Do You Miss X1? Learn More About The Members’ Promotions And Debut After Disbandment!

Get In Touch with The Latest Whereabouts of Ex-Members of X1!

South Korean boy group X1 is one of the legendary rookies in the K-Pop world. They have made various achievements since their debut, some of which can even be compared to senior idols. X1 was formed through the Produce X 101 survival program which aired on Mnet from May 3rd to July 19th, 2019. Out of 101 trainees, Mnet chose 10 of the 20 trainees who entered the final round through voting from fans.

Unfortunately, the eleven-member group had to be disbanded before they were five months old, due to the Produce X 101 manipulation controversy. X1 officially disbanded on January 6th, 2020, after there was no agreement between the agency that oversees them.

Now, after their disbandment, each member of X1 has gone on their individual path. From debuting as an actor to debuting with a new group, here are the latest news from the eleven X1 members:


H&D’s Lee Hangyul & Nam Dohyon

Lee Hangyul is a member of X1 who was ranked 7th in the final episode of Produce X 101 with a number of votes reaching 794,411. Lee Hangyul who is familiarly called Hangyul had a position as a play dancer and the lead vocalist in group X1.

Meanwhile, Dohyon is the youngest member of the group X1, and he managed to secure the 8th place in the final episode of Produce X 101 with a total of 764,433 votes. In the X1 group, Dohyon had the position of playing a rapper.

Among the other X1 members, it can be said that Hangyul and Dohyon are the members who started individual activities the fastest. Evidently, they not only Vlive and often post on Instagram, but have also successfully held a fan meeting some time ago.

The two of them were previously trainees under MBK Entertainment and are currently scheduled to promote as a unit called H&D, which stands for the initials of their names.

They launched a mini-album titled SOULMATE and their title track “Soul,” on April 21st, 2020. There are a total of seven songs starting from “Intro,” “Soul,” “Good Night,” “Unfamiliar,” “Empty Handed,” “Make Me a Different Person,” to “Toward Tomorrow,” as well well as three instrumental versions, namely of “Soul,” “Good Night,” and “Toward Tomorrow.”

“Soul” comes with upbeat music and is thick with EDM elements. In this song, Dohyon took part in writing the lyrics, which tell about the feelings when meeting a soulmate.

Check out their MV below!