Woohoo (2016) by Twice


“Woohoo” by TWICE

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Page Two
Release Date April 25, 2016
Length 3:20
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Glory Face (Full8loom) and Jinli (Full8loom)
Composer Glory Face (Full8loom)
Genre K-pop


When singers or groups release albums, many of us only focus and listen to the lead single or main tracks and forget about the other sidetracks. This is something we should not do because, actually, besides the lead single or main tracks, there are many other sidetracks that are as good as the lead single or main tracks.

For example, when Twice released their 2nd extended play called Page Two, the lead single entitled “Cheer Up” received positive criticism and good responses from the public and gained a lot of popularity. In fact, there is also another song that is worth listening to on that EP entitled “Woohoo” which is set as the fifth track. Wanna know what kind of song “Woohoo” by Twice is? Well, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this article to find the answer here.

Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Woohoo” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Woohoo”

Alongside the release of Twice’s 2nd extended play called Page Two on April 25, 2016, JYP Entertainment said that Twice will “show an even more lively side of Twice.” It can be seen from the intro of “Woohoo” by Twice where the song starts with a happy and fun vibe. Also, the lead single of the EP entitled “Cheer Up” also has a very bright atmosphere that will make you feel happy and lift up your mood while listening to the song.

JYP Entertainment released the highlight medley for the EP that contains all the tracks including “Woohoo” on April 24, one day before the full EP was released together with the reveal of the online cover photo for the album that day.

Twice had a showcase on the day the EP was released which was broadcast live through the Naver’s V app on their official account. In the showcase, Twice performed some of the songs from the EP for the first time live, including “Woohoo” together with “Touchdown,” “Precious Love,” and the lead single “Cheer Up.”

A week later, after the EP was officially released on April 25, 2016, on different Korean music platforms, the promotional activities started where Twice made a series of live performances by singing the lead single, “Cheer Up,” on different Korean music and TV shows. The promotional activities lasted for about a month and ended on May 29 in SBS’ Inkigayo.

Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 2nd extended play called Page Two where “Woohoo” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser




















Story of “Woohoo”

Starting with a fun and happy vibe, “Woohoo” by Twice is a song described as hip hop with groovy beats. This is compatible with what JYP Entertainment had said about the EP where Twice will “show an even more lively side of Twice.”

Besides, it can also be seen from the lyrics where it talks about the perfection of a woman who makes many men bend their knees to her and want to have her. However, the irony is that the man she wants does not care and seems uninterested in her. But, still, she does not want to show her sadness. Instead, she continues to point out her charms without being seen as she wants.

The people behind this song are Glory Face (Full8loom) and Jinli (Full8loom). Both of them were in charge as songwriters. Additionally, Glory Face (Full8loom) was also in charge as the composer for this song, and the arranger for this song was Full8loom.

MV of “Woohoo”

Even though “Woohoo” by Twice does not have an official MV that was released by JYP Entertainment, the audio version of “Woohoo” by Twice was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account and has gained 33,8860 views with 10,201 likes.

In exchange for the official MV of “Woohoo” which was not made and released by JYP Entertainment because JYP Entertainment never makes and releases an official MV for the b-side tracks including “Woohoo,” we have prepared the lyric version that was made by Once, Twice’s fans. So, you can sing along to the song while reading the lyrics and knowing the meaning of the song.

Here is the lyric video of “Woohoo” by Twice:

“Woohoo” Performance

“Woohoo” by Twice was first performed on their showcase on April 25, 2016, through the Naver’s V app on their official account. They also performed this song at their concert. If you want to watch some of the live performance videos of “Woohoo,” we have prepared them. Let’s check them out here!

“Woohoo” by Twice Live Stage at Concert (Twicelights)

“Woohoo” by Twice Live Stage in Showcase (V Live)

“Woohoo” by Twice Live Stage at Guerilla Concert (Fancam Version)

“Woohoo” Achievement

Released on April 25, 2016, as the fifth track on Page Two, “Woohoo” by Twice gained and achieved a position on a chart.

Here are the details of the “Woohoo” achievement on a song chart:

Song Chart

Chart Date Peak Position
Melon Top 100 April 25, 2016 39