Yang Jung-a’s Profile, Husband, Wedding, and ‘Running Man’ Appearances


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언니는 살아있다 is a Korean drama that aired in 2017. The drama is quite long, having 68 episodes, in total. The literal translation of the dramas title is Sister is Alive, and the English title is Band of Sisters.

Overall, the drama’s plot is very complicated. It’s about Min Deul-Rae (Jang Seo-Hee), Kim Eun-Yang (Oh Yoon-Ah), and Kang Ha-Ri (Kim Ju-Heon). The three of them all lost their loved ones in the same multi-vehicle crash, and because they’ve experienced similar pain from the incident, they have unique bond that ties them together.

Later on in the drama, it was revealed that the person who caused the crash that cost the lives of Min Deul-Rae, Kim Eun-Yang, and Kang Ha-Ri’s loved ones was Yang Dal-Hee, played by Kim Da-Som.

As the story progresses, everything is knotted up, mainly because of the internal affairs of Ruby Cosmetics. Seol Gi-Chan (Lee Ji-Hoon) is actually the son of the chairman of Ruby Cosmetics Goo Pil-Mo (Son Chang-Min), but somehow he was out of the house and living as an orphan instead. At some point in his life, he dated Yang Dal-Hee (Kim Da-Som), however, Yang Dal-Hee betrayed him in order to catch the attention of Goo Se-Joon (Cho Yoon-Wo), who is the illegitimate son of Goo Pil-Mo (Son Chang-Min).

As it turned out, Seol Gi-Chan was driven out of his own house by Lee Gye-Hwa, played by the talented actress Yang Jung-A. Lee Gye-Hwa is Goo Pil-Mo’s mother, and she is the drama’s antagonist.

Yang Jung-A’s skill in portraying Lee Gye-Hwa caught many people’s attention. It is obvious that a good part of what made Band of Sisters so enjoyable to watch was Yang Jung-A’s portrayal of Lee Gye-Hwa, who people loved to hate.

After seeing her performance in Band of Sisters, a lot of people became curious about her and have tried to dig into her personal life. Here are a few things that you should know about Yang Jung-A.

Yang Jung-a’s Wedding, Husband, and Divorce


December 20, 2013, was the happiest day of Yang Jung-A’s life, because she was marrying the man of her dreams. The wedding ceremony was held at 6.30pn at  the Coex Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. It was a private ceremony, but, thankfully, before the it began, Yang Jung-A met with reporters to express her feelings that it was the most delightful event of her life.

She was marrying a man who was three years younger than she was, and who didn’t come from the entertainment world. Her soon-to-be husband was a businessman named Kim Seung-Hwan.

Yang Jung-A said that they met through an acquaintance that August, and they decided to marry four months later.  A representative for Yang Jung-A said that “Yang Jung Ah said she liked how the groom is manly and reliable to the point where he doesn’t feel like a younger man. She believes he is the one who she will live with forever, and that is why she decided to get married.”

Sadly, Yang Jung-A’s conviction that Kim Seung-Hwan was going to be the one she spent the rest of her life proved to be false. On October 16, Yang Jung-A’s entertainment agency, CLN Company, gave a statement that Yang Jung-A and Kim Seung-Hwan had divorced a year earlier. CLN Company said that in 2017, all the legal proceedings had been completed. However, CLN Company refused to tell the public about the reason behind their divorce. They said, “The reason for the divorce is a private matter, so we are careful about mentioning it. Yang Jung Ah plans to focus on her work and is currently choosing her next project.”

Yang Jung-A on Running Man

running man

Everyone knows that Running Man is the best variety show that showcases its guests’ true personality. Yang Jung-A made one appearance on Running Man, on episode 56, and in that episode you can feel her bubbly personality filling the atmosphere. Besides Yang Jung-A, the other guests on the episode were Ahn Mun-sook, Kim Sook, and Shin Bong-sun. The location was in Pyeongtaek Hwangsaewool Village, and in that episode, everyone was divided into pairs, except for Ji Suk-Jin. The teams were Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Sook, Gary and Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook with Shin Bong-sun, Lee Kwang-soo and Ahn Mun-sook, and Yang Jung-ah was with HaHa.

With Ha Ha’s help, Yang Jung-A really showed her ability to handle tough situations, and as a result, Ha Ha and Yang Jung-A’s team won. They received a special couple dinner and couple rings as their prizes.

Yang Jung-A’s Drama and Movie Lists

Yang Jung-A’s Drama List

Year Title Role
1993 Our Paradise
1994 General Hospital Oh Bang-hee
1994 M Lee Ye-ji
1995 Truth Ha Young
1996 Lover
Sometimes Like Strangers Jung Eun
1999 School 2 Korean language teacher Na Min-Joo
Cello Yoon Soo-kyung
2000 Pardon Min Ji-soo
2002 Affection Joo Ji-sun
2003 Escape from Unemployment Jo Chang-mi
One Million Roses Seo Yoo-kyung
2004 Wives on Strike Yang Pil-soon
2005 A Farewell to Sorrow Oh Hee-sook
2006 I’ll Go with You Min Jung
Here Comes Ajumma Na Oh-nim
2007 The King and I Lady Oh
2008 Mom’s Dead Upset Kyung-hwa
Glass Castle Oh Yoo-ran
2009 He Who Can’t Marry Yoon Ki-ran
2011 Romance Town Seo Yoon-joo
2012 My Husband Got a Family Bang Il-sook
2015 Queen’s Flower Jung Hee-yeon
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 Bang Geum
2017 Band of Sisters Lee Gye Hwa

Yang Jung-A’s Movie List

Year Title Role
2008 My Wife Got Married Noh Deok-joo
2011 In Love and War (Woman from Suwon)