Meet the Maknae of Xdinary Heroes, Jooyeon: Profile, Fun Facts, Past Activities, Nationality, Etc.

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Jooyeon of Xdinary Heroes: A Group’s Maknae With Lots of Charms

The K-pop expansion is not only about girl groups, boy groups, or soloists, but it’s also about Korean bands! Many Korean bands are loved by many people such as ONF, N.Flying, DAY6, and the latest, Xdinary Heroes!

Xdinary Heroes is a six-member boy band that is managed under JYP Entertainment, and the group’s maknae named Jooyeon successfully steals the spotlight due to his skills and amazing charms that he has. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about him, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Birth Name: Lee Joo-yeon (이주연)

Stage Name: Jooyeon (주연)

Birth: Ansan, South Korea, September 12, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Singer, Rapper, Musician

Position in Xdinary Heroes: Lead Vocalist, Bassist, Rapper, Maknae

Years Active: 2021 – present

Label: JYP Entertainment

Associated With: Xdinary Heroes

Fun Facts About Jooyeon That You Need To Know!

xdinary heroes jooyeon
  • Jooyeon’s nickname is The Troublemaker since he plays the role of the loud youngest member.
  • Although Jooyeon was born in Ansan, he and his family moved to Daegu when he was around 4 or 5 years old.
  • He is known as an optimistic person.
  • Before Jooyeon’s official debut, he was a member of a dance group.
  • He used to be a part of his middle school band as well.
  • Jooyeon’s favorite season is winter because he likes the snow.
  • Jooyeon likes sports, games, and meats.
  • Some of his specialties are being athletic and good at learning.
  • Jooyeon is a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer and Imagine Dragons.
  • Jooyeon’s favorite food is meat, and he doesn’t like vegetables.
  • Jooyeon sleeps a lot in the morning.

Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon Is Pure Korean

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Since the first appearance of Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon was revealed, many people were curious and captivated at the same time, especially with his visual that didn’t look like someone who was born originally Korean. It also made people speculate whether he has mixed blood or not. Turns out, Jooyeon is pure Korean, and even his nationality is Korean as well. His amazing visual is indeed such a blessing for us, isn’t it?

Get To Know Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon’s Ideal Type Here

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Jooyeon is well-known as an optimistic person which is also marked as one of his charms. He is also very passionate about his work which makes all of the fans admire him even more.

It also makes them wonder, is he going to be as passionate when it comes to an ideal type of relationship? Well, since Jooyeon hasn’t revealed yet about his ideal type and still makes us wonder, let’s wait and see in the future regarding that matter!

Jooyeon’s Past Activities

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Before Jooyeon officially debuted with Xdinary Heroes, he used to be a member of a dance group. Aside from that, Jooyeon was a member of his middle school’s band as well. It seems like he has had a lot of interest in music, singing, and dancing ever since he was younger, right?

Just like destiny and the result of Jooyeon’s hard work, he was discovered on YouTube. Then, in 2020, Jooyeon successfully passed a private audition with JYP Entertainment which also led him to debut as a member of Xdinary Heroes in 2021!

Jooyeon’s Debut With Xdinary Heroes

xdinary heroes

After DAY6, JYP Entertainment finally debuted another amazing boy band, and this time, it’s called Xdinary Heroes! The boy band consists of six members and is managed under Studio J which is also the sub-label of JYP Entertainment.

Jooyeon himself was announced as the first member of Xdinary Heroes followed by the other five members. The group name is the abbreviation of “Extra Ordinary Heroes” and also means that anyone can be a hero.

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Xdinary Heroes officially debuted on December 6, 2021, by releasing a digital single titled “Happy Death Day” with rock and metal as its genre. The single successfully drew attention and received many positive reviews, and it even entered the World Digital Song Sales chart on Billboard at position 12.

Watch the Fancam Performances of Xdinary Heroes’ Jooyeon

xdinary heroes jooyeon

Every member of Xdinary Heroes has charisma while performing on stage, including Jooyeon! When he performs live, Jooyeon looks as though he transforms into another person in such a good way.

The way he plays the bass, sings beautifully for his parts, and even his gaze while performing are all so captivating! You can watch some of Jooyeon’s fancam performances through the videos down below:


That’s everything about the talented maknae of Xdinary Heroes, Lee Joo-yeon! Ever since he was younger, Jooyeon has pursued his interest in music until he was able to achieve his current position. We wish nothing but the best for his career with Xdinary Heroes!

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