All You Need To Know About Kim Ye-won’s Scandal with Lee Tae-im

Learn More About Scandal Between Kim Ye-won and Lee Tae-im

The scandal between Kim Ye-won and Lee Tae-im has been well-known as one of the most popular scandals that have happened in the Korean Entertainment industry, where a small mistake turned into a huge blow up around the media there. But before we talk about the issue let’s first get better acquainted with these two artists.

Kim Ye-won was born on December 5th, 1989, and she is an actress, entertainer, and also a singer. In 2011 she made her singing debut with Star Empire girl group project Jewelry with their first single album Back It Up that was released on January 27th.

Later on, Ye-won joined her first reality show as a cast member of Invincible Youth. She then launched her acting career by appearing in the SBS Drama Oh My God. She also played a minor role in several dramas, such as Standby and Reply 1997. Ye-won also made her first appearance in a film in the project titled Gladiators of Rome, with Korean dubbing.

In 2015 her group Jewelry disbanded, and that same year she joins We Got Married coupled with Henry. Then, in 2016, she left her old company and joined Jellyfish Entertainment. That year she joined the cast of the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.


Lee Tae-im is an actress who was born on September 2nd, 1986. She graduated from Sug Gwang High School and continued her studies at Hanyang University majoring in theater and film.

Making her debut in 2007, as a cameo in the MBC drama titled Two Outs in the Ninth Inning, she finally gets to play a leading role in Don’t Hesitate, in 2009. Lee Tae-im then made her official debut in a film titled S.I.U. As far as variety shows are concerned, she has appeared in Law of the Jungle in Costa Rica, SNL Korea Seasons 6, and My Tutor Friend, where she was involved in a scandal with Kim Ye-won.

Kim Ye-won’s Flaming Scandal With Lee Tae-im

In early 2015, Lee Tae-im was caught swearing at Ye-won on the MBC variety show Tutoring Across Generation. There are also some videos that reveal actual footage of the incident.

Here is a video of Lee Tae-im swearing at Ye-won:

In the video, it can be seen that Ye-won was sitting on the ground having a conversation with Lee Tae-im (who can’t be seen in the video). She asks Lee Tae-im if she is feeling cold. To this, Lee Tae-im answers, “It’s cold, do you want to go in too?” in a formal language. But, when Ye-won answers her, she uses an informal “No.”

From there Lee Tae-im feels offended and starts raising her voice at Ye-won saying, “You don’t like it? You’d like someone else to do it?” while using informal language. Then, Ye-won answers her with “No, No!” in an informal manner again.

After that, Lee Tae-im starts to swear many times. At this moment, a staff member of the show came in to intervene and stop them. Ye-won remained still, staring at the situation while Lee Tae-im was explaining to the staff that Ye-won is the one who started it first by speaking to her informally. Ye-won glared while Tae-im’s anger was increasing as she disliked how she was being stared at.

After the big outburst, Tae-im decided to stop the filming and left the set, while Ye-won went to the bathroom and cried for 30 minutes. When she came out of the bathroom, she comforted the startled staff saying that she was okay.

Ye-won then filmed the ending with Lee Jae-hoon because Lee Tae-im had already left the set. A staff member said, “No one would have been surprised if Ye-won had said that she wanted to leave. She was treated horribly by Lee Tae-im, but she firmly said that she wanted to film the end of the show.”

The Aftermath of the Scandal and Ye-won’s Decision to Leave We Got Married

Lee Tae-im Apologizes to Ye-won

The actress released a statement, via Onion Management Group as her agency, on March 5th, that started off with, “First, I would like to apologize.”

She said that it was true that Ye-won started to talk to her first, after she warmed up a bit, “However as we were meeting for the first time, I didn’t hear what she said to me as a friendly word of concern. I sincerely apologize for hurting Ye-won and I deeply regret not being able to control my emotions during that time, ultimately saying something that I shouldn’t have.”

Then Lee Tae-im continued, “I’ve read the rumors going around and I swear, what I said is not as bad as everyone was saying.” She also said she still thinks that what Ye-won said was more informal than the situation justified, but Lee Tae-im acknowledged that she was also overreacting at that time, “Ye-won was just speaking out of concern, but with everything that was going on, I just didn’t see it that way.” Then, she apologized once again.

The actress also expressed her sincere apology to the staff and cast of Tutoring Across Generations, as well as wishing all the best for Ye-won’s career in the future.

Ye-won Accepted Lee Tae-im’s Apology

After Lee Tae-im’s apology had spread on March 5th, prior to releasing a detailed report backed by some eyewitnesses’ accounts of the alleged interactions between the two actresses, a representative from Onion Management sent an apology to Ye-won saying, “Lee Tae-im has reflected on what she has done and is having a hard time because of that.”

Ye-won accepted her apology through a statement issued by her agency Star Empire Entertainment. In the statement that was published by Newsen and Hanncinema on March 5th, she said, “I think Lee Tae-im, who I’m not relatively close to might have misunderstood me at the moment.”

She went on by acknowledging the feelings of the senior actress and saying, “I am grateful that she was brave enough to apologize to me first in this difficult situation.” In the complete statement, Ye-won reflected on the difficult time that Lee Tae-im had faced.