seen actively doing some dance covers on Yuehua Entertainment’s official  Youtube channel, YH Entertainment. They also uploaded videos of their dance practices and their activities on the channel. Here are some of YH Boys’ dance covers.

Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like, covered by YH Boys.

BTS’ Not Today, covered by Sun Jiakai.

IKON’s Love Scenario, covered by YH Boys.

VIXX’s Shangri-La, covered by YH Boys.

张艺兴 (LAY)’s SHEEP, covered by YH Boys.


YH Boys’ Weibo

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In order to get the most information about YH Boys members, you need to make a Weibo account and follow their official Weibo account at YHboys.

The latest update from their official Weibo is kindly supporting Zhang Minghao on the drama The Twin Flower Legend that premiered on May 15, 2020. You can watch the drama on Tencent Video iQiyi and Youku iQiyi at 8.00 pm China mainland time.