These Fluttering Moments Between Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun in ’30 But 17′ Will Melt Your Heart!

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun in "30 but 17"

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun at a Glance

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun starred in television series 30 But 17. Before starring in this series, Yang Se-jong was famous for his role in the romantic drama Temperature of Love, along with Seo Hyun-jin. Meanwhile, Shin Hye-sun is best known for her role in the family drama My Golden Life, along with Park Si-hoo.

Wondering about their chemistry together? Let’s check it out!

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun’s Romantic Moments in 30 But 17

The television series 30 But 17 aired on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST, from July 23 to September 18, 2018, for 32 episodes. The highest viewership rating was 11.0% for episode 32. Ahn Hyo-seop became another of the main characters, along with Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun.

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun played the roles of Gong Woo-jin and Woo Seo-ri. Thirteen years ago, Woo-jin and Seo-ri lived in the same neighborhood, and Woo-jin had a crush on Seo-ri. He painted a picture of her and planned to use the painting to ask her to be his friend. When they were both on the same bus, Seo-ri asked him about the correct stop for the art hall. Woo-jin was surprised, and stutteringly suggested she stay on the bus until the second stop, but he couldn’t work up the courage to give her his painting and got off the bus at the first stop.

Just after Woo-jin got off the bus, he saw it get caught up in a huge accident. The accident left Seo-ri into a coma and traumatized Woo-jin, who believed that he was responsible for Seo-ri staying on the bus for an extra stop, because of his suggestion. Ever since then, he shut himself off from others.

Thirteen years later, Seo-ri wakes up from her coma. At the time of her awakening, she’s 30 years old, but inside she still feels 17. Having no other immediate family beside her, she returns to her old house to looking for her uncle and aunt and is stunned to learn that the house was sold to other people. The house’s new owner is Woo-jin’s father. She meets Woo-jin, who is also 30 years old and has long hair and a beard, and mistakenly thinks of him as her nephew. Their first encounter in thirteen years is not in a good situation.

Because she doesn’t have any other place to go, Woo-jin allows Seo-ri to live in the house along with his nephew, Chan (Ahn Hyo-seop), and their maid, Jennifer (Ye Ji-won). After that, a lot of things happen between them and they begin to fall in love. One of their first moments together is when Seo-ri gives Woo-jin a plunger so he can use it to open the skylight in his room. Seo-ri shows him the right way to hold the plunger, and the window swings open for the two of them. The two look out on the amazing view, and Woo-jin smiles at Seo-ri.

Another of their great moments is when Seo-ri is drunk and disoriented, and she goes to her old room, which now is occupied by Woo-jin. Seo-ri doesn’t even notice him sleeping there as she climbs up the bed. The next morning, Seo-ri wakes up face to face with Woo-jin and assumes that it’s a dream as she reaches out and gently touches his face. Woo-jin wakes up and tells her it’s not a dream. Seo-ri jumps up once she realizes she’s in the wrong room.

Before the accident, Seo-ri was an aspiring violinist who played classical music, which makes her work in the same office as Woo-jin,  who’s part of the support team. The team is invited to classic concert, and Seo-ri is filled with emotions as she recalls the moment that her mother passed down her violin to her. Seated behind her, Woo-jin can see the tears falling from Seo-ri’s eyes.

At home, Seo-ri stays up to peel onions to disguise her real tears, and Woo-jin reaches out to tenderly wipe them away. As they are looking at each other, Woo-jin inches closer, as if to kiss Seo-ri, until he knocks over the bowl of onions. Woo-jin and Seo-ri clean up the mess but when he rubs his eyes, he falls down in blind agony. Seo-ri scolds him and manages to rub her own eyes in the process. Seo-ri and Woo-jin then start stumbling around blindly, and end up spilling more onions.

At one point, after a meeting, Woo-jin hears Seo-ri playing violin and watches her from afar. However, Seo-ri isn’t playing her best since she’s still out of practice, and eventually she falters. Woo-jin is determined to cheer Seo-ri and takes her to a beach. While they’re there, they open their hearts. Seo-ri tells Woo-jin about her long-term stay in the hospital and Woo-jin tells Seo-ri about his trauma. They give encouragement to each other.

At another point, knowing that Seo-ri’s plan to move out was canceled due to a miscommunication, Woo-jin runs after her and gives her a bunch of reasons to come back to his house. Seo-ri resists the offer, and finally Woo-jin admits that he wants her to live at his house with him. Woo-jin asks her to look at him, and then extends his hand and asks her to come live with him. Seo-ri looks at his hand for a moment before accepting it and allowing him to lift her to her feet.

Seo-ri and Woo-jin keep getting closer and many things happen between them. During a large work event, Seo-ri retreats to a hillside for some alone time. She’s soon joined by Woo-jin, who settles in back-to-back with her and offers one of his earbuds. As the song begins to play, he tucks his head into Seo-ri’s shoulder and asks her to wake him in a bit.

After the concert ends and everyone else has left, Woo-jin finds Seo-ri alone on the stage. Seo-ri admits that she’s not sure if her experience on stage was good or bad. Woo-jin assures her that it was good. A moment of silence passes between them, and then Woo-jin confesses that he likes her. Seo-ri then answers that she likes him too. Woo-jin turns to her, and they kiss under the stage lights.

They walk hand-in-hand through a field, and Seo-ri asks if he can do it again. Woo-jin assumes she wants another kiss, and pecks her on the lips. When she asks again, he gives her another kiss. Finally Seo-ri clarifies that she just wants to see the sketch he drew of her again. They tease each other and laugh together.