Child Actor Yeo Jin-goo Is All Grown Up! Here Are His Full Profile, Dating Rumors with Kim So-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung, and Much More!

Yeo Jin-goo

Get to Know Handsome Actor Yeo Jin-goo

Making his debut in the entertainment industry as a child actor, Yeo Jin-goo is now all grown up! He has become one of the most popular South Korean actors, proven through all of those dramas and movies that he has successfully starred in. His acting’s abilities have made all of us surprised and excited, obviously.

Throughout this article, Channel-Korea will bring you closer with Yeo Jin-goo and share all the information about him, so don’t miss it!

Yeo Jin-goo, The Korean Child Actor Who Grew Into A Real Actor

Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo was famously known as a child actor for his role in Sad Movie and A Frozen Flower. His adorable on-screen appearance got him the nickname the “Nation’s Little Brother.”

Ever since he was very young, Yeo Jin-goo had always wanted to be an actor, and he was born and raised in one of the biggest actor’s cities, Seoul. He started to go on auditions from a very young age, and finally, he got his first role when he was 8 years old, in the drama Sad Movie where he outshined almost 150 other children in the audition.

Yeo Jin-goo

When he was 5 years old, Yeo Jin-goo told his parents about his wish to appear in television shows and movies. His parents were really supportive of his passion, and also his younger brother who is also addicted to movies. He also took some informal acting lessons when he was still just a kid.

Well, going through struggles but with high motivation, Yeo Jin-goo eventually increased his popularity and his wish to be a famous and talented actor came true!

Yeo Jin-goo’s Full Profile

Yeo Jin-goo

If you want to know more about Yeo Jin-goo, it’s better to check out his general information first! So, here we go!

Birth Name: Yeo Jin-goo (여진구)

Date of Birth: August 13, 1997

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Leo

University: Chung-Ang University (Department of Theatre)

Turns out, Yeo Jin-goo was actually a shy person. This is because he went to an all boys’ school, so it was a little difficult for him to interact with girls. After he finally became an actor, Yeo Jin-goo had to balance and manage his time between his acting and his education life. In 2016, Yeo Jin-goo graduated from Namgang High School and continued his studies at Chung-Ang University in Seoul.

Yeo Jin-goo

He still remains secretive about his personal life. He has said that he hasn’t experienced love in his life so far. He has also revealed that his friend insisted on setting up a blind date, but it didn’t go well and he wasn’t able to find his ideal partner.

Yeo Jin-goo’s Movie List

Yeo Jin-goo

Have you watched all of the movies that Yeo Jin-goo has starred in? If you haven’t, here’s the full list of Yeo Jin-goo’s movies!


Year Title Role
2005 Sad Movie Park Hwi-chan
2006 Sa-kwa Young boy
2007 Santamaria Kang Da-seong
2008 A Frozen Flower Young Hong-rim
2008 Antique Young Kim Jin-hyuk
2013 Sky Force 3D
2014 Mr. Perfect Lee Byung-joo
2015 Shoot Me in the Heart Lee Soo-myung
2017 1987: When the Day Comes Park Jong-chul


TV Series

Year Title Role
2006 I Want to Love Baek Min-hyung
2006 Yeon Gaesomun Young Kim Heum-soon
2007 Queen of the Game Young Lee Shin-jeon
2008 Iljimae Young Lee Gyeom
2008 Tazza Young Kim Gon
2008 Gourmet Hotae
2009 Can Anyone Love? Lee Poo-reum-chan
2010 Giant Young Lee Kang-moo
2011 Deep Rooted Tree Teenage Ddol-bok
2012 Missing You Young Han Jung-woo
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Hong Hye-sung/Noh Jun-hyuk
2015 Orange Marmalade Jung Jae-min
2016 The Royal Gambler Kim Yeongjo of Joseon
2017 Circle Kim Woo-jin
2018 Absolute Boyfriend Young Goo


Musical Theatre

Year Title Role
2008 Chorus of Angels Lee Woo-ri


Reality Shows

Year Title Network
2012 I’m Real, Yeo Jingoo in Italy QTV
2016 Giving From Jingoo Oppa tvN Asia
2018 4 Wheeled Restaurant tvN

Yeo Jin-goo’s Height

Yeo Jin-goo

Apart from having a beautifully charming face and a good looking style, Yeo Jin-goo has a great body shape as well. He is 177 cm tall, which is a nice and proportional height for an actor, right? Yeo Jin-goo weighs 66 kg. Well, it is very important for a celebrity to take good care of his body and his health!