Wow! You May Be Surprised with EXO’s Kai’s Awesome Abs!

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EXO’s Kai’s Awesome Abs!

Who doesn’t know Kai from EXO? His real name is Kim Jongin, and he has stolen numerous fangirl hearts. His face, his voice, his talent, his attitude, and everything else about him are almost perfect to his fans. Through this article, we will make you fall for Kai’s charm even more. Channel-Korea has introduced the magnificent EXO’s Kai and his awesome abs!

Kai’s Tanned Six-Pack

Kai abs

Kai is known for his good abs, biceps, and tanned skin that make him stand out from the other EXO members. Even before he debuted, he is said to have already had a 6-pack. Mostly at EXO’s concerts, Kai often shows his abs while dancing and singing. Kai’s abs didn’t form just like that. Kai formed his abs through rigorous and routine exercises.

EXO's Kai

Kai also appeared on Elle magazine in 2017 and did a photo shoot that allowed him to show off his perfect abs. Other than photo shoots, Kai has his solo stage during EXO concerts to show off his abs to fans.


Kai along with the other members of EXO love to take care of their abs, and they do it through workout sessions at the gym. Kai and Chanyeol have shared their photos of being at the gym, and obviously, that attracts attention from their fans. Kai, who has a height of 182 cm, certainly attracts attention with his good body or, according to his fans, his hot body. Aside from his abs, he also has good muscles on his arms.


Let’s Take a Look at Kai’s Abs!

To make you fall more for Kai’s attractiveness, here are some pictures of Kai’s abs!