From X1 To BTS, Which Are Your Favorite Korean Guys Looks?

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K-Pop Male Idol Groups with Their Fashion and Looks

The ‘Hallyu Wave’ has been spreading around the world these past years, especially K-Pop, which has dominated the world music charts. Not only that, these idol groups, especially the males, have became well known not only for their music, but also their looks and fashion, as well.

Many people from around rhe world, male or female, have started to follow all their fashion looks from head to toe. Some of them have even made tutorials on a popular social media platform, such as YouTube or Instagram. Are you guys curious for today’s topic about these hot Korean guys’ looks and fashion?  Don’t worry, Channel-Korea will pick the best of the best for your style inspiration.

So without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

The Hairstyles

Hairstyle is the first thing that we will explain to you guys. Here are examples from several idol male groups for you. Check it out!


A boy-group that was created from a popular Mnet survival show, X1 became a hot topic after their debut. Each of the members has their own charm to attract new fans, and one of those charms is their hairstyles. Here are some members that attract the public for their amazing hairstyles.

Kim Yo Han

Because of his visual, Kim Yo Han was chosen as the center of X1. He is famous for his appearance and gives off the vibe of a friendly collage student, which most of the fans love. He’s even been called the ‘Perfect Boy Next Door’!

Take a look at the two pictures below, do you agree with the nickname that fans gave him??

But during stage performances, Yo Han totally gives a whole different look. Recently, he was known to slay the hair with a parted-in-the-middle hairstyle. The hair model turns Yo Han from ‘The Sweet Guy Next Door’ to a ‘Bad Boy’ instantly. Just take a look at the pictures below:

Kang Min Hee

On August 6, 2019, after releasing the first teaser picture debut of Kang Min Hee, the fans were shocked because of his longer and newly-dyed blonde hair.

Another teaser photo of Kang Min Hee, where he wears black, shiny clothes which totally emphasized the light blonde hair.


One of the most popular boy-groups in the third generation is from SM Entertainment. EXO is well known for their amazing vocal ability and versatile concepts in every comeback. EXO also has done different kinds of hairstyles; let’s take a look, shall we?

Sehun’s Rainbow Hair Color

EXO’s maknae, Oh Sehun, had a rainbow hair color back in 2013, during the ‘Wolf’ era. His hair color was known as the most iconic, and many fans have said that the rainbow color suited him a lot.

D.O’s Red Undercut

He was known for his cute looks, but in 2013, during the ‘Wolf’ era, D.O changed his hairstyle drastically. He got an undercut and had his hair dyed a fierce red color. Of course, this look surprised EXO-L, especially D.O stan. Let’s take in his look in the pictures below!

We can see that D.O looked much more mature and sexy than before, don’t you agree?

Chen’s Brown Mullet Hair

This style turned up In 2018, during EXO’s comeback with ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’. One of the main vocalists, Chen, came out rocking mullet with a soft brown color. Fans agree that the hairstyle and color made his visual more appealing. Let’s check it out the photos below:

Kai’s Blue with Green Hair Shading and Back Undercut

During the ‘Obsession’ era, Kai made the fans go crazy for his fashion and new hair color. Kai dyed his hair to a light blue, with a little green shading. Not only that, it seems that he also got quite a bit of an undercut on the back of his head (the front hair became much longer than the back).

Here are Kai’s hairstyle pictures:

Kai also did a big comma hair, as well. What do you think, EXO-L?

Suho’s Fierce Red Color and Devil-Like Hairstyle

EXO’s leader, Kim Jun Myeon, or known as Suho, changed his hair color to a brighter color for the ‘Obsession’ comeback. This time he used a light red hair color. Suho also did a makeover of his hair, and make it looks like devils horns.

Do you guys dare enough to try Suho’s hairstyle?


YG Entertainment’s idol group, iKON, that debuted back in 2015, has composed so many hit songs. They are also known for their free, yet unique style. Here are the members that have tried some various hairstyles and color. Check it out, below!

Bobby’s Half Black and White Color

The most iconic hairstyle and color that Bobby ever tried was during the ‘Bling Bling’ comeback in 2017. He has half black and half white hair.

Hanbin’s Undercut and Swept-Back Hair

The rapper and producer of iKon’s songs, Kim Hanbin once changed his hairstyle to a look that left fans shocked. Hanbin dyed his hair to various brown colors and added some undercut, then he usually swept his hair to the back. Many fans loved this hairstyle a lot, they said that Hanbin looked more fierce and mature.

Junhoe’s Shiny Blonde Plus Undercut

During iKON’s debut back in 2015, Junhoe was the eye-catcher of the group. One of the factors was his shiny blonde hair color, and he also had an undercut, as well. Many fans agree that this is one of the best hairstyles that he ever tried before. Let’s take a look.