Do You Miss X1? Learn More About The Members’ Promotions And Debut After Disbandment!

Son Dong-pyo

Son Dong-pyo took 6th place in the final episode of Produce X 101 with a total of 824,389 votes. In X1, Dong-pyo had the position of lead dancer and vocalist. In the Produce X 101 program, Dong-pyo was once chosen as the center for the title song “X1-MA.”

Before debuting as a member of X1, Dong-pyo was a trainee under DSP Media. Dong-pyo is considered as actively greeting fans especially if it is through his fan café. He often does live broadcasts and also shares his very cute portraits to treat fans.

Recently, Dong-pyo made an appearance as a special MC in the Mnet music show, M! Countdown.


Cha Jun-ho

Cha Jun-ho was a member who was ranked 9th in the final episode of Produce X 101 with a total of 756,939 votes. In the group, Jun-ho acted as a visual and vocalist.

Jun-ho is currently a trainee of Woolim Entertainment, the agency that oversees Infinite and Lovelyz. He rarely shares news with the fans but it is rumored that he is likely to debut with other Woolim Entertainment trainees as a new group.


Lee Eun-sang

Lee Eun-sang was a member of X1 who was ranked X in the final episode of Produce X 101, namely members who are selected based on the cumulative vote collection results since the program aired. In X1, Eun-sang held the position of vocalist.

Eun-sang is currently a trainee of Brand New Music, the agency that oversees fellow Produce 101 season 2 trainee group AB6IX.

And since X1 disbanded, he has returned to his original agency and has done several live broadcasts on Vlive. And it is revealed that he will make a debut as a solo artist soon!

On August 14th, 2020, Brand New Music opened the official Twitter account for Eun-sang and his fan café in preparation of his solo debut. He soon greeted fans with the release of his first single album titled Beautiful Scar that was released on August 31st, 2020.

In Eun-sang’s latest Twitter update, he uploaded three recent photos showing yellow flowers with the words: “You’re beautiful as ever,” “I feel like I could touch you,” and “I just wanna sing.” It is not yet known whether it will be the title of the songs on Eun-sang’s album or it is just a lyric cut from the main song.

Follow Lee Eun Sang’s Twitter account below to see the news of his solo debut!


So, those are all the latest news from former X1 members. Even though the eleven members have returned to their respective agencies, One (X1’s fandom name) continues to try to trend several hashtags and projects to re-debut X1 and support their individual activities. Well, what do you guys feel seeing the members going on their individual paths? Kindly drop your thoughts and chat with us in the comment section below!