YG Entertainment’s Young Composer Choi Rae-sung: Profile, Fun Facts, Discography


YG Entertainment’s Young Composer, Choi Rae-sung

Perhaps some people have never heard of Choi Rae-sung. He’s a trainee under the auspices of YG Entertainment. Choi Rae-sung is also a young composer in the agency. As a compser, Choi Rae-sung composes and produces many songs for YG Entertainment’s artists. He was chosen as a trainee because of his spectacular dance and vocal skills. However, how was his process of being a YG Entertainment trainee? What is this young composer’s latest news? The answers are in this article, because Channel-Korea will give you the details about this promising young talent. So, stay tuned!

Fun Facts About Choi Rae-sung

For those of you who don’t know, Choi Rae-sung is a trainee who was born on January 1, 200, and joined YG Entertainment when he was 13 years old. So many people still aren’t familiar with this young composer. Despite his age, Choi Rae-sung has many unexpected achievements even though he hasn’t officially been declared a YG Entertainment artist or idol. In this case, here are some fun facts about the composer!

  • Choi Rae-sung is known as Millenium and Yunghoodieboii. He chose that name as his identity for all the songs that he produced. With his name Millenium, Choi Rae-sung has produced songs which have been sung by YG Entertainment’s idols, and all the songs that he produced always been popular.
  • After he officially became a trainee in YG, he immediately learned to become a composer. He was taught by Teddy Park, a legendary composer from YG Entertainment who has composed many songs for groups such as 2NE1, iKon, Big Bang, and Blackpink. Choi Rae-sung practiced producing songs since he was 15 years old.
  • Choi Rae-sung isn’t a regular trainee, but is multitalented. YG Entertainment accepted him because the agency saw that he had many talents, including singing, dancing, rapping, and now he’s also become a composer. This can be seen in the STRAY KIDS program, where he did a battle with some JYP talents.
  • Under the name Millenium, he created a song that earned approximately $9.000 USD each month. Even though he hasn’t officially debuted yet, the income that he gets is fantastic!
  • Choi Rae-sung participated in the demo version of the song ‘Just Dance’ along with Blackpink’s Rose.
  • Because he often produces iKon’s songs, he is a close friend of Hanbin or B.I iKon. Look at this photo that was uploaded to Choi Rae-sung’s Twitter account!

Former Contestant on ‘K-Pop Star’

Before Choi Rae-sung or Millenium became a trainee and composer at YG Entertainment, he participated in the program K-Pop Star. The program is a music competition survival program where the winner will get the opportunity to join the agency of their choice. This program aired on SBS Channel. Regarding the winner, they get to choose between the three big agencies, YG, JYP, and SM Entertainment.

Choi Rae-sung entered this competition on K-Pop Star season 1 in 2011, but he didn’t win, or even become one of the finalists to grand final. He was eliminated during the third preliminary round. At the time, he was 12 years old and his vocal and dance skills weren’t as polished as they are now.

After being eliminated, Choi Rae-sung honed his skills with constant practice until YG Entertainment became interested in him. Now he is the part of that agency, even though he’s still a trainee.

Regarding all of this, here’s one video that shows him when he was competing on K-Pop Star season 1 to show his skills. Let’s check out the video below!

Songs Composed By Choi Rae-sung


As previously noted, this trainee has been involved in music and song production, and the songs that he composes are always very popular. He’s most often involved in composing producing songs for iKon. Here are the songs!

Bling Bling

Who is doesn’t know ‘Bling Bling’ from iKon? it’s certain that everyone is already familiar with this song! Unexpectedly, this song was composed by Choi Rae-sung, under the name Millenium. This song was released in 2017 and is a hop-hop track portraying the youth, dreams, and boasting of young people out to make a name for themselves. This song is an iKon comeback song, and it became very popular.

Rubber Band

This is an iKon song from the album ‘Return,’ which was released in 2018. This song was composed by Choi Rae-sung, along with B.I (leader) and Bobby. It’s tells about a relationship that has been tipped, or arguably a pair of couple who want to break up and end everything, but on the other hand, if it’s all over, they will have to deal with the brokenness and deep sadness, so they’re really confused to about what to do.

Love Scenario 

Again from the album ‘Return,’ this song was written by iKon members B.I and Bobby, and of course, produced by Choi Rae-sung (Millenium) and Seung. This hip-hop song is very successful until this day, and it still often played everywhere! With this song, iKon got 300 million views on their music video for the first time. This song tells of a couple who had broken up, but the man still had feelings for the woman and related the title of the song to their love story, that it’s like a scenario that they made.

Tendae (텐데) – Bobby iKon

Not only iKon songs, Choi Rae-sung also composed in a solo song by one of the iKon members, Bobby. This solo song was released in 2017 with pop genre, and Tendae means ‘I Would’ in English This song tells about being in the friendzone. In this case, a man falls in love with a woman that he knows, and he doesn’t want to just be acquainted as a friend.

Swim – Bobby

Another Bobby song that was produced by Choi Rae-sung is ‘Swim,’ or with English title is ‘Love and Fall.’ This song was released on 2017 in the album ‘Love and Fall.’ As like as the general song, this song’s meaning tells about a man who fall in love with someone, and he wants to know her more because he believes that he will be fine when he’s together with her.


‘Secret’ was a song that was released in 2017 as part of an album title “Love and Fall,” and all the songs on the album were mostly produced by Choi Rae-sung (Millenium). This song is about someone who falls in love with a girl, where the person has a secret about the girl  he’s appraising and wants to know her.


Still on the same album ‘Love and Fall’ is the song ‘Alien,’ which is produced by the young composer Choi Rae-sung. It is about a man who falls in love, but on this song the man feels insecure because they were very different until he felt the girl like an alien. The man felt he could’t be with the girl who he loved, but he still paid attention.

MIXNINE – Come to Play

Choi Rae-sung also became a composer for the song “Come to Play” for MIXNINE‘s album. MIXNINE is a survival show program that aired on JTBC and was produced by Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment’s CEO). Many people competed on this program, for example,one of the girl group ITZY’s members named Shin Ryu-jin, better known as Ryujin.


Not only iKon, Choi Rae-sung also produced a song for one of iKon’s senior group’s, WINNER. This song was released in 2018 and was composed by YG Entertainment’s young composer. This song tells about the story of someone who’s worried or anxious about his girlfriend’s condition.

Besides the songs mentioned above, he also arranged Taeyang’s song “Ringa Linga,” which was the song was used for the battle formation on MIXNINE.


That’s all details about YG’s trainee and young composer, Choi Rae-sung (Millenium). Hopefully, he will be debuted soon by YG Entertainment! If you’re can’t be wait for his debut, write your support or thoughts for him in the comment section!