Get to Know More About ‘Reply 1994’ Actor Yeon Joon-seok

Yeon Joo-seok acting

All About Actor Yeon Joon-seok

Yeon Joon-seok is a South Korean actor. He debuted in 2003 as a child actor through the movie Old Boy. his fame rose after his acting appearances on tvN’s drama Reply and the movie A Werewolf Boy as a villain. He is also active as a drama musical actor. Let’s get to know more about him.


Yeon Joon-seok’s Full Profile and Facts

Yeon Joon-seok

Yeon Joon-seok’s Profile

Real Name: Ahn Yeon-seok

Nickname: Korea Winking Man, Milk Man, Master of Look, Master of Kissing

Birthday: April 11, 1984

Origin: South Korea

Education: Sejeong University

Years Active: 2008 – Present

Occupation: actor, model

Agency: King Kong Entertainment

Facts About Yeon Joon-seok

  1. He has broad shoulders.
  2. He can play the guitar.
  3. He got his first casting call as a child actor from a wardrobe manager of the movie.
  4. His child appearance looks similar to Yoo Jitae
  5. He won his first sequence award for the drama Shark in 2013 as best newcomer young actor.
  6. He was a class president and joined a broadcasting club during his elementary school days.
  7. He is well known as the child version of Kim Nam-gil in the KBS2 drama Shark.
  8. On 2013, he had a special interview with the magazine Singles.
  9. He appeared as a guest on April 3, 2016, in an episode of SBS’s Running Man and was on a team with Haha.
  10. Though tvN’s drama Reply 1994 ended, he still keeps in touch with other cast members like Baro and Son Ho-joon.
  11. For his appearance in the tvN drama Reply 1994, he made sure his abs were fit for his shirtless scene.

    Yeon Joo-seok abs
  12. On KBS’s Happy Together, Hyun-kyung shared that he is a chatty person.
  13. When he had a kiss scene with Seo Hyun-jin, he brought wine to create a mood between them.
  14. He looked beautiful for his transgender role in the drama musical Hedwig.

    Yeon Joo-seok - hedwig
  15. He broke up with his girlfriend when he was performing his military service.


What Is Yeon Joon-seok’s Instagram Account Name?

Yeon Joo-seok reunion

Yeon Joon-seok has an Instagram account, and his first post was on June 28, 2014. His Instagram content is mostly related to his work, social work, family, traveling, and promotions.

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Yeon Joon-seok has shared 221 posts and has 803k followers at this time. Go follow yoo_yeonseok to stay updated with the actor’s activities.


How Tall Is Yeon Joon-seok Height?

Yeon Joo-seok Height

Yeon Joon-seok’s tall appearance looks really fresh, cool, and charming at the same time. His height is 182 cm. During drama or movie shootings, his female co-stars always have a hard time adjusting to his height.


List of Yeon Joon-seok’s Dramas and Movies

Yeon Joo-seok

Yeon Joon-seok was first known as an actor after the KBS2 drama Oolla Boolla Blue-jjang as a cameo. Since then, he started with small roles before gaining bigger ones. he has appeared in a lot of popular dramas and movies, and here is the list.

Yeon Joo-seok’s Movies
Year Movie Title Role
2005 Duelist Young bridegroom
2006 To Sir, with Love Young Kim Myung-ho
2007 [Short Film] Sunshower Hyeon-tae
2008 [Short Film] A Bowl of Udon Child’s older brother
Unforgettable Choon-sam
Sweet Lie Park Dong-sik in junior high
2011 Boy Jin-woo
2016 Unforgettable (Pure Love) San-doi


Yeon Joo-seok’s Dramas
Year Network Drama Title Role
2004 KBS2 Oolla Boolla Blue-jjang Student whose money gets stolen (bit part)
2007 KBS1 Like Land and Sky Se-joon
2008 SBS Iljimae Han-woo
2009 Brilliant Legacy Go Eun-woo
2010 Definitely Neighbors Yoon Jong-min
2012 jTBC Happy Ending Kim Dong-ha
KBS2 Drama Special “A Corner” Choi Dong-ha
KBS1 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! Ri Cheol-ryong
2013 KBS2 Shark Young Han Yi-soo
tvN Reply 1994 Kim Dong-woo
2014 KBS2 Drama Special “Monster” Han Tae-seok
MBC Make Your Wish Song Seok-hyun
2016 Naver TV Cast Choco Bank Bae Dal-su
2018 KBS2 Your House Helper Park Ga-ram