Learn More About ‘East of Eden’ Actor and Han Ga-in’s Husband Yeon Jung-hoon


Yeon Jung-hoon, The Korean Actor and Han Ga-in’s Husband

Being the son of the veteran actor Yeon Kyu-jin, it is kind of expected that Yeon Jung-hoon will follow in the footsteps of his father in the field of acting. He also found his one true love, actress Han Ga-in in a drama that they starred together. Beginning his career by playing supporting roles, nowadays Yeon Jung-hoon seems to always be the leading star of dramas and films. His acting skills have been appreciated and acclaimed, which is backed by the awards that he has received, such as Best New Actor in KBS Drama Awards in 2003 and Grimae Awards in 2015, PD Award in MBC Drama Awards in 2008, and Excellence Award as Actor in a Special Planning Drama in SBS Drama Awards in 2010.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with everything you need to know about Yeon Jung-hoon, starting from his personal profile, a list of his drama appearances, films, advertisements, and television shows, his wife and family, his ability to speak good English, and his Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Yeon Jung-hoon’s Full Profile


Birth Name: Yeon Jung-hoon

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, November 6th, 1978

Nationality: South Korean

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Education: Pasadena Art College, Myongji University Graduate School, with a major in Product Design

Religion: Christian

Parents: Yeon Kyu-jin

Spouse: Han Ga-in (married since 2005)

Children: 1 (a daughter)

Talent Agency: 935 Entertainment

Instagram: @jeffyoun

Yeon Jung-hoon’s Age, Height, and Weight


As has been presented in his personal profile earlier, Yeon Jung-hoon was born in 1978. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018 Yeon Jung-hoon’s age is 40 years old, while according to the International Age System, Yeon Jung-hoon is 39 years old. Besides Yeon Jung-hoon, there are other Korean celebrities who were born in 1978 as well, such as Go Soo, Eun Ji-won, Joo Sang-wook, Lee Jung-jin, Ha Jung-woo, Daniel Ahn, and Yoon Kye-sang. Yeon Jung-hoon is perceived by the public as a tall and fit man with a height of 180 cm, and a weight of 70 kg.

List of Yeon Jung-hoon’s Dramas, Films, and TV Shows


Having been in the field of acting for almost more than 20 years, Yeon Jung-hoon has had the chance to star as both a protagonist and an antagonist in the dramas and movies, as well as the diverse genres of his projects which demonstrate his skills as a versatile actor. Not only acting, but Yeon Jung-hoon also hosted Top Gear Korea, a car show adapted from the original BBC show as he is very interested in racing cars. Here, you can check the list of Yeon Jung-hoon’s dramas, films, advertisements, and television shows!

1999 – SBS Wave (Supporting Role)

2000 – SBS KAIST (Leading Role as Yang Byung-suk)

2000 – MBC Nonstop (Leading Role as Jung-hoon)

2001 – My Wife Is a Gangster (Supporting Role as Hyo-min)

2002 – KBS Drama City: Vienna, Like Coffee (Supporting Role)

2003 – KBS1 Yellow Handkerchief (Supporting Role as Yoon Tae-young)

2003 – SBS A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House (Leading Role as Jang Hyun-tae)

2003 – KBS2 Rosemary (Leading Role as Jang Jun-oh)

2003 – Advertisement Lotte Weezzle

2004 – Advertisement Union Bay

2004 – KBS2 Snow White: Taste Sweet Love (Leading Role as Han Jin-woo)

2004 – MBC Love is All Around (Leading Role as Yeon Ha-neul)

2005 – MBC Sad Love Story (Leading Role as Lee Gun-woo)

2005 – Daddy-Long-Legs (Leading Role as Kim Jun-ho)

2005 – Love in Magic (Leading Role as Woo Ji-hoon)

2005 – Advertisement KTF

2008 – MBC East of Eden (Leading Role as Lee Dong-wook)

2009 – SBS Dream (Guest Role as Kang Ki-jang in episode 1)

2009 – SBS Jejungwon (Leading Role as Baek Do-yang)

2010 – Advertisement Haitai Vegetable-Fruit 100 Drink

2010 – Advertisement Samsung Hauzen Bubble Washing Machine

2011 – OCN Vampire Prosecutor (Leading Role as Min Tae-yeon)

2011 – XTM Top Gear Korea Season 1 (Host)

2012 – XTM Top Gear Korea Season 2 (Host)

2012 – XTM Top Gear Korea Season 3 (Host)

2012 – MBC Can Love Become Money (Leading Role as Ma In-tak)

2012 – OCN Vampire Prosecutor 2 (Leading Role as Min Tae-yeon)

2013 – MBC Pots of Gold/I Summon You, Gold! (Leading Role as Park Hyun-soo)

2013 – Good Friends (Leading Role as K)

2014 – TVB A Time of Love (Leading Role as King/Kim Dong-seong in episode 3)

2015 – SBS Mask (Leading Role as Min Seok-hoon)

2015 – SBS Running Man (Guest Star in episode 234 and 235)

2015 – Cheo Yong 2 (Guest Role as Cop on episode 5)

2016 – jTBC My Horrible Boss/Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi (Supporting Role as Lee Ji-sang)

2016 – Skiptrace (Supporting Role as Willie)

2017 – jTBC Man to Man (leading Role as Mo Seung-jae)

2017 – SBS Bravo My Life (Leading Role as Shin Dong-Woo)

2018 – MBC My Healing Love (Leading Role as Choi Jin-yoo)

2019 – OCN Possession (Leading Role as Oh Soo-hyuk)

Yeon Jung-hoon’s Wife and Wedding


It is widely known that Yeon Jung-hoon has married actress Han Ga-in. They dated for two years after being co-stars in the Yellow Handkerchief and decided to get married in late April 2005. The wedding ceremony was held at Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel Jade Garden, Gwangjang-dong, Seoul. Lots of celebrities, who are Yeon Jung-hoon’s and Han Ga-in’s friends came to congratulate the couple and celebrate the joyous moment. Here you can see some of Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in’s wedding pictures!

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