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Epik High


Epik High is a South Korean alternative hip-hop band from Seoul, South Korea composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. They are known for combining various genres and different styles of hip-hop throughout their career, which has seen the release of eleven studio albums since their debut in 2003, as well as for their coverage of diverse lyrical themes. The group went on hiatus between 2010–2012 whilst two of the members served mandatory military service. Upon their return, YG Entertainment signed Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz on July 25th, 2012, with Tablo having already released a solo album under the label. They have received international acclaim, winning several music awards in Korea and becoming the second Korean act to play at Coachella.

Epik High’s Comeback Under YG Entertainment


In July 2012, it was confirmed that Epik High would be making a comeback as a band under YG Entertainment after a three-year hiatus. On October 9th, the group released the single “It’s Cold” featuring the newly signed Lee Hi, to chart success. They digitally released the album 99, as well as the music videos for the tracks “Up” (featuring Park Bom) and “Don’t Hate Me,” on October 19th. The album was physically released on October 23rd, with two extra tracks not included in the digital release.

During the SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 30th, they joined Dynamic Duo and Simon D for “Cypher 2012,” a remix of popular hip-hop tracks of the year to much acclaim.

Epik High Leaves YG Entertainment


On October 2nd, YG Entertainment announced through an official statement, “YG Entertainment’s exclusive contract with Epik High has ended. After a long discussion, YG and Epik High came to an agreement to not renew their contract.”

YG Entertainment continued, “YG expresses gratitude to Tablo and Epik High, who have produced great music together with us for seven years. We are also cheering on their new start and activities. We hope they will always be in good health and happiness, and we ask for many people to send blessings to Epik High’s future.”

“We express our deep gratitude to the fans who have loved Epik High as an artist of YG Entertainment,” the statement continued.

Epik High has been with YG Entertainment since 2011.

Back With a New Album, Epik High Releases Music Video for the Title Track “Love Drunk”

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The famous music group Epik High finally made their comeback with a new album after almost 2 years. After leaving YG Entertainment in 2018, this latest album is their first release since. Along with the album launch, a music video for the title track “Love Drunk” was released.

Epik High’s comeback with the new album this time is indeed more meaningful than the previous releases. Not only it is the first release after the contract with the YG Entertainment agency ended, but it is also marked with a series of popular names involved in this album.

On March 11th, 2019, the latest album Sleepless in __________ from Epik High was released. At the same time, the music video for the title track “Love Drunk” was launched for fans to enjoy. The title track “Love Drunk” was sung together with the famous R&B singer Crush. While the song itself was composed by Tablo and DJ Tukutz, the lyrics were written by Tablo and Mithra Jin.

The lyrics of this song metaphorically tell how having a drink when suffering from insomnia can help. But at the same time, alcohol causes insomnia. Regarding the meaning of the metaphor of the title track itself, Tablo has a different explanation, “The song is about the moment after the first parting, or how the incident hurts when you understand why people say alcohol tastes sweet.”

The music video for “Love Drunk” stars top artist and popular actress Jin Seo-yeon.