Learn More About Yang Deong-geun “YDG”: From His Adorable Family to His Latest News


Who is Yang Dong-geun?

Yang Dong-geun, also known as YDG is a multi-talented Korean artist. He is an actor, rapper, singer/songwriter, record producer, and breakdancer. He is under the auspices of Polaris Entertainment for his acting career (from 2013 until present times) and Brand New Music for his musical career (from 2016 until present times). Now, let’s get closer to Yang Deong-geun’s pieces of information!

Yang Deong-geun’s Instagram

ydg's ig

Yang Deong-geun has an Instagram account under the username @king_ydg. He often posts updates regarding his latest activities or uploads videos and pictures of his lovely family. Yang Deong-geun has already made 1.502 posts, has 92.8k followers, and follows 189 people.

ydg's family

As Yang Deong-geun is a family-oriented person, he often shares posts with his wife and children. Just look how lovely they look in their matching black and red outfits, very cute right?



About Park Ga-ram, Yang Deong-geun’s Wife

ydg's wife

Yang Deong-geun has finally tied the knot with Park Ga-ram. In the variety show The Return of Superman, Yang Deong-geun revealed the story of how he and Park Ga-ram met. He said that he met Park Ga-ram when they were both in a shooting for a music video, playing the main characters. At first, he didn’t make a pass at her because he thought that if they were meant to be together, they will meet again sometime soon.

Coincidentally, Park Ga-ram sent a message to Yang Deong-geun on social media. Park Ga-ram stated that she did send a message first, but it was not because she was interested in him. Maybe that’s what people call fate. It is their destiny to be together forever.

Yang Deong-geun’s Children

ydg's family

After about five years of being married with Park Ga-ram, they already have three children, two sons, and a daughter. Their first child is their son Yang Joon-seo, their second child is their first daughter Yang Joy, who appears in the variety show The Return of Superman alongside the daughters of actors Oh Ji-ho, In Gyo-jin, and their last child is Yang Shi-loh.

Yang Deong-geun and his wife never seem bored and always seem to have a good time with their children, as they have so many moments posted on their Instagram account. Their children seem friendly to the camera, as they always have a cute pose when their daddy is taking a picture. Just like the picture below!

ydg and his children

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