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Jinhyung started out as a YG trainee, and competed in the trainee survival show MIX & MATCH in 2014, which resulted in the debuts of iKON and WINNER. However, two of the trainees, Yang Hong-seok and Jung Jin-hyung, left YG Entertainment after their elimination from the show. Yang Hong Seok transferred to Cube Entertainment, where he debuted in the group Pentagon.

Jung Jin-hyung didn’t make it to a debut, and went on a hiatus until rumors started spreading that he was going to be a contestant on the trainee survival show under Mnet, Produce 1O1 Season 2. That didn’t happen, but the news came out in July, 2017, that he was preparing for his solo debut under SFR Entertainment. That same month, he released a debut single, titled Calling You. The official music video featured the singer exploring the night life, alone, illustrating a trendy, trap music melody.

In this article, we’ll fill you in on all things Jung Jin-hyung —  from his profile, to his career in music and his latest news. Check it out!

Profile and Facts

Jung Jin-hyung’s Profile


Name: Jung Jin Hyung (정진형)
Birthday: May 17, 1997
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: vocalist & dancer
Agency: S.F.R Entertainment, YG Entertainment [formerly]

Fun Facts about Jung Jin-hyung

  1. The expertise of Jin-hyungActing and dancing
  2. Jin-hyung was a YG trainee who joined Team B, along with Chanwoo, in May, 2014, and followed him to the program Mix & Match
  3. Jin-hyung ever stayed in Australia
  4. Jin-hyung is a fan of the manga One Piece”, and treats one of his comics as a treasured thing
  5. YG wanted Jin-hyung to join the agency because he has the ability to learn quickly, and can adapt well
  6. Before becoming a YG traineeJin-hyung was being an actor/model for commercial footage.  Some of the CFs Jin-hyung did were for Biotone and Samsung S4
  7. Before his debutJin-hyung was rumored to be a handyman, bully, or  in Iljin school. Other rumors say he also smokedThe worst rumors that some netizens said of Jin-hyung were that he was involved in free sex and fighting (brawl). The rumors were verified as a hoax, and Jin-hyung reportedly cried all day in the dorm after hearing the news. Jin-hyung also admitted that he had not done so (free sex and fighting), and he actually cried to hear it. Problem was the smoking rumor. Jin-hyung’s photo was taken by one of his friends and uploaded to social media, and reportedly was unclearSome say it’s just for fun / try some say it’s realJin-hyung itself does not confirm the picture of herself smoking cigarettes and did not give any explanation
  8. Jin-hyung is the only prospective member IKON to have a tattoo. He has a tattoo on the right side of his chest
  9. Jin-hyung mentioned having a face blend between Yook Sung-Jae (BtoB), Yeo Jin-Goo and Cha Hak-Yeon (N VIXX)
  10. Jin-hyung has one sister who is very pretty
  11. Reportedly, Jin-hyung has been a musical artist. But until now there isn’t any official record regarding it
  12. Jin-hyung was one of the silent members at icons. He did not talk much, and seemed shy with his hyung
  13. Jin-hyung was born in 1997 (age as Donghyuk and Junhoe)
  14. When he first joined, Jin-hyung was questioned by CEO Yang Hyun Suk about who, of the Team B members, he liked most, and he chose Bobby. Bobby immediately laughed and glanced at him. CEO Yang said Jin-hyung be hated by 5 other members because only picked Bobby
  15. Jin-hyung was initially close to Chanwoo because they were both new members. However, later on, though, he looks close to Bobby and BI
  16. Jin-hyung said that he’s dreamed of being a singer since he was young, and he had already mastered several musical instruments. Jin-hyung plays guitar and drums
  17. In the first episode of Mix & Match, Jin-hyung continuously staring Bobby
  18. While doing his first appearance for the monthly evaluation, Jin-hyung joined the team with Bobby and Jinhwan. At that time, Bobby taught Jin-hyung to give a direct gaze in the direction of CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Before the show, Jin-hyung had trained with Bobby.
  19. When performing an evaluation, Jin-hyung made eye contact several times with CEO Yang, but it only made CEO Yang think Jin-hyung was being aggressive. Some producers at YG said Jin-hyung wasn’t being himself. Jin-hyung was more shy and reserved than Chanwoo, and more adaptable to the members of Team B
  20. BI choose Jin-hyung to become a principal dancer in the dance part of their monthly evaluation, together with four other members of Team B

    jung jin hyung
  21. During the training period at Mix & Match, Jin-hyung’s vocal abilities were still visible, but during the current standard in the Final Match, he sang falsetto
  22. Jin-hyung has very slick dance moves, he mastered the dance moves well and it proved when he performed.
  23. Jin-hyung loves earrings, and he has a large collection of them. While exchanging gifts, his Secret Santa (Junhoe) gave him earrings. BI told Junhoe that Jin-hyung already had a lot of earrings,  and wondered why Junhoe gave him even more
  24. During the final episode of Mix & Match, Jin-hyung showed his best performances and won the hearts of the jury, winning 30% of the jury vote. However, because the percentage of votes from the fans as much as 70%, Chanwoo was declared the winner and Jin-hyung lost in the percentages
  25. After losing on Mix & Match, Jin-hyung didn’t leave YG right away. He and Hongseok decided to stay with YG and continue his trainee days
  26. Jin-hyung has a lot of fans in Korea and Japan, and some say that he failed to become a member of IKON because a lot of netizens spread bad rumors about him, to make sure he wouldn’t win in the fan voting
  27. Even now there have been rumors circulating that said Jin-hyung’s failure to become a member of iKON was a deliberate conspiracy for some parties.
  28. At the time Chanwoo was also being bashed by some fans voicing their disapproval because Chanwoo was elected to become a member of iKon
  29. Reportedly, CEO Yang Hyun Suk didn’t not know when they will debut Jin-hyung and Hongseok, because there weren’t plans to debut any new groups after iKON
  30. Jin-hyung could have left YG and debuted immediately with another agency, but he refused, and remain at YG
  31. Jin-hyung has kept in touch with his hyung hyung iKONs. There were even rumors saying that Jin-hyung wanted to come to an iKON concert
    On the last night in the dorm after the Final Match, Jin-hyung said he didn’t want to part with the iKON and his brothers.
  32. Jinhwan asked which one was worse, fear of failure to become an icon or parting with his hyung, and he answered “both”
  33. On the last night in the dorm, Jin-hyung was sharing sleeping space with BI on the floor, and he was crying a little remembering that it was their last night together
  34. Jin-hyung is currently undergoing his trainee period, and there has been no definite news about the debut
  35. Jin-hyung expectations before leaving the dorm were that he wanted to go back to the dorm after 2 weeks, and became an official member of iKon
  36. Jun Jin-hyung did a cover of Justin Bieber’s Purpose. Check his cover song here!