Do You Wanna Know More About ‘Jang Bo-ri Is Here’ Supporting Actress Yang Mi-kyung? Here Are Her Profile, Husband, Family, Movies, and Drama List!

List of Yang Mi-kyung’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

Yang Mi-kyung is a busy celebrity since she works as both an actress and adjunct professor. She has even published three books which consist of essay collections and her favorite poems. Besides her wide knowledge, Yang Mi-kyung has also been a radio DJ and host for many programs, showing that her hosting skill is as good as her acting skill. Below, you may check the list of Yang Mi-kyung’s dramas, films, books, and television shows!

1984 – Widow Passerby on KBS (Supporting Role)

1985 – Fire-Lighter (Supporting Role)

1985 – Blue Classroom on KBS (Supporting Role)

1985 – TV Literature: Another’s Voice on KBS(Supporting Role)

1986 – Your Portrait on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Hee-joo)

1987 – MBC Bestseller Theater: The Shadow of a Vague Love on MBC (Supporting Role)

1987 – Wind, Wind, Wind on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1987 – Sunaebo KBS1 (Supporting Role)

1987 – Album of Life on MBC (Supporting Role as Baek Nam-sook)

1988 – Whoa Hey Whoa Hey KBS2 (Supporting Role as Seung-mi)

1998 – Paradise Lost (Supporting Role as Ji-woo’s wife)

1989 – 2nd Republic on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Jong-suk)

1989 – Half a Failure KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1990 – The Stepping Stone KBS2 (Supporting Role as Seo Yoo-ra)

1991 – Humble Men (Supporting Role as Jung-hee)

1991 – A Tree Blooming with Love KBS1 (Supporting Role as Professor)

1991 – Beyond the Mountains on MBC (Supporting Role)

1991 – Women’s Time on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Jo In-sook)

1991 – MBC Best Theater: Outside the Door on MBC (Supporting Role as In-hyeong)

1992 – Seventy-Year-Old and Seven-Year-Old on MBC (Supporting Role)

1992 – MBC Best Theater: The Red Shoes on MBC (Supporting Role as Yang-sook)

1992 – Haengchon Apartment on MBC (Main Role as Seo Kyung)

1992 – Two Sisters on MBC (Supporting Role as Jin Sook-young)

1992 – Loving You on SBS (Supporting Role as Lee Mi-sook)

1993 – The Finale on KBS1 (Supporting Role)

1993 – Three Families Under One Roof on MBC (Supporting Role)

1993 – MBC Best Theater: Necklace of Thorns on MBC (Supporting Role as Myung-soon)

1993 – How’s Your Husband? on SBS (Main Role as Jeon Jin-ae)

1993 – Sisters on MBC (Main Role as Song Mal-sook)

1993 – Eun-ha’s River on KBS1 (Supporting Role)

1993-1995 – House Full of Happiness with Seo Se-won and Yang Mi-kyung on KBS (Host)

1994 – Challenge on MBC (Supporting Role)

1995 – Jang Nok-su on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Lady Park, wife of Grand Prince Wolsan)

1995 – Good Men, Good Women on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1995 – Sook-hee on MBC (Supporting Role as Jang Hye-kyung)

1995 – 4th Republic on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Ok-sook, wife of Roh Tae-woo)

1995 – MBC Best Theater: Divorce Report on MBC (Supporting Role as Seo-young)

1995 – LA Arirang on SBS (Supporting Role)

1996 – MBC Best Theater: My Husband Has Been Set Up on MBC (Supporting Role as Sang-hee)

1996 – Hometown of Legends: A Heat Stroke on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1996 – If You Love Me on MBC (Supporting Role as Cha Eun-mi)

1997 – Between 3:00 to 5:00 with Yang Mi-kyung on KBS 2FM (Radio DJ)

1997 – MBC Best Theater: I Have Loved You on MBC (Supporting Role as Eun-ah)

1997 – Happiness in Our Hearts on SBS (Supporting Role as Jo Moon-shim)

1997 – Fireworks Display on MBC (Supporting Role as Min-ho’s mother)

1997 – The Wool Room on MBC (Supporting Role as Stepmother)

1997 – Boss and Wife on KBS (Supporting Role)

1997 – If You Want to Live a Happy Life (Essay Collection Book)

1998 – Like the Wind, Like the Waves on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1998 – MBC Best Theater: Promise on MBC (Supporting Role)

1998 – Sunday Best: The Indelible Glow of the Light on KBS1 (Supporting Role)

1998 – Paper Crane on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

1999 – Sunday Best: Eun Bi-ryeong on KBS1 (Supporting Role)

1999 – The Little Prince on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Jung Yoo-sung’s mother)

1999 – MBC Best Theater: Thousand Year Dong-yi on MBC (Supporting Role as Seo-young)

1999 – MBC Best Theater: Tears Secretly Flowing on MBC (Supporting Role as Min-jung)

1999 – Should My Tears Show on MBC (Supporting Role)

1999 – Invitation on MBC (Supporting Role as an OB-GYN doctor)

1999 – MBC Best Theater: Ang-sook on MBC (Supporting Role)

1999 – The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War on KBS (Supporting Role as a member of the mediation committee)

2000 – School 3 on KBS1 (Supporting Role as Yoo Eun-kyung)

2000 – Fireworks on SBS (Supporting Role as Cho-hee)

2000 – Truth Game (Supporting Role as Wife)

2001 – Tender Hearts on KBS1 (Supporting Role as Ahn Su-ja)

2001 – At the Corner on MBC (Supporting Role)

2001 – Drama City: When the Peach Blossoms on KBS2 (Supporting Role)

2001 – Cool on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Song Mi-sook)

2001 – Way of Living: Couple on SBS (Supporting Role as Mi-young)

2001 – Stepmother on KBS1 (Supporting Role as Yang Soon-ja)

2001-2002 – Village Songs with Yang Mi-kyung on TBS (Radio DJ)

2001-2002 – The Pursuit of Happiness – Live on SBS (Host)

2002 – Sunlight upon Me on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Yeon-sook)

2002 – Unique Theater: A Story of Two Men on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Yang Mi-kyung)

2002 – Album of Life on KBS1 (Supporting Role as Wol-young)

2003 – Dae Jang Geum on MBC (Supporting Role as Lady Han / Han Baek-young)

2003 –The Crescent Moon (Supporting Role as Han Young-ja)

2004 – Crush on SBS (Supporting Role as Soo-jin)

2004 – Yang Mi-kyung’s Poems Read with a Heart (Book of 60 poems by her favorite poet)

2004 – Even If You Hate Me, Once Again Theater Show (Supporting Role as Kim Soo-jung)

2005 – Be Strong, Geum-soon! on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Young-ok)

2005 – 5th Republic on MBC (Supporting Role as Yuk Young-soo)

2005 – Bichunmoo on SBS (Narrator)

2005 – Jikji Gwibi on MBC (Supporting Role as Lady Won)

2005 – Sing Sing Sunday on KBS (Host)

2005-2006 – Love in Asia on KBS (Host)

2005-2006 – The Way to You – This Is Yang Mi-kyung on PBC (Radio DJ)

2007 – The King and I on SBS (Supporting Role as Queen Jeonghui)

2007 – Kang Wan-suk on PBC (Supporting Role as Kang Wan-suk)

2008 – With Love (essay collection book published in Japan)

2009 – Castaway on the Moon (Guest Role as Kim Jung-yeon’s mother)

2009-2010 – Shin Shin Woo Shin – Notes in Time with Yang Mi-kyung on PBC (Narrator)

2010 – Dandelion Family on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Sook-kyung)

2010 – MBC Sunday Drama Theater: Housewife Kim Kwang-ja’s Third Activities on MBC (Supporting Role as Kim Kwang-ja)

2011 – The Duo on MBC (Guest Role as Gwi-dong’s birth mother)

2011 – Miss Ripley on MBC (Supporting Role as Akiko Sakamoto)

2011–present – Multicultural Special – We Are like a Rainbow with Yang Mi-kyung on PBC (Radio DJ)

2012 – Moon Embracing the Sun on MBC (Supporting Role as Shin Jung-kyung)

2012 – May Queen on MBC (Supporting Role as Lee Geum-hee)

2013 – Pretty Man on KBS2 (Supporting Role as Kim Mi-sook)

2014 – Jang Bo-ri Is Here! on MBC (Supporting Role as Song Ok-soo)

2015 – N.L.L. – Battle of Yeonpyeong (Supporting Role as Park Dong-hyuk’s mother)

2015 – Mask on SBS (Supporting Role as Kang Ok-soon)

2015 – High Society on SBS (Supporting Role)

2016 – The Shining Eun Soo on KBS1 (Supporting Role as Park Yeon Mi)

2018 – Grand Prince on TV Chosun (Supporting Role as Shim Shi)

Yang Mi-kyung’s Wedding and Family

Yang Mi-kyung tied the knot with Heo Seong-ryong back in 1988. The couple has a son named Heo Jin-seok. Unfortunately, there is little information known about Yang Mi-kyung’s family and wedding as they are considered private matters.