Profile of EXO’s Xiumin : Name, Birthday, Dramas, and Latest News

More Trivia and Surprising Facts About EXO’s Xiumin


About Xiumin’s Family

  • It is rumored that his family actually opposed his singing career.
  • He is the oldest brother in the family. He has a younger sister. His sister is two years younger than him, and he appears to love her very much.
  • During a Korean radio interview he was once asked by the DJ which member of EXO he would like his sister to date. Xiumin’s reply was very surprising, he put on a serious face and said : “Does she really have to?” It looks like he does not want his sister to date anybody, and that he is really jealous.
  • Fellow EXO member Chen actually asked Xiumin to meet his sister, but he refused to introduce her to him.
  • Xiumin has a little sister, whose identity he worked very hard to keep a secret, because his mom asked him to.

About Xiumin’s Talents, Achievements, and Skills

  • He is a good cook and an avid traveler.
  • Xiumin won a competition against the other EXO members to see who could sing the highest note on the South-Korean variety show, Weekly Idol.
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment after winning second place in the S.M. Everysing Contest in 2008.
  • He’s the second best member at martial arts, besides fellow ex-member Tao. He has a great command of Taekwondo and Kendo.
  • He is considered the physically strongest member of EXO.
  • He also knows Fencing and Soccer.
  • Because of his passion for football, he has been made an honorary ambassador of the Korea Football Association.
  • In February 28th, 2014, he became an Ambassador of Gangnam-Gu, The Republic of Korea.

Xiumin’s Personality and Habits

  • He is the neatest, strongest, and cleanest member of EXO-M.
  • According to Chanyeol he seems cute, but he’s actually manly (Star Show 360).
  • He likes to play pranks on the other members.
  • Xiumin was chosen as the funniest member among EXO-M.
  • He is the most organized, and the one who wakes up the earliest.
  • He has been chosen by his band mates as the member who is least likely to cry.
  • Kris said that Xiumin’s strength was being approachable and understanding.
  • A thing that Xiumin must do everyday is take a bath.
  • He prefers to drink alone at home rather than going out.
  • The thing that burdens him the most is that, as the oldest member, he said he becomes the quiet type, who doesn’t act up.

Xiumin’s Friends and Role Models

  • As previously stated, INFINITE’s Dongwoo is Xiumin’s high school friend. The two have been known to be good friends since they attended the same high school, and were the same age. Although they ended up debuting in the K-Pop industry with different male groups and different entertainment companies, Xiumin and Dongwoo have maintained their close friendship. They often met in the music program or at sporting events.
  • Xiumin is close with the other INFINITE members too. Dongwoo even came to support Xiumin by visiting him when he was filming for Jin’s MV Gone, and they have shared a special stage together with TOHEART (INFINITE’s Woohyun & SHINee’s Key) on KBS’s Music Bank years ago.
  • Xiumin said that he is close to Super Junior’s Henry and Sungmin and f(x)’s Amber.
  • His role models are Super Junior, JJ Lin.
  • Xiumin was a huge fan of TVXQ’s Changmin. TVXQ inspired him to become an idol, and that’s why he joined SM. He also mentioned that he achieved one of his dreams by appearing on a variety show with Changmin for the first time as guests on tvN’s “Life Bar”.

Xiumin’s Likes and Dislikes

  • Xiumin is afraid of cats because he was attacked by one when he was young.
  • His hobbies are playing soccer, exercising, eating delicious food, and shopping.
  • His favorite music genre is ballad.
  • His favorite foods are steamed buns, kimchi soup, and miso soup prepared by his parents.
  • He also likes Chinese hot pots, spicy Sichuan food, huo guo, pumpkins, Chinese style shabu-shabu, and okonomiyaki.
  • He likes to drink coffee.
  • He said he would like to get a Barista certificate, if he ever gets the time, and he will brew his own coffee for the other members.
  • Xiumin’s favorite flavor is blueberry.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His favorite animations/cartoons are Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Spongebob, and Baby Huiy.
  • His favorite things are his MP3 Player, cellphone, and computer.
  • One gift that he’s very grateful for is a huge selection of Manga given to him by fans.
  • He doesn’t like it when someone touches his face.
  • One of his favorite subjects in school was mathematics, language was the most disliked subject, and he chose science and chemistry through a chat event with his fans.
  • His perfume is Ferrari Lite.
  • His prized possession is a jump rope.

Xiumin’s Love Life

  • He says that he would never be bold enough to actively pursue a girl, but he would leave subtle hints that he likes her.
  • Xiumin’s ideal type is someone who is hug-able and can give others comfort.
  • But he also revealed that he has no ideal type in particular, because he’s confident that once he finds a girl he really cares about, everything she does will seem cute and pretty to him; However, believes that atmosphere and the feeling between the two is important.
  • As far as age difference, he said that anyone would be okay, as long as it isn’t a grandma or a baby.
  • It seems that he does not pay much attention to beauty, in a broadcast on MBC’s “Simsimtapa”, he shared that his ideal girl needs to have a warm heart, and know to comfort others.
  • He also stated that first impressions are not what matter to him. He wants to date somebody who he gets along with well, and who makes him feel good.

Other Facts About Xiumin

  • The nickname Baozi was given to him by Luhan. (Baozi is his nickname not only because he likes steamed buns, but because he has a round, white face).
  • When EXO-CBX went live on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show, Xiumin shared that he enjoyed being called a ‘fairy’ by his fans. He also said, “I don’t mind being called daramgee either“. He insisted his fans refer to him as everything cute.
  • He was said to resemble former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee.
  • He had raised chickens and ducks at home by the age of seven. He even saw ducks floating in the bathtub.
  • He would have become a teacher if he wasn’t a singer.
  • His eyebrows are very flexible. They move freely.
  • He has an Indian dimple. It appears more prominently when he laughs.
  • He is the only EXO member who doesn’t have a double eyelid. Even though there is no double eyelid, his eyes appear very big.
  • He shared a room with Kris and Luhan in Korea.
  • He shared a room with Tao in China.
  • When he was younger, he joined a martial arts school to get a free toy.

Xiumin’s Weight Loss


At the beginning of his debut, he has a cute dumpling image and a plump look. But then he started dieting in 2013, and made fans worried about his drastic weight loss. At the time of EXO’s roaring activity, Chen revealed on the radio that Xiumin weighed less than his own weight. He seemed to be absorbed in his exercise, and named it as a hobby.

But Xiumin revealed that, like other idols, he also experienced gaining his 10 kilograms back after his dramatic weight loss. During EXO CBX’s debut showcase, Xiumin explained that he regained most of his lost weight due to starving himself. He revealed, “I was 53kg (116lbs) when promoting “Growl”. I starved myself because I wanted to lose weight, ate once every two days and only drank coffee.” Xiumin went on to advise fans not to lose weight by starvation, as the weight only comes back. In the past, he had received criticism for his ‘4-hour starvation dieting method’. It was a method that included three meals, and exercise each day.

It was reported that he had lost around 8 kg (~18 lbs) since his debut, looking less and less like a ‘baozi’. According to his diet method, he wakes up early in the morning to go for a long walk for about an hour or so. Afterward, he has breakfast and eats whatever he wants, as long as he doesn’t stuff himself to the point of being full. Then, if he’s hungry at lunch time, he eats something, and then starves again for four hours. It is much the same for dinnertime, making sure that he hasn’t eaten anything for at least four hours before heading to bed.

Xiumin explained at the end, “If you do this for about a month, then you will definitely not gain any weight, and you will have shed at least some pounds. What’s most important is to be active. For those who attend school, you must wake up early in the morning to exercise. The second most important thing is to have perseverance. You absolutely need perseverance. Diligence, effort, and positivity : you can succeed at your diet of you practice these three things“.

Latest News About Xiumin


Xiumin is an active member of EXO and EXO-CBX. His previous sub-unit, EXO-M, is no longer promoting actively in China, due to the departure half members of the group; Luhan, Kris, an Tao. Apart from doing activities as an EXO member, he has appeared on numerous radio shows on various networks throughout South Korea, and has released numerous collaboration projects. Here’s some important news from 2018 that you should know, as his loyal fans :

  • In February 2018, it was reported that Xiumin posted a lengthy message on EXO’s official fan cafe about his decision to stop accepting gifts. He felt sorry, and stated that there are no better presents than love and attention, because he just wants fans’ love rather than the materialistic things. Xiumin then promised he will work harder than ever since then.
  • The ‘Good Night Key’ item on his MV teaser for “Blooming Day”, headbands from his variety show, and ‘MLB’ mini bags were all sold out in both Korea and on several international websites. Thanks to the idol star, those items he presented have gone viral, and sales have soared.
  • It’s reported that Xiumin went on a shopping spree at the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ goods store, and purchased dolls of the official Olympic mascots Soohorang and Bandabi, as well as finger heart gloves, chi-maek magnets, and more. He spent over $500!
  • After his short yet impactful appearance on MBC’s “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”, he was cast again for the next season as a regular member along with other original member, WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel.