Up10tion Member Wooshin’s Profile, Personality, Abs, and Facts


Up10tion’s Visual Strike: Wooshin

Kim Woo Seok also known as Wooshin is a member of the South Korean boy group Up10tion. His nationality is Korean. Born in Daejeon, South Korea on October 27th 1996, he is becoming a good looking guy right now. He doesn’t have any siblings. Wooshin attended Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts, and majored in Acting and K-Pop.

Wooshin is a singer, dancer, and television host/MC. He was the first member to join Up10tion. In 2014, he attended the T.O.P Media label audition and passed it, became a T.O.P Media’s trainee for 1 year, and then debuted as the one of Up10tion members in 2015.

On June 6th 2017, TOP Media declared a statement that Wooshin is on hiatus. Due to his scandal with Jeon Somi (former of IOI member). Then on March 15th 2018, Wooshin made a return for Up10tion’s first album comeback.

Wooshin’s Profile


Real Name: Kim Woo-seok /김우석

Stage Name: Woo Shin /우신

Nicknames: Desert Fox

Birthday: 10/27/1996

Birth Place: South Korea

Specialties: Singer, Dancer

Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Visual, Face of the Group

Height: 175 cm / 5’8’’

Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs

Blood: B

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Languages: Korean, Chinese

Hobbies: Playing Games

Wooshin’s Personality


Some people think that Wooshin is a distant person, and seems cold to his fans, but in fact that he is a friendly one and more outgoing in person. He really loves to meet his new fans, and even he wants to get close to them. Another characteristic of his is that he is really kind and funny. Among the members, Wooshin is known being evil, and enjoying bullying others for fun.

Wooshin’s Hot Abs


It is sure that being a K-Pop idol means having a lot on your to-do-list. Such as practicing singing, dancing, or acting to give their fans the best performance on stage or in front of camera. That’s why K-Pop idols always look so dashing and glam.

Putting on some make up isn’t enough. They have to diet to have the best figure, it’s not enough to just look handsome or pretty.  In general, boy group idols end up with impressive sets of abs (abdominal muscles) including Wooshin, who is known as the center of the group.

You can check out the photos of Wooshin’s sexy abs below.


This was Wooshin, who showed off his abs to the Honey10 at the the fan signing.


How can he look so adorable with those hot, sturdy hands?


  The Wooshin And Somi Controversy

wooshin somi

At the end of 2016, TOP Media stated that Wooshin was on hiatus with Up10tion because of mental stress. He received a lot of criticism from netizens. From a video, he had inappropriately touched his “The Show” co-host, Jeon Somi, near her chest area during filming. He was accused of sexual harassment.


It’s good that Wooshin was able to make a comeback with Up10tion, after his long hiatus. On March 15th 2018, the group made a comeback with their Invitation album, and Wooshin’s individual teasers were included on it. Up10tion is complete with 10 members as well, now.

Intersesting Facts About Wooshin

Top Media
  1. Role model: Park Hyo Shin
  2. Chunji from Teen Top once said that Wooshin reminded him of himself when he debuted. He also added Wooshin can be a face of UP10TION (And it’s true now)
  3. Wooshin admitted that he liked Bangtan Boys group (BTS)
  4. Wooshin also likes the boy group SEVENTEEN, and his favorite member is Wonwoo
  5. Wooshin is very good at drawing comics, and playing video games
  6. He is a fan of virtual arts
  7. Favorite foods: spicy chicken legs and spicy pork legs
  8. Wooshin and Jeon Somi became MCs on SBS’s The Show’s music program from October 11, 2016 to April 25, 2017
  9. He can speaks Chinese really well, compared to the other Up10tion members
  10. Wooshin’s ideal type: cute girl with long hair, of the same height or shorter than him, who will call him oppa.