Find Out More Details About YouTuber Yang Ye-won’s Case And The Final Result

Actress Bae Suzy Supports Yang Ye-won

Suzy is known as one of the South Korean celebrities who are openly feminist. She showed her support by signing the petition for the sexual abuse case of Yang Ye-won. A screenshot of the evidence of support was then uploaded via her personal Insta Story. In the upload, Suzy said she had signed support for the petition titled ‘Hapjeoung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming’.

The petition was addressed to Cheong Wa-dae or the Republic of Korea Presidential Office. If the petition succeeds in collecting 200,000 signatures within 30 days after it is made, then the government is obliged to provide an official response to the problem.
The petition received only 11,000 support before being uploaded by Suzy. Within just a few hours, the petition had succeeded in gathering more than 110,000 supporters thanks to Suzy.

Even so, an unexpected controversy arose when the location written on the petition turned out to have been managed by a different studio from the studio that Yang Ye-won described in the video. In a post, the owner of One Picture Studio, the location of the victim who was mistakenly mentioned in the petition, said that the incident experienced by Yang Ye-won occurred before the studio opened.

“The date of the photo the victim said was the day before our studio opened. After taking over (the studio), we have renovated the studio and have been using it ever since. So we are not fully involved in this case,” said the representative of the studio.

On May 19th, 2018, Bae Suzy used her Instagram account to apologize to the studio.

“Recently I learned about a studio that received losses due to changes in owner and studio name, which entered into a government petition that I had supported. I feel like there are more losses because I showed my support for the petition, so I want to apologize to the studio. Even though it’s about good deeds, of course, it’s my fault for not understanding it properly. Even now, I feel like I have to let people know that this studio isn’t involved with the case, that’s why I posted this. Even so, I hope that those who are trying to reveal the truth about this case continue to hope for him. ”

Although Suzy has already apologized, the One Picture studio will still take legal steps.

“Suzy knows how influential she is. She showed support for the petition stating our location and company and labeling us illegal. Suzy said that she posted an apology. But we are not sure whether all of these incidents will be forgotten with just an apology. It may indeed not be entirely Suzy’s fault, but where should we get compensation for the loss that our studio received because of this incident? We hope this can be a lesson about how much loss occurs because celebrities take advantage of their influence. The person who posted and distributed the government petition, the cyber terrorist, Blue House, who has ignored the petition related to defamation, and Suzy’s responsibility will go through the review of our lawyers and we will take necessary civil action.”

Well, what do you think about the case? Suzy sure had a good intention, but this was a tricky situation.

Studio Director Has Committed Suicide

The case of alleged harassment of Yang Ye-won by a photo studio taking pictures of her naked has been included in a police investigation. But something unexpected happened because the CEO of the photo studio in question actually committed suicide.

After Yang Ye-won revealed that she was a victim of sexual harassment through her YouTube channel, many people provided support including Suzy. The CEO of the photo studio later revealed the chat evidence of himself and the Youtuber arranging meetings for photoshoots. In the few screenshots revealed, Yang Ye-won seemed to agree to the next nude photoshoot.

This, of course, raises the pros and cons, so many netizens began to corner Yang Ye-won. The YouTuber then posted another video explaining that she intentionally replied to the message as if she had been threatened because her nude photo would be spread.

The police investigated for weeks. They finally caught the photographer. This man was later sued for illegally photographing Yang Ye-won, sexually harassing her, and also leaking her photos online.

After that, suddenly the police got a call that there was a man who jumped off a bridge. After being investigated, it was found that the man was the CEO of the studio who took Yang Yewon’s nude pictures. At the scene, the CEO’s car was found as well as a letter. The CEO himself had a sixth interrogation schedule on the day he committed suicide.

According to the police, the CEO may have committed suicide because the police continued to investigate and found evidence that he was involved in distributing Yang Yewon’s nude photos and other victims with the same case.

On the other hand, the police did not reveal the letter left by the CEO. But it was revealed that it contained complaints from the CEO because the police were acting unfairly to him, according to the police and the media only wanted to listen to the victim.

Suicide Letter

The studio owner was found to have committed suicide by jumping off a bridge into the Bukhan River. His suicide letter was found in a parked car not far from where he jumped.

Here is the content of the letter:

“I never locked, sexually assaulted or forced (models). I want to think that the truth will be revealed but no one believes me. Investments depend on the model or claim the victim should have, and exaggerated reporting has killed me socially. My life is over.

I was so angry and had a hard time thinking that the truth did not appear in the end. I think it would be better if I die.

I don’t think false accusations against me will be solved. I really want to live but I’m making tough decisions.

I apologize to my family, and I appreciate my colleagues who show concern for me. Forgive me.”

Netizens’ Reactions

As reported by Netizenbuzz, here are some comments regarding the topic:

1. [+1,665, -537] Please think this through… and please go back and read her Kataotalk messages. Even after reading it 100 times, all she sounded like was: ‘I need money, please give me more photoshoots, I can do it now…’ there was nothing forced about the situation. Why would she start talking about needing money for school if she was being forced?… Please stop saying she was forced to do anything.

2. [+823, -105] Well the police are saying he committed suicide because there was evidence that he leaked her nudes and that there are two other victims who are claiming that their nudes were leaked too and he caved under the pressure of it all??

3. [+465, -70] I did see her Kataotalks and… while she did lie, I don’t think the CEO is entirely innocent either. There were several other models who made claims against him and I think there was something he was hiding. Normally people don’t commit suicide if they’re completely innocent. Suicide is an escape.

4. [+582, -246] Yewon-ah, why don’t you clarify those Kataotalk messages of you asking for more photoshoots because you need the money? Someone died, he deserves that much, doesn’t he?

5. [+344, -27] Are you guys not reading the article ㅡㅡ the police are saying he was responsible for the leaked pictures.