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Learn More About Yang Jin-sung

Yang Jin-sung is a South Korean actress who is known for her role in the drama City Hunter (2011) with the popular actor and actress Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young. She debuted as an actress in 2010 in the movie Wedding Dress. Since then, she has starred in many television dramas and played supporting roles, such as in the drama Secret Love (2013) when she got the role as the male protagonist’s dead girlfriend. In the drama Bride of the Century (2014), she received her very first lead role in a drama.

Well, if you want to get to know more about Yang Jin-sung, check out her profile below!

Yang Jin-sung’s Profile


Real Name: Yang Jin-sung (양진성)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, June 27, 1988

Zodiac: Leo

Blood Type: A

Education: Ewha Womans University – Fine Arts

Occupation: Actress

Talent Agency: WS Entertainment

Yang Jin-sung’s Filmography

Television Dramas

  • 2011 – City Hunter (role as Shin Eun-ah/aired on SBS), Just Like Today (role as Moon Hyo-jin/aired on MBC)
  • 2013 – She Is Wow (role as Yoo Nan-hee/aired on tvN), Secret Love (role as Seo Ji-hee/aired on KBS2), Drama Festival – Me, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Anna (role as Anna/aired on MBC)
  • 2014 – Bride of the Century (role as Na Doo-rim/Jang Yi-kyung/aired on TV Chosun)
  • 2015 – My Unfortunate Boyfriend (role as Yoo Ji-na/aired on MBC Dramanet)
  • 2016 – Marrying My Daughter Twice (role as Park Soo-kyung/aired on SBS)
  • 2017 – Chicago Typewriter (role as Ma Bang-jin/aired on tvN)
  • 2018 – Cross (role as Son Yeon-hee/aired on tvN), Let Me Introduce Her (role as Son Chae-young/aired on SBS)


  • 2010 – Wedding Dress (role as adult So-Ra)
  • 2011 – Hope (role as Do-kyung)

Yang Jin-sung’s Relationship & Dating Rumors

There is no updated news about Yang Jin-sung’s current relationship. But, there are a few actors who have been involved in a dating rumor with her. Let’s check out some of the actors below!

Yang Jin-sung and No Min-woo


No Min-woo (Hangul: 노민우) is an actor who was born on May 29, 1986, and is known for his many roles in popular dramas and movies. He acted alongside Yang Jin-sung in the drama My Unfortunate Boyfriend (2015). They became a dreamy couple in the drama and even shared a kiss.

No Min-woo played the character of a naive guy who believes there’s a truth behind every mistake in life. Meanwhile, Yang Jin-sung played the character of a young lady who needed to be honest about her feelings towards No Min-woo.

According to Hancinema, No Min-woo and Yang Jin-sung were spotted kissing at a baseball game in April 2015. The actress and actor appeared at the LG Twins and Samsung Lions game on April 5th, 2015, at the Jamsil baseball stadium, and a staff member said that both of them were there to watch the baseball game until they were spotted by a camera and surprised everyone.


The viewers of this drama had a high expectation for No Min-woo and Yang Jin-sung to make their drama relationship a reality but there is no updated news about their love story. There are no confirmations that they ever dated.

Yang Jin-sung and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong-ki


Lee Hong-ki is a vocalist from the popular South Korean band F.T. Island. Lee Hong-ki and Yang Jin-sung both starred in the drama Bride of the Century(2014) which aired on TV Chosun.

On February 19, 2014, Lee Hong-ki and Yang Jin-sung both attended the press conference for the drama, and Lee Hong-ki was being asked whether he was close with his co-star Park Shin-hye from drama You’re Beautiful or his current co-star Yang Jin-sung.


“I was so comfortable being around both Park Shin-hye and Yang Jin-sung. For me, I always have a feeling to like older women, and if I had to choose, Yang Jin-sung would be my first choice after all.” – Lee Hong-ki.

For your information, Lee Hong-ki is the same age as Park Shin-hye, and he has a 2-year age gap with Yang Jin-sung. So, that’s why he chose her and said that he likes women who are older than him.

While he ended the statement about the older woman he likes, he said that after the press conference he needed to meet up with Park Shin-hye to clear the misunderstanding about this and maintain a good relationship as a best friend.

This is all the information about actress Yang Jin-sung. Let’s hope for the best for her career in the future so that we can see her appear in more dramas and movies!