Get to Know More About ‘Goodbye to Goodbye’ Supporting Actress Yang Hee-kyung


Yang Hee-kyung in Goodbye to Goodbye

To be honest, the drama Goodbye to Goodbye or Parting Left is not everyone’s cup of tea. If analyzed closely, people nowadays prefer watching a heart-throbbing romance to a deep life values drama, and Goodbye to Goodbye is exactly that. The kind of drama in which the story-telling does not involve a romantic saga of two people helplessly falling in love.

In short, Goodbye to Goodbye tells the stories of women, whose hearts have been broken by the betrayal of their loved ones. The character Seo Young-hae, played by the actress Chae Shi-ra, is that of an ordinary housewife whose husband is a pilot. Unfortunately, one day, her husband whose name is Han Sang-jin, played by the actor Lee Sung-jae, slept with his co-worker who is a flight attendant named Kim Se-young, played by Jung Hye-young. As if things haven’t been bad enough, Kim Se-young got pregnant with a child, a daughter she named Han Yoo-yeon, played by child actress Shin Bi. Bitter of what has happened, Seo Young-hae decided to live separately from her husband.

Just when Seo Young-hae thought that things couldn’t be worse, suddenly a woman named Jung Hyo, played by Jo Bo-ah, showed up on her doorstep. Jung Hyo claimed that she is pregnant with Han Min-soo’s child. Therefore, as Han Min-soo’s mother, Seo Young-hae must shelter her for a while.

At first, things were nasty between Seo Young-hae and Jung Hyo, but as the plot unfolds, they come to understand one another.

Other than the stories of the women mentioned above, another woman’s story that cannot be missed is the life story of Kim Ok-ja, played by senior actress Yang Hee-kyung. Kim Ok-ja is the mother of Kim Se-young, and she will do everything she can for her daughter, including giving Han Sang-jin. In order to do that, Kim Ok-ja even moved to Seo Young-hae’s house, just to persuade her to let go of Han Sang-jin.

Another reason why she was so keen on getting Han Sang-jin for her daughter is that, later on, it was revealed that, she is a mistress herself. Therefore, she did not want her daughter and granddaughter to live a miserable life like hers.

Many people have been captivated by Yang Hee-kyung’s charming acting as Kim Ok-ja in Goodbye to Goodbye, so people have been trying to find out more about her.

Yang Hee-kyung’s Son


There is an expression that says: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In this case, this expression can certainly be applied, because it turns out, Yang Hee-kyung’s son is also an actor. His name is Han Seung-hyun, and his mother has certainly affected his life big time, especially with regards to his career choice. He was born on December 21st, 1982, and has a height of 178 cm.

Here is a list of dramas and movies he has starred in.

Yang Hee-kyung’s Son List of Dramas

Year Title Role
2011 Birdie Buddy Ahn Joong-ki
2012 Panda and Hedgehog Hwang Beom-bo
2013 Drama Special Series: Like a Fairytale (Hairy Senior)
2013 The Queen of Office Ong So-shin
2014 Quiz from God 4 Koo Doo-jin
2015 The Missing Kim Dae-soo
2015 A Daughter Just Like You Sung Chan
2015 My First Time (Audition Judge)

Yang Hee-Kyung’s Son List of Movies

Year Title Role
2011 Sunny (Jang Mi’s older brother)
2011 My Way
2013 Running Man (Hotel Security)
2014 My Brilliant Life (Dae Soo’s junior)
2016 Lightning Man Moongchi
2017 Glass Garden (Buyer)

Yang Hee-kyung’s List of Dramas and Movies

Now that we have come to know Yang Hee-kyung’s son’s works, it is time to learn the dramas and movies that this senior actress has starred in.

Yang Hee-Kyung’s List of Dramas

Year Title Role
1985 Tiger Teacher
1990 Bizarre Family, Bizarre School
1991 What Is Love Hee Kyung
1992 Promise
1993 Unstoppable Love
1993 Mountain Wind
1994 Daughters of a Rich Family (Aunt of Kwon’s family)
1995 Men of the Bath House Kim Bok-hee
1997 Women
1998 The Lie
1999 Did We Really Love? Yeo In-sook
1999 8 Love Stories
2000 School 3 Yang Hee-jung
2000 More Than Words Can Say Park Soon-ja
2002 Since We Met Hong Ae-kyung
2002 Girl School Suk Rae
2003 On the Prairie Na Jung-ran
2003 Long Live Love Kim Pyeong-hwi
2005 Be Strong Geum Soon Sook Mo
2006 My Beloved Sister (Gun Woo’s aunt)
2007 Dal Ja’s Spring Kang Shin-ja
2007 White Tower Hong Sung-hee
2008 Three Dads One Mom Hwang Soon-ja
2008 La Dolce Vita Heo In-ae
2008 Chun Ja’s Happy Events Park Sam-suk
2008 Star’s Lover Lee Seung-yeon
2009 Tamra, The Island (Park Kyu’s mother)
2009 Creating Destiny Park Geum-ja
2010 Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (Hye Young’s mother)
2010 Prosecutor Princess Park Ae-ja
2010 President Choi Jeong-im
2011 War of the Roses So Young-ja
2011 Women in Our House Heo In-ae
2011 Birdie Buddy Uhm Jung-ran
2011 What’s Up (Doo Ri’s mother)
2012 Daddy’s Sorry Soon Joo
2012 My Husband Got a Family Uhm Soon-ae
2012 Panda and Hedgehog Kim Kap-soon
2012 Childless Comfort (Yeong Hyun’s aunt)
2012 The Birth of a Family Oh Yeong-ja
2013 Secret Park Gye-ok
2014 Cunning Single Lady (Restaurant Owner)
2014 Witch’s Romance Park Myung-ja
2014 What Happens to My Family? Cha Soon-geum
2015 Who Are You: School 2015 Park Min-kyung
2015 High Society Lee Min-sook
2015 Great First Wives Kim Bong-soon
2016 Yeah, That’s How It Is Kim Sook-kyung
2018 Goodbye to Goodbye Kim Ok-ja

Yang Hee-Kyung’s List of Movies

Year Title Role
1987 Just Once
1993 That Woman, That Man Mal Ja
1994 Out to the World (Gas station attendant)
1995 The Hair Dresser Yang Hye-kyung
Man? (Mother playing poker)
1996 The River Flows to Tomorrow (Jong ki’s mother)
Corset Hae-joo
2000 Peppermint Candy (Radio DJ)
2007 Scout (Dong-yeol’s mother)
2008 Sweet Lie (Park Dong-sik’s mother)
2011 Sunny (Kim Jang-mi’s mother)
2013 Boomerang Family (Jung-hyun’s woman)