Learn More About Yang Deong-geun “YDG”: From His Adorable Family to His Latest News

A List of Yang Deong-geun’s Dramas and Movies

ydg dramas and movies

For those who are curious about Yang Deong-geun acting, you can watch one or all of Yang Deong-geun’s dramas and movies. Below is a list of his on-screen appearances.


  • A Living Being | Cheonhwa (2018) – Jong-gyu
  • Black Gospel | Belraek Gaseupel (2013) – himself
  • Rough Play | Baewooneun Baewooda (2013) – Kang Bin
  • Days of Wrath | Eungjingja (2013) – Chang-sik
  • Love 911 | Banchangggyo (2012) – Detective Bang Je-soo (cameo)
  • Perfect Game | Peopekteu Geim (2011) – Sun Dong-ryul
  • Grand Prix | Geurang Peuri (2010) – Woo-seok
  • Monopoly (2006) – Kyung Ho
  • Fighter in the Wind | Baramui Fighter (2004) – Choi Bae-dal
  • The Last Wolf | Majimak neukdae (2004) – Choi Cheol-kwon
  • Wild Card (2003) – Bang Je-su
  • Hae-jeok, Disco King | Hae-jeok, discowang doeda (2002) – Seok-gi
  • Address Unknown | Suchwiin bulmyeong (2001) – Chang-guk
  • Bloody Beach | Haebyeoneuro gada (2000) – Jae-seung
  • Dance, Dance | Daenseudaenseu (1999) – Sun-do
  • White Valentine | Hwaiteu ballenta-in (1999)
  • The Best | Zzang (1998) – Jong Gu


  • Terius Behind Me | Nae Dwie Teriwooseu (MBC/2018) – Cha Jung-il
  • The Third Charm | Je3ui Maeryeok (JTBC/2018) – Lee Soo-jae
  • Borg Mom (MBC/2017) – Choi Go-bong
  • The Bride of Habaek | Habaekui Shinboo 2017 (tvN/2017) – Joo-dong (cameo)
  • Missing Nine (MBC/2017) – Yoon Tae-young
  • Oh My Geum-Bi (KBS2/2016-2017) – car repair shop employee (cameo)
  • Bubble Gum | Poongsungeom (tvN/2015) – Radio Show Counselor (cameo)
  • The Three Musketeers | Samchongsa (tvN/2014) – Heo Seung-po
  • Hero (OCN/2012) – Kim Heug-cheol
  • I am Sam | Ayi em saem (KBS2/2007) – Jang Yi-san
  • Dr. Gang | 닥터 깽 (MBC/2006)
  • Ruler of Your Own World | Ne meotdaero haera (MBC/2002)
  • Kwangki (KBS2/1999)
  • School 1 | Hakgyo 1 (KBS2/1999) – Jo Suk-ho

YDG’s Most Recent News


Yang Deong-geun has been confirmed to be the seventh, and final, artist to join the upcoming hip-hop survival show, Target: Billboard – Kill Bill.  The other rappers who were previously announced to be joining the show are Dok2, BewhY, Jessi, Cheetah, San E, and Rhythm Power.

Previously, Yang Deong-geun also appeared in some seasons of Mnet’s Show Me The Money, High School Rapper, and other shows as a mentor. Yang Deong-geun is a rapper with a unique flow and groove in the Korean hip-hop scene. He has been evaluated as a rapper that has helped diversify the hip-hop in Korea.

As the confirmation of Yang Dong-geun’s appearance in Target: Billboard – Kill Bill, the seven teams will compete with their performances. After the final winner is chosen, they will collaborate with a global artist and take on the Billboard charts. It has been revealed recently that Canadian rapper Drake is in talks to join the show.

Target: Billboard – Kill Bill” is scheduled to air sometime in January 2019, via MBC Music, MBC every1, and MBC Drama. Let’s just wait a little longer to see YDG’s and other rappers’ performances!