YG Ex-Trainee Jung Jin-hyung’s Full Profile


  1. His debut single is Calling You (2017)

2. His second single is called Tru (2017)

Mix and Match by YG Entertainment

As one of the finalists in Mix and Match, it’s pretty safe to say that Jung Jin-hyung already has fans from there. His skill in nailing high notes and his cool charm catches many people’s attention. But unfortunately, his fate told him not to debut with other iKON members, but do a solo single instead. If you were one of his fans in the survival show Mix and Match, you might be having a throwback memory this time. Here we present some of Jung Jin-hyung’s best performance in Mix and Match.

and here is a compilation of his interactions with others. Isn’t he cute?

In this one, he talked about how he felt when competing with the other members to become part of a boy-group.


His Departure from YG Entertainment

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The ending of Mix & Match had everyone abuzz, especially with the inclusion of the original Team B members in YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group iKON, with the addition of Jung Chan Woo. However, the questions of what would happen to the remaining members, Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin-hyung, remained afloat for the show’s loyal viewers and fans.

YG Entertainment put all the rumors to rest as the two trainees decided to stay with the company. A YG representative said, “Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin-hyung had a one-on-one meeting with CEO Yang Hyun Suk and decided to stay. It’s not that the two members lack anything and that’s why they got eliminated from ‘Mix & Match,’ but the main reason is that compared to the other members they had the least time to grasp the training life. However with this, they expressed their firm stance that they want to remain in the company.”

The representative further added their intent to support the trainees and said: “We will be providing Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin-hyung with the proper facilities in training through the access to training rooms in the YG (building) and hopefully they will grow from this. If they have shown great improvement with all the training they will receive, hopefully they will be able to debut through YG.”

Later on both of the trainees left YG entertainment and signed with other agencies. Jung Jin-hyung joined SFR and debuted as soloist, meanwhile Yang Hong-seok started as member of the group Pentagon.

In an interview, Jung Jin-hyung was asked what the hardest part was about leaving YG Entertainment. Jung Jin-hyung answered that it was loneliness. He said, “I was continuously alone, and I became lonely. There were many things I had to deal with because I was alone, so I was mentally stressed out.” He also said, “[The good thing about being a solo artist is] there’s no need to integrate opinions. I can do whatever I want.

Jung Jin-hyung also talked about his childhood days, when he dreamed of becoming an actor. Influenced by his sister who acted, he attended an acting academy and even majored in acting at Anyang Arts High School.

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He revealed, “At that time, I liked music more than acting. I wanted to tell my mom that I wanted to do music, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. Then, YG vouched for me at my acting academy, and I was naturally able to start music after that.”

Jung Jin-hyung revealed the type of music he wants to do is hip-hop R&B, with a dreamlike sound. He explained, “I want to sing delicate songs with strange emotions that aren’t too strong, sad, or exciting. I want to make calm songs that [people] can comfortably listen to.” Jung Jin-hyung also said his favorite artist in Korea is Dean, and the artist he would like to work with is Jay Park.

Jung Jin-hyung Latest News

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You may be wondering about what he’s doing now. The most recent news that we have is in 2017, after his debut single Calling You was released, SFR Entertainment planned to release his full album. The idol was aiming to release his full debut album with the help of his loving fans. He opened a funding website to let his fans to help him. The project started on June 28, and it was scheduled to end on August 31, 2017.

Instead of releasing a full album, he came back with a single called Tru. Jung Jin-Hyung worked with H1GHR Music producer Woogie and rapper Sik-K for the new release, which tells about his true love.

Let’s wish for the upcoming single from Jung Jin-hyung!