Everything You Need to Know About ‘Priest’ Actor Yeon Woo-jin

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Yeon Woo-jin’s Instagram is @yeon_woojin, and currently it has made 237 posts and has more than 140 thousand followers. The account has not been verified yet, but since it has so many followers, let’s hope that it is his real account.

Here are some of his recent posts:



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Yeon Woo Jin Played in OCN’s Latest Drama

Another Miss Oh actor, Yeon Woo Jin, was announced to be acting with actress Jung Yoo Mi in OCN’s latest drama, Priest. The drama about medical-exorcism was directed by Kim Jong Hyun and newcomer screenwriter, Moon Man Se. The story focused on doctors and ghostly exorcists who work together to protect their loved ones. Hello K-Pop reported this project was being actively awaited by the South Korean public, because it will display a supernatural event that took place at the Catholic Hospital South this year.

Priest is an interesting project because he married the technique of expelling spirits with medical science. But what we want to underline in this project is how the main characters in this film try to protect the lives around them,” said a source at OCN, as reported by Soompi, Tuesday (9/18/2018). In Priest, Yeon Woo Jin acted as Oh Soo Min, an exorcist who is energetic, responsible, and strong. After losing his mother, Oh became very weak and often possessed by spirits.

To combat the evil spirits that often entered his body, Oh finally chose to become a priest with the baptismal name of Michael. He then joined the exorcist group Regia 634. Jung Yu Mi portrayed the character Ham Eun Ho, an Emergency Unit (UGD) doctor who has a skill for making sharp and fast assessments. Ham decided to become a doctor after her family passed in a tragic accident.

Even though she is a competent doctor, Ham is materialistic. She is a woman who believes that God doesn’t love humans. Her viewpoint changed when she experienced a series of supernatural events at the Catholic Hospital South and met Father Michael. Besides the two actors above, Priest will also be feature Park Yong Woo.

Park will play the role of Moon Ki Sun (Pastor Peter), who has expertise in casting out ghosts. The priest was registered as the founder of Regia 634, the association where Father Michael learned to do exorcisms. Aside from being a teacher, Father Peter became a father-figure for Pastor Michael. The drama Priest aired on OCN in November, 2018, after the screening of the Player.