Do You Miss X1? Learn More About The Members’ Promotions And Debut After Disbandment!

Actor Kim Yo-han

Kim Yohan was an X1 member who was ranked first by the number of votes that reached 1,334,011 votes in the final episode of Produce X 101. Being ranked first, Yohan was chosen to be the center and face of the group. On top of that, Yohan also had the position of lead rapper in the group.

The disbandment of X1 was sad news for fans, especially Kim Yohan. Even the name Kim Yohan had also become one of the trendings on Twitter besides the name X1.

Kim Yohan is currently busy with individual activities. After the disbandment of X1, the man born in 1999 received so many offers, from appearing as a guest star on variety shows, magazine photoshoots, to being asked to act in a drama. He was rumored to be debuting as an actor after confirming the offer to be the main actor in the new KBS drama School 2020.

In the drama School 2020, he will star in the role of Kim Tae-jin, a taekwondo athlete. It seems like this is a perfect role for Yohan since he was known to be a taekwondo athlete before pursuing an idol path.

According to Soompi, before his debut as an idol, Kim Yohan was a taekwondo reserve athlete and a two-time champion at the National Youth Sports Festival. In 2012, he won the National Pre-Professional Taekwondo competition championship. This achievement led him to enter university through the talent path.

Since childhood, Kim Yohan was trained in taekwondo by his father who was a professional taekwondo trainer. Before joining Produce X 101, Kim Yohan was back and forth on the news for his taekwondo achievements. From the age of 8, he has received a level 2 black belt. He studied taekwondo for 13 years. Although this seems like a perfect role for him, Yohan also admitted that he was worried because the character he would play was similar to his personal experience as a taekwondo athlete.

Despite that, netizens welcomed Kim Yohan as an actor in School 2020. “You practice acting! You always work hard so you can do well. I’m really looking forward to it! Yohan is excited!” said a netizen.

School 2020 will tell the story of Kim Tae-jin, a former taekwondo athlete who wins a bronze medal in junior representation at the Korean National Sports Festival. However, his career ends with an ankle injury. Then, his father goes bankrupt and forced him to move to a vocational school. While moving, he meets a girl he likes. Kim Tae-jin, who is not used to being close to women, is awkwardly confused about it.

Yohan started filming in March 2020 and the drama was broadcast during the summer vacation around August. Unfortunately, School 2020 was in danger of being canceled because KBS decided not to broadcast the drama. Until now, the School 2020 production is still in the discussion stage to determine which television station will broadcast the drama, which also stars Kim Sae-ron.

But, don’t worry, it was confirmed in July 2020 that Kim Yohan will still debut in a drama this year. Yohan was confirmed to be the main character in the Korean version of the Chinese drama, A Love So Beautiful. The original version of A Love So Beautiful not only caught the attention of viewers in China but also around the world. This drama was very popular in 2017 and can now be watched on Netflix.

Yohan will star as the figure of Cha Heon, a 17-year-old student who is not only handsome but also smart at Cheonji High School. He is a cold and expressionless male figure. Meanwhile, his love interest is played by Seo Joo-yeon who will star as Shin Solyi, a 17-year-old girl who has really liked Cha Heon for 17 years of her life. He is a character with positive energy even though he is a little clumsy.

The plan is for 24 episodes to be prepared for A Love So Beautiful with each episode being about 20 minutes long. The drama will be released through KakaoTalk’s latest video platform application and it is set that the drama goes on the air by the end of 2020.

On top of that, there has also been a rumor that Yohan might have a debut plan as an idol in the future. Before participating in the Produce X 101 program, Yohan had just undergone training for three months under OUI Entertainment. And since there have been a lot of male trainees at Oui recently (Kang Seokhwa, Mahiro, etc.), who knows, he might debut with them sometimes later, right?


Kim Woo-seok’s Solo Debut

Kim Woo-seok, or who is familiarly called Wooseok, is the member who ranked second in Produce X 101 with a total vote count of 1,304,033 votes. During the Produce X 101 program, Wooseok was always in the top 10.

Before debuting as a member of X1, Wooseok had debuted as a member of UP10TION in 2015 under TOP Media. Wooseok used the stage name Wooshin while on the move as a member of UP10TION.

However, he was not back with the promotions of the group just yet. Instead, he debuted solo through his first solo album titled 1st Desire [Greed], on May 25th, 2020, with the main song titled “Red Moon.”

“Red Moon” comes with an upbeat medium tempo and a sensual beat. The lyrics tell about the comparison of the mysterious love with the red moon, which Wooseok took part in writing and arranging the song arrangement.

Besides “Red Moon,” Wooseok also contributed to creating four more songs, namely “Intro: Lost,” “Do U Like,” “Beautiful,” and “The Winter.” Other new songs on the mini-album include “SINphony” and “Somebody Like You.”

In the music video, Wooseok looks stunning when showing his mysterious charisma with a sexy dance. He carries the dark concept with an all-black outfit and adds fake tattoo accents on his temples and neck.

Check out his solo debut MV below!