Does Yang Jin-sung Have a Husband? Find Out More About Her Love Life Here!

Yang Jin-sung

Meet Korean Actress Yang Jin-sung

Yang Jin-sung is one of the best actresses in South Korea. She made her debut in 2010 in the drama series Wedding Dress. Even though most of her roles since then have been supporting parts, her talent can’t be underestimated.

Some of the drama that she’s worked on have included City Hunter, Secret Love, Just Like Today, and others. In 2014, she was cast in the main role for the drama Bride Of The Century, along with Lee Hong-ki. Because their chemistry together was so strong and looked so natural, people might assume they also had good chemistry in real life.

So, were Lee Hong-ki and Yang Jin-sung dating in real life? Or does Yang Jin-sung have a different ideal type? In this article, Channel Korea introduces you to the gorgeous Yang Jin-sung and the mysteries about her love life, and whether she’s actually married!

Who Is Yang Jin-sung’s Husband?

Yang Jin-sung

When a Korean actress is part of a couple on-screen, it’s very common to hear rumors that the actors are also a couple in real life. And how about Yang Jin-sung? Who is her husband?

According to some sources and information, Yang Jin-sung is currently single, so no husband yet. In fact, neither the public nor the media have any information on her current relationship status. Yang Jin-sung was once be rumored to be having a relationship with Lee Hong-ki, but the actors, themselves, have said they’re just friends and colleagues who are always supporting each other.

In one interview, Lee Hong-ki said that he was really comfortable with all of his leading ladies so far, but revealed that he always loved women who are older than he is, so he might be choose Yang Jin-sung.

Yang Jin-sung & Lee Hong-ki

Yang Jin-sung said that at the first time she found out she’d be acting with Lee Hong-ki in Bride Of The Century she was a little bit nervous, because Lee Hong-ki was a superstar. She also said she felt like she was under a lot of pressure at first, but that over time, that feeling slowly went away. Sadly, it seems like Yang Jin-sung and Lee Hong-ki were only a couple in their drama.

How About Yang Jin-sung’s Love Life In The Past?

Yang Jin-sung

Just like we’ve said before, there’s not a lot of information available about Yang Jin-sung and her relationship status. She’s never talked about her ideal type in interviews or her ideas about marriage in general.  Maybe we’ll hear more about those things when she feels like she’s found her soulmate

Well, let’s hope that someday Yang Jin-sung will meet her future soulmate and tie the knot soon!