Xdinary Heroes: Profiles, Fun Facts, Debut, and Discography

Xdinary Heroes

Everything You Need To Know About the South Korean Band Xdinary Heroes!

K-pop groups have indeed become one of the interesting entertainments when it comes to the South Korean music industry. There are so many K-pop groups that made their debut from time to time, and they compete to be the best. Their career journey is also a concern of many people, and they are required to show their best.

it is likewise for the popularity of a Korean band that just debuted under STUDIO J on December 2021. If many people hear about the debut of K-pop groups these days, then Xdinary Heroes comes to give the best performance of the brand new band which consists of 6 members. Let’s get to know more about Xdinary Heroes in the article below!

Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes Gunil

Real Name: Goo Gun-il (Hangul: 구건일)

Stage Name: Gunil (Hangul: 건일)

Birth: July 24th, 1998

Star Sign: Leo

Position in the Group: Leader, Drummer

Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil’s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil was the sixth and final member to be revealed on November 19th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil is a drum scholar at Berklee College of Music.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil’s Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil can play the guitar, and he learned when he was in middle school.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Gunil’s motto is “Those who raise themselves will be lowered, and those who lower themselves will be raised.”

Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes Jungsu

Real Name: Kim Jung-su (Hangul: 김정수)

Stage Name: Jungsu (Hangul: 정수)

Birth: June 26th, 2001

Star Sign: Cancer

Position in the Group: Keyboardist, Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu was the fifth member to be revealed on November 18th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu first appeared in JYP Trainee Showcase in 2019.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s Chinese zodiac sign is the snake.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s hobby is longboarding.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s motto is “Don’t be satisfied.”

Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes Gaon

Real Name: Kwak Ji-seok (Hangul: 곽지석)

Stage Name: Gaon (Hangul: 가온)

Birth: January 14th, 2002

Star Sign: Capricorn

Position in the Group: Electric Guitarist, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon‘s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was the third member to be revealed on November 16th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s Chinese zodiac sign is the snake.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was a subscriber of Gunil’s YouTube channel. When he learned that Gunil was joining the band, he was shocked.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s personality is cheerful and quiet.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s motto is “The more you tap the iron, the harder it gets.”

Xdinary Heroes’ O.de’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes O.de

Real Name: Oh Seung-min (Hangul: 오승민)

Stage Name: O.de (Hangul: 오드)

Birth: June 11th, 2002

Star Sign: Gemini

Position in the Group: Synthesizer, Main Rapper, Vocalist

Xdinary Heroes’ O.de‘s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ O.de was the second member to be revealed on November 15th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ O.de’s Chinese zodiac sign is the horse.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ O.de also passed J Planet Entertainment’s auditions.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ O.de is from Gyeonggi-do, but he has a Busan dialect accent because his parents are from Busan and they go down to Busan for every holiday.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ O.de’s motto is “Let’s not get tied up with the motto.”

Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes Jun Han

Real Name: Han Hyeong-jun (Hangul: 한형준)

Stage Name: Jun Han (Hangul: 준한)

Birth: August 18th, 2002

Star Sign: Leo

Position in the Group: Electric Guitarist, Vocalist

Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han‘s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han was the fourth member to be revealed on November 17th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han is a quiet person.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han resembles Stray Kids’ Han and DAY6’s Young K.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han’s Chinese zodiac sign is the horse.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Jun Han’s motto is “Like a job that doesn’t feel like an obligation.”

Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon’s Profile

Xdinary Heroes Jooyeon

Real Name: Lee Joo-yeon (Hangul: 이주연)

Stage Name: Jooyeon (Hangul: 주연)

Birth: September 12th, 2002

Star Sign: Virgo

Position in the Group: Bass Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon‘s Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon was the first member to be revealed on November 14th, 2021.
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon joined JYP Entertainment in 2020 through a private audition.
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon’s Chinese zodiac sign is the horse.
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon doesn’t like vegetables.
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon’s motto is “Let’s live as life goes!”