All You Need To Know About Kim Ye-won’s Scandal with Lee Tae-im

Ye-won Also Apologizes to Lee Tae-im

Two months had passed after the incident that went viral on the Korean portal news and the general public, and Ye-won finally sent her formal apology to Lee Tae-im.

Ye-won updated her Twitter account with an image of her handwriting on a paper. In summary, she apologizes for her actions towards Lee Tae-im and the public. She also expressed her gratitude to the former member of Super Junior M, Henry, who acted as her virtual husband in the MBC variety show We Got Married. Here is a translation of the letter:

“Hello. This is Ye-won

I feel like I took too long to write this and I don’t know how to express my deepest regrets.

It was my first time ever being in something so large in scale and media coverage, and because I had so many other people to think of that I could not say anything with ease. Even now, I am very careful with what I write.

I realize that it is late and out of the blue but I worked up the courage to write this. To be honest, every time I went to film We Got Married, I was scared, exhausted to face people and I wanted to give up numerous times. But I thought it would be irresponsible to give things up just because I’m going through hard times. I also thought that the only way I could repay the producers, the staff of We Got Married, and Henry, was to do my best on the show.

I apologize to those who are suffering because of me and I apologize to Henry, who has been nothing but supportive of me as my partner. And also I want to apologize to the viewers who are displeased seeing me on the show. I also apologize to those who cheered for me, but I disappointed them.

Also, I would like to deeply apologize to Lee Tae-im sunbae, who suffered because of my immature actions on the set of Tutoring Through Generation. I am sorry that I marred your dreams, which you had carried so much longer than I have carried mine.”

But despite the regret letter that Ye-won wrote, netizens instead voiced out their disappointment and sarcasm due to her late apologies towards Lee Tae-im and the apology letter only came after it was revealed that Ye-won and Henry would be leaving We Got Married. Here are some of the reactions of the Korean netizens after Ye-won posted her apology letter:

[+18771, -1308] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s been so long since it happened. Woah, aren’t you a fast one?!!

[+20096, -1345] Aigoo, It’s way too late…

[+23469, -1325] Wow *shudder* her speedy apology defies space and time

Ye-won and Henry Officially Leave We Got Married

Ye-won and Henry joined We Got Married in March and left after being together three months on the show.

A representative of MBC’s We Got Married stated, “In addition to Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun, Ye-won and Henry will also be leaving the show somewhere in the middle of June. Since an episode was canceled for one week, we don’t know the exact date of their last episode yet.”

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