Find Out More Details About YouTuber Yang Ye-won’s Case And The Final Result

High School Student Cosplayed As Yang Ye-won With ‘Nation’s Scam’

A male high school student named ‘B’ posted pictures of himself cosplaying as Yang Ye-won back on July 16th, 2018. The cosplay included the words “Nation’s Scam” which caused controversy. As a result, ‘B’ has apologized for his cosplay.

Yang Ye-won opened up about the controversies surrounding her, as reported by Allkpop:

“Recently, I was contacted about a police investigation which launched surrounding a student, who mocked me by doing a ‘Yang Ye-won’ cosplay, due to the many people reporting him on my behalf. After posting the video confessing that I was a victim, I was miserable seeing the flood of prejudice and mockery which followed. The world felt cold and scary. However, through the recent news of those who reported the controversial cosplay, I was able to realize that there are those out there who are cheering me on. I was incredibly thankful and happy. I will have strength until the end in order to uncover the entire truth, for even a single person out there who believes in me.”

Yang Ye-won Accused Of Being Disrespectful To Studio Director

Yang Ye-won and her boyfriend have been listed on the fishing website under the heading “Fishing Experience No.xx July 29.” In the shot, Yang Ye-won holds a plate of raw fish and a disposable soju cup for her boyfriend, both with bright smiles on their faces. The video went viral quickly and subsequently spread extensively via media outlets. The late-studio CEO’s sister shared a post on an online community after reading the news, outraged at the actions of Yang Ye-won.

Here’s her full statement, as quoted by Koreaboo:

“I am the sister of the studio CEO involved in the Yang Ye Won case.

I am writing this because I was so infuriated after reading an article indicating that [Yang Ye Won] went fishing yesterday.

My brother, who passed away after being wrongly charged, was cremated and scattered in the Incheon ocean on July 14th. After seeing [Yang Ye Won] fishing in Incheon not long after, I could not repress my astonishment.

Since the death of my brother, our family has been going through hell and when I saw the photo [of Yang Ye Won] smiling on a boat near the place we scattered my brother’s ashes, I was so infuriated that I was at a loss for words.

As far as I know, Yang Ye Won sued my brother on charges of making false accusations and defamation of character before he passed and so [we] need to be investigated.

Moreover, people have been claiming that the Kakaotalk messages have been fabricated, but we recovered them from a private company with our own money and submitted them to the police.

The evidence has now all been sent to the prosecution.

Before my brother passed, he called me saying he was going crazy because of the unfairness and expressed his frustration because no one was listening to him when he didn’t do anything wrong.

Even after his death and before the verdict, it seems like [Yang Ye Won] is disrespecting the deceased while continuing to act like the victim and it’s infuriating.

My brother lost everything.

During the investigations, he wasn’t able to work and even had to take out loans for the attorney fees, Kakao message recovery fees, card payments, rent, and other fees.

Even after his death, the landlord of the studio claimed that no one was taking the place because of the rumors and said he had to restore the place so we weren’t even able to receive the 50,000,000 KRW deposit.

I hope I can set things right so that my brother could rest in peace in heaven.”

In response to the long post, Yang Ye-won’s lawyer released a statement saying that “the issue was not worth answering” and challenged the photo’s identity and timing. “Yang Ye-won’s hair was not long since I first took on the case. Although I have not checked whether the woman in the photo was Yang Ye-won or not, it looks like the photo in question was not taken after the death of the studio CEO.”

Though nothing was proven, furious netizens shamed the YouTuber for her alleged actions.

“Just stop you crazy b*tch go to a shrink if you have time for fishing.”

“You’re seriously not going to shut down your YouTube?”

“I hope you go to h*ll!”

“May the one who flourished on Instagram, perish on Instagram as well.”

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