Yeo Jin-goo Wants to Reunite with His Co-star on ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ Kim Yoo-jung! What Exactly is Their Relationship Now?

Who hasn’t heard of the Korean drama titled The Moon Embracing the Sun? This drama is so legendary because it is considered to be the initial point that has brought so many people into the K-Drama land.

Among the cast, Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Yoo-jung are especially memorable since those two have grown up so much and have additionally taken over more varied roles in Korean dramas. In other words, after The Moon Embracing the Sun, those two have made names for themselves.

It is a well-known fact that the two of them are good friends, and their friendship hadn’t begun at the filming of The Moon Embracing the Sun. Way before The Moon Embracing the Sun was released, they already played in a drama together called Iljimae.

In an interview in 2017, Yeo Jin-goo talked about how he wanted to work with Kim Yoo-jung again. He said that he was looking forward to working together with her because he already knows her so well, so the process of the shooting will become comfortable which will result in good chemistry between them on-screen.

However, even though Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Yoo-jung are so close to the point that Yeo Jin-goo sent a food truck to Kim Yoo-jung’s drama shooting of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, he claimed that they were just really good friends.

For those of you who are curious about Yoo Jin-goo’s and Kim Yoo-jung’s dramas and want to catch up and watch them, here are the lists.

Yeo Jin-Goo’s Drama and Movie List

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Yeo Jin-goo’s Drama List

Year Title Role
2006 I Want to Love Baek Min-hyung
Yeon Gaesomun young Kim Heum-soon
2007 Queen of the Game young Lee Shin-jeon
2008 Iljimae young Lee Gyeom
Tazza young Kim Gon
Gourmet Hotae
2009 Can Anyone Love? Lee Poo-reum-chan
Ja Myung Go young Hodong
Swallow the Sun young Kim Jung-woo
2010 The Reputable Family young Choi Guk-seon
Giant young Lee Kang-mo
2011 Warrior Baek Dong-soo young Baek Dong-soo
Deep Rooted Tree teenage Ddol-bok
2012 Moon Embracing the Sun young Lee Hwon
Missing You young Han Jung-woo
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Hong Hye-sung/Noh Jun-hyuk
2015 Orange Marmalade Jung Jae-min
2016 The Royal Gambler King Yeongjo of Joseon
2017 Circle Kim Woo-jin
Reunited Worlds Sung Hae-sung
2018 Absolute Boyfriend Young Goo
2019 The Crowned Clown Lee Heon/Ha Seon

Yeo Jin-goo’s Movie List

Year Title Role
2005 Sad Movie Park Hwi-chan
2006 Sa-kwa Young boy
No Mercy for the Rude Young Killer
2007 Dance of the Dragon Young Kwon Tae-san
2008 Santamaria Kang Da-seong
Antique Young Kim Jin-hyuk
A Frozen Flower Young Hong-rim
2013 Sky Force 3D Ace
Hwayi: A Monster Boy Hwa-yi
2014 Mr. Perfect Lee Byung-joo
Tazza: The Hidden Card Agui’s pupil
2015 Shoot Me in the Heart Lee Soo-myung
The Long Way Home Kim Yeong-gwang
2017 Warriors of the Dawn Gwanghaegun
1987: When the Day Comes Park Jong-chul

Kim Yoo-jung’s Drama and Movie List


Kim Yoo-jung’s Drama List

Year Tile Role
2004 Freezing Point Choi Eun-yi
2006 Thank You Life Yoo Hyun-ji
MBC Best Theater “A Teddy Bear’s Smile” Moon Ah-young
Princess Hours young Shin Chae-kyeong
My Beloved Sister Pink / Choi Ga-eul
2007 Belle Jung Da-jung
Evasive Inquiry Agency young Yoo Eun-jae
New Heart Yoon-ah (guest appearance)
2008 Iljimae young Byun Eun-chae
Formidable Rivals Yoo Kkot-nim
Painter of the Wind young Shin Yun-bok
2009 Cain and Abel young Kim Seo-yeon
Queen Seondeok 10-year-old Princess Cheonmyeong
Tamra, the Island Jang Beo-seol
Temptation of an Angel young Joo Ah-ran
2010 Dong Yi young Dong Yi
Road No. 1 young Kim Soo-yeon
Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho Yeon-yi
Flames of Desire young Yoon Na-young/young Baek Soo-bin
Pure Pumpkin Flower young Park Soon-jung
2011 Mom, I’m Sorry Ga-young
Gyebaek Ga-hee
2012 Moon Embracing the Sun young Heo Yeon-woo
May Queen young Chun Hae-joo
2013 Golden Rainbow young Kim Baek-won
2014 Drama Special “The Dirge Singer” Yeon Shim
Secret Door young Seo Ji-dam (episodes 1-13)
2014 Love Cells Ne Bi
2015 Angry Mom Oh Ah-ran
2015 Love Cells 2 Ne Bi
2016 Love in the Moonlight Hong Ra-on/Hong Sam-nom
2018 Clean with Passion for Now Gi O-sol

Kim Yoo-jung’s Movie List

Year Title Role
2004 DMZ young Lee Soo-hyun
2005 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Yoo Jae-kyung
All for Love Kim Jin-ah
2006 Forbidden Floor Yeo Joo-hee
Lump Sugar young Kim Shi-eun
2007 Hwang Jin Yi young Hwang Jini
Bank Attack Yeon Hee
Rainbow Eyes young Lee Yoon-seo / Lee Hae Seo’s daughter
2008 The Chaser Yoo Eun-ji
Unforgettable Jang Young-mi
2009 Tidal Wave Kim Ji-min
Living Death Ji Eun
Paradise Im Hwa-ran
2012 The Nutcracker in 3D Mary
2013 Commitment Ri Hye-in
2014 Thread of Lies Hwa Yeon
Room 731 Wei
2015 Circle of Atonement Lee Jung-hyun
2017 Because I Love You Scully
2018 Golden Slumber Soo Ah