‘Still 17’ Actor, Yang Se-jong : Profile, Facts, and Chemistry with Shin Hye-sun


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Meet the Part-Time Worker in the Reality Show Coffee Friends, Yang Se-jong

Can you resist the smile of actor Yang Se-jong? With his contagious smile, melancholic eyes, handsome face, and excellent acting, Yang Se-jong captivated the hearts of K-pop fans. He can perform in different kinds of genres and performs different roles with ease. His performance in Temperature of Love got him several awards and nominations.

In the variety show, Coffee Friends Yang Se-jong showed another side of himself. He has a warm and friendly personality that makes other actors love to work with him. As a part-time worker, Yang Se-jong showed that even popular actors can serve and work well in cafes.

Find out about Yang Se-jong’s roles in dramas and appearances in variety shows in this article!

Yang Se-jong’s Profile

yang se jong

Name: Yang Se-jong

Birthday: December 23rd, 1992

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 181.8 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Agency: Good People Entertainment

Zodiac: Capricorn

Blood Type: B

Yang Se-jong’s Facts

yang se jong
  • Yang Se-jong’s favorite actor is Bradley Cooper.
  • His favorite movie is Dallas Buyers Club.
  • Yang Se-jong is very talented in Taekwondo. He got a Taekwondo scholarship because of his talent.
  • He joined for mandatory military service in May 2020. He will finish his duty in November 2021.
  • He used to work part-time in a book and DVD rental store.
  • He studied at the Korea National University of Arts and majored in theater and film.
  • He worked as a fashion model for a short period.

Yang Se-jong in Duel

Yang Se-jong’s acting talent was given a serious test when he participated in the thriller drama Duel. Duel was broadcasted from June to July 2017 on the cable TV network OCN. The drama tells the story of a policeman who chases down a criminal that kidnapped his daughter. To his surprise, he found two people with the same face at the crime scene.

In the drama, Yang Se-jong performed three different roles, Lee Sung-joon, Lee Sung-hoon, and Lee Yong-seob. Both Sung-joon and Sung-hoon are clones with opposite personalities. Sung-hoon is dominant and takes advantage of Sung Joon’s weakness.

yang se jong duel

Fresh from participating in the popular drama Saimdang, Memoir of Colors, Yang Se-jong showed fans that he can perform and act in different genres, whether historical or thriller. Yang Se-jong’s prominent acting in Duel stamped his status as a rising star in Korean dramas.

Yang Se-jong in Temperature of Love

yang se jong temperature of love seo hyun jin

Yang Se-jong cemented his status as one of the best new actors after performing as the male lead actor in the romantic drama Temperature of Love. In the drama, he was very confident in acting alongside established names such as actress Seo Hyun-jin. The romance between the senior actress and junior actor added to the excellence of the drama.

Temperature of Love tells the story of a career woman who gave up her normal job to pursue her dream. Lee Hyun-soo, performed by Seo Hyun-jin, worked in a big company. She is living the perfect life of most young Koreans. One day, she quits her job and decides to become a drama writer, a job that she had been dreaming of.

On Jung-sun, performed by Yang Se-jong, is a young chef who falls in love with Lee Hyun-soo. Lee Hyun-soo refuses On Jung-sun’s approaches because of their age difference. She never believed in love at first sight. In the end, On Jung-sun’s warm personality and persistent approaches finally melt her heart.

Yang Se-jong won three awards as a best new actor and received several nominations for his performance in Temperature of Love. He praised the drama’s script and loved all of the natural conversations in the script. He also praised the acting of Seo Hyun-jin. The chemistry between the couple was very natural despite their actual age difference. Yang Se-jong said, “I would love to meet someone like Lee Hyun-soo in real life. She is grateful for everything and I would choose her over work.”

Yang Se-jong in Still 17

yang se jong shin hye sun

Yang Se-jong participated in the romantic-comedy drama Still 17 in 2018. He revealed the main reason that he chose to work in the drama was because of the script. He laughed a lot while reading the script. Yang Se-jong is also a fan of scriptwriter Jo Sung-hee and director Jo Soo-won.

Still 17 tells the story of a man who despises everyone and hates to socialize with other people. Thirteen years ago, an unfortunate event caused him to forget his social life. At the same time, a girl has just woken up from a 13-year coma. She has the body of a 30-year-old woman but the mental of a thirteen-year-old girl.

The man, played by Yang Se-jong, meets the girl, played by Shin Hye-sun, and they become entangled in a series of situations. Despite personality differences, they become close and fall in love with each other.

Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun

yang se jong shin hye sun

Out of all the beautiful actresses he has worked with, Yang Se-jong looked comfortable when working with Shin Hye-sun. They collaborated in the romantic-comedy drama Still 17. Yang Se-jong took the chance to work with Shin Hye-sun from the moment he saw her name in the script. He became fluttered and excited about acting together with Shin Hye-sun. Shin Hye-sun said, “I used to be Yang Se-jong’s fan.”

Yang Se-jong revealed that Shin Hye-sun treated him very well during the shooting. He became comfortable with her and it translated to natural chemistry on the screen. Yang Se-jong said, “Shin Hye-sun lead me throughout the shooting and I depended on her guidance a lot.”

Yang Se-jong in Coffee Friends

The original K-pop star Choi Ji-woo and three handsome actors, Yoo Yun-suk, Son Ho-jun, and Yang Se-jong, operated a cafe restaurant in the countryside of Jeju Island. They teamed up in the variety show Coffee Friends which was broadcasted on January 4th, 2019.

In the program, each of the actors was given a different task. Choi Ji-woo was hall manager, Yoo Yun-suk was the main chef, Son Ho-jun was a barista, and Yang Se-jong was an assistant. The money that they received from customers went to charity. So, they worked hard to earn as much money as possible.

Yang Se-jong got the invitation to collaborate on the project from his senior Yoo Yun-suk. They are very close to each other. Yoo Yun-suk recommended Yang Se-jong because he is very kind and helpful.

As the assistant, Yang Se-jong was very busy. He was all over the place helping with washing dishes, taking orders, and cleaning tables. Even though he was very busy, he was calm and focused. Every small assignment that the senior actors gave he finished without too much hassle. During break time, Yoo Yun-suk gave a warm shoulder massage to the diligent Yang Se-jong.

Yang Se-jong’s warm personality in Coffee Friends made him very likable. Yang Se-song’s character is his main advantage. Let’s hope that he can complete military service and return to acting or variety shows.

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