Let’s Check Out The New YG Boy Group TREASURE: Debut Preparation Through Their Reality Show ‘T.M.I’

Trip to Bali


TREASURE was going to have a trip to Bali. During the immigration check and waiting room, they made silly challenges by themselves while recording their action, also they feel excited to fly to Bali, Indonesia. They also learn some Indonesia phrases in order to have good communication and respect the culture.

While one of them would be the first time flying with an airplane, Jihoon was celebrating his birthday on the way to Bali. TREASURE members are having fun during the journey inside, since they just eating, playing, and sleeping.

The funny one when they were eating peanut snacks as appetizers, they enjoy it so much and having more snacks also additional bread.

After landing in Bali, TREASURE is also got a huge greeting from all fans at the airport. They smiled and waving their hands while also practicing the Indonesian language.

The next day, TREASURE members enjoy swimming and surfing on the beach, also drinking the real coconut for the first time. They are also eating shrimp and looking so delicious!

On the next day, they are doing yoga, which makes them looking difficult to pose the right position. Next, TREASURE also tries to practice basic Balinese dancing which is so hard but finally happy to make the best try!.

After that, they visited Monkey Forest, which has a total of 600 wild monkeys and also ancient temples. They also being said not trying to have eye contact if not gonna make a problem with the wild monkey. But Doyoung gets his shoulder and head sitting by a monkey. So cute and memorable moment!



On the first episode, some question was asked by the member and need to be answered honestly. Some of the questions are what they will buy first in the supermarket, which is the most favorite snack all the time, what is the most favorite movie. Some members answer that they love to watch Marvel movies.

The most creative question, when they get asked what 3 things they will bring to the remote island. Doyoung said water, lighter, and Mashiro, Jaehyuk (since they also there asked the question, so sweet Doyoung). Jungkyu has a favorite karaoke song titled Where by Killagramz. When asking about things the most he bought at the convenience store, the member answered jelly especially gummy bear the white one.

They also revealed their favorite snack is Turtle chips since the sweetness and saltiness is a delicious combination. The most memorable moment, Junghwan said that he got sweet-sour candy from Jungwoo when audition which making him easier since he was shy of strangers.

We would see all of their personality through this T.M.I!

That’s all about TREASURE and their activity during pra-debut. What do you like the most? Which member do you support the most? Let’s be united and wishing them success for July debut! Give your comment below!